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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Wildhammer-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Iskusitel Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU117Not updated
2Ponchya Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU116Not updated
3Zenya EvadeWildhammer-EU104Not updated
4Spankor No skill just luckWildhammer-EU99Not updated
5Zolotko Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU94Not updated
6Palaczka Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU90Not updated
7Raspada Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU87Not updated
7Seanski AnimaWildhammer-EU87Not updated
9Malfeitor KovisjengiWildhammer-EU86Not updated
10Eviriel Power GirlsWildhammer-EU85Not updated
10Fernox Legionaires of wowWildhammer-EU85Not updated
12Hertless Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU83Not updated
12Kuroiakuma KohmeloWildhammer-EU83Not updated
12Zaebal Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU83Not updated
15Filament Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU82Not updated
16Pirozhok Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU81Not updated
16Pidrilla Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU81Not updated
18Furbs Silent FuryWildhammer-EU80Not updated
18Eori Mieron TietäjätWildhammer-EU80Not updated
18Fanrogh No skill just luckWildhammer-EU80Not updated
21Alestra NightshiftWildhammer-EU79Not updated
22Mjaffaf Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU78Not updated
23Valkyn Blood Wolves of the MoonWildhammer-EU77Not updated
23Sparkee  Wildhammer-EU77Not updated
23Adite Silent EraWildhammer-EU77Not updated
26Chertan KohmeloWildhammer-EU76Not updated
26Crosta Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU76Not updated
28Stsunniva Fallen AngelsWildhammer-EU75Not updated
28Sigel Silent FuryWildhammer-EU75Not updated
30Ðöda Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU74Not updated
30Omgtea  Wildhammer-EU74Not updated
30Jazhands  Wildhammer-EU74Not updated
33Allessa La ResistanceWildhammer-EU73Not updated
33Tani Scoia taelWildhammer-EU73Not updated
35Vinha KovisjengiWildhammer-EU72Not updated
35Holyfist Pilsner UrquellWildhammer-EU72Not updated
35Erae NightshiftWildhammer-EU72Not updated
35Dermo Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU72Not updated
35Ahlockba AnimaWildhammer-EU72Not updated
35Khalini NightshiftWildhammer-EU72Not updated
35Mactomb Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU72Not updated
42Khorlic La ResistanceWildhammer-EU71Not updated
42Darnielle Power GirlsWildhammer-EU71Not updated
42Waif legion of the flameWildhammer-EU71Not updated
42Rhaeth  Wildhammer-EU71Not updated
42Pokémonrulez  Wildhammer-EU71Not updated
47Indrax No skill just luckWildhammer-EU70Not updated
47Theimpact Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU70Not updated
47Syxy Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU70Not updated
47Suezay Lux PerpetuaWildhammer-EU70Not updated
47Lineya RavenswingWildhammer-EU70Not updated
47Khalimi NightshiftWildhammer-EU70Not updated
53Gaella No skill just luckWildhammer-EU69Not updated
53Firehotik Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU69Not updated
53Ârt Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU69Not updated
53Paik Fallen AngelsWildhammer-EU69Not updated
53Thebuddha Slackers IncWildhammer-EU69Not updated
53Oohgabooga The Ninth CircleWildhammer-EU69Not updated
53Scicha  Wildhammer-EU69Not updated
60Whisperbeard La ResistanceWildhammer-EU67Not updated
60Kawesuko Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU67Not updated
60Pulhra AnimaWildhammer-EU67Not updated
60Xaconian La FamiliaWildhammer-EU67Not updated
60Conkr DemiseWildhammer-EU67Not updated
60Evîldk Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU67Not updated
60Teslacoil DecorumWildhammer-EU67Not updated
67Vexite AnimaWildhammer-EU66Not updated
67Penelopka La ResistanceWildhammer-EU66Not updated
67Anyt La ResistanceWildhammer-EU66Not updated
67Runasutaru Men of HonourWildhammer-EU66Not updated
67Joannew DecorumWildhammer-EU66Not updated
72Aforistikko Mieron TietäjätWildhammer-EU65Not updated
72Waikata La ResistanceWildhammer-EU65Not updated
72Fistinbeaver EliteWildhammer-EU65Not updated
72Hexic Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU65Not updated
72Chillydusk  Wildhammer-EU65Not updated
72Altinkia Pilsner UrquellWildhammer-EU65Not updated
72Uraragi Lux PerpetuaWildhammer-EU65Not updated
72Awareil Power GirlsWildhammer-EU65Not updated
72Larinta  Wildhammer-EU65Not updated
72Ochaye The Ninth CircleWildhammer-EU65Not updated
72Purrpower  Wildhammer-EU65Not updated
72Superb  Wildhammer-EU65Not updated
84Naouda Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU64Not updated
84Lessastorm La FamiliaWildhammer-EU64Not updated
84Icydeath AnimaWildhammer-EU64Not updated
84Kaer Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU64Not updated
84Thwarter Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU64Not updated
84Wishteekull NightshiftWildhammer-EU64Not updated
84Neffely Delusions of GrandeurWildhammer-EU64Not updated
84Rhaen Dude where s my mountWildhammer-EU64Not updated
84Aroxz Lux PerpetuaWildhammer-EU64Not updated
84Missusporroh Slackers IncWildhammer-EU64Not updated

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