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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Warsong-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Vesuvie SpectrumWarsong-US108Not updated
2Kasse EspadasWarsong-US99Not updated
3Datchii DiscoKillerWarsong-US85Not updated
4Breaderated RuinedWarsong-US81Not updated
5Zenurio XarxetWarsong-US75Not updated
6Axy RuinedWarsong-US73Not updated
7Shlickme RuinedWarsong-US72Not updated
8Shugotenshi XarxetWarsong-US69Not updated
9Arina XarxetWarsong-US68Not updated
10Bammoozles OrbitWarsong-US66Not updated
10Shugotenshii XarxetWarsong-US66Not updated
12Pasture Clearly OutplayedWarsong-US64Not updated
13Dirtybox  Warsong-US63Not updated
14Thek  Warsong-US62Not updated
15Hornlok OrbitWarsong-US61Not updated
15Ðeathknight Dark AssociationWarsong-US61Not updated
17Lånce Obsidianus LapisWarsong-US60Not updated
18Lovetobubble XarxetWarsong-US59Not updated
18Brahman XarxetWarsong-US59Not updated
20Huntalot  Warsong-US58Not updated
20Rapzowned  Warsong-US58Not updated
22Crendal WooRiWarsong-US57Not updated
22Hlgh Realm FirstWarsong-US57Not updated
22Enjoyunoodle Failed ExperimentWarsong-US57Not updated
25Fistingtaco OrbitWarsong-US56Not updated
26Huitzil EspadasWarsong-US55Not updated
27Lillian XarxetWarsong-US54Not updated
28Keluss Failed ExperimentWarsong-US53Not updated
28Scalper Mad GeorgiansWarsong-US53Not updated
30Verochka HordeWarsong-US52Not updated
30Xemot  Warsong-US52Not updated
30Fey The Storm of AzerothWarsong-US52Not updated
30Amyah SynergieWarsong-US52Not updated
30Nightseye Clearly OutplayedWarsong-US52Not updated
30Shadowtrance  Warsong-US52Not updated
36Verminardy Dark AssociationWarsong-US51Not updated
36Tarantino Glory HolyWarsong-US51Not updated
36Efil Int House of SteaksWarsong-US51Not updated
36Fallingsun Banana PatrolWarsong-US51Not updated
36Straykat Clearly OutplayedWarsong-US51Not updated
36Saberqt  Warsong-US51Not updated
42Sassie XarxetWarsong-US50Not updated
42Varaina BlackFlagWarsong-US50Not updated
42Whagi RuinedWarsong-US50Not updated
42Wippe Horde Population ZeroWarsong-US50Not updated
42Tatl SpectrumWarsong-US50Not updated
42Noriko XarxetWarsong-US50Not updated
42Kassiss  Warsong-US50Not updated
49Torjin XarxetWarsong-US49Not updated
49Zilly XarxetWarsong-US49Not updated
49Dan RuinedWarsong-US49Not updated
49Lootahah DeathbringerWarsong-US49Not updated
49Neverstar Ten Man SausagefestWarsong-US49Not updated
49Onstrike Blood LegacyWarsong-US49Not updated
55Trevaah Ten Man SausagefestWarsong-US48Not updated
56Linyel Dark AssociationWarsong-US47Not updated
56Grontok Failed ExperimentWarsong-US47Not updated
56Aixarata Failed ExperimentWarsong-US47Not updated
56Saerk AsyliumWarsong-US47Not updated
60Azaezél XarxetWarsong-US46Not updated
60Metastoninge XarxetWarsong-US46Not updated
60Elflord  Warsong-US46Not updated
60Veugan Clearly OutplayedWarsong-US46Not updated
60Mokuru  Warsong-US46Not updated
65Lawnmolar XarxetWarsong-US45Not updated
65Drunkslice Dark AssociationWarsong-US45Not updated
65Vellon  Warsong-US45Not updated
65Maxmonter Horde Population ZeroWarsong-US45Not updated
65Desrohzinha SpectrumWarsong-US45Not updated
65Fallenangel K P N SWarsong-US45Not updated
65Sydtrapz  Warsong-US45Not updated
65Jofer  Warsong-US45Not updated
73Skeletorer XarxetWarsong-US44Not updated
73Blissey Ten Man SausagefestWarsong-US44Not updated
73Kalianna Gangue do DominóWarsong-US44Not updated
73Riphoof Failed ExperimentWarsong-US44Not updated
73Orcsham Hit The SKULL FirstWarsong-US44Not updated
73Mihila Vendedores de ReagentesWarsong-US44Not updated
79Nemlîhs Failed ExperimentWarsong-US43Not updated
79Swissbank Gotz StyleWarsong-US43Not updated
79Renescent XarxetWarsong-US43Not updated
79Confusedcow XarxetWarsong-US43Not updated
79Sargerax Failed ExperimentWarsong-US43Not updated
79Anaesthesia XarxetWarsong-US43Not updated
79Beautyslay  Warsong-US43Not updated
79Fortius OinlandWarsong-US43Not updated
79Greenstuff AsyliumWarsong-US43Not updated
79Shadowtusk Vendedores de ReagentesWarsong-US43Not updated
79Belzaebull  Warsong-US43Not updated
90Caparzzo VendettaWarsong-US42Not updated
90Verily XarxetWarsong-US42Not updated
90Thaynáhra  Warsong-US42Not updated
93Xandras Clearly OutplayedWarsong-US41Not updated
93Wreckincrew  Warsong-US41Not updated
93Porkfried  Warsong-US41Not updated
93Aussiesham  Warsong-US41Not updated
93Elzix CofreWarsong-US41Not updated
93Ðesajustado Failed ExperimentWarsong-US41Not updated
99Lickies XarxetWarsong-US40Not updated
99Veraden RuinedWarsong-US40Not updated

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