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Vol'jin-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Prover FamousVol'jin-EU91Not updated
2Dirktur HashtagVol'jin-EU89Not updated
2Írvine NextVol'jin-EU89Not updated
4Thauh FamousVol'jin-EU88Not updated
5Héroes FakeVol'jin-EU86Not updated
6Codro  Vol'jin-EU85Not updated
7Monka A Perfect CircleVol'jin-EU84Not updated
8Kamehamehon OpportunityVol'jin-EU81Not updated
9Tytyrie AlternativeVol'jin-EU80Not updated
9Napucho  Vol'jin-EU80Not updated
11Eddwïn A Perfect CircleVol'jin-EU79Not updated
11Hohenheïm Reign of chaosVol'jin-EU79Not updated
13Thrallinette  Vol'jin-EU78Not updated
14Trìshia ExïledVol'jin-EU77Not updated
14Modena FamousVol'jin-EU77Not updated
16Evisùkstbh FamousVol'jin-EU76Not updated
16Gongoro Fortune de GaëaVol'jin-EU76Not updated
18Sheas NextVol'jin-EU74Not updated
19Alcapawn HashtagVol'jin-EU73Not updated
19Kathmandu  Vol'jin-EU73Not updated
21Gisela HashtagVol'jin-EU72Not updated
21Owimboé HashtagVol'jin-EU72Not updated
21Neigé FamousVol'jin-EU72Not updated
21Kurty ProvidenceVol'jin-EU72Not updated
21Alucite Les chevaliers onyxiensVol'jin-EU72Not updated
21Zaarok L elite d OrVol'jin-EU72Not updated
21Fëlicia Emerald KnightVol'jin-EU72Not updated
21Kurtya ProvidenceVol'jin-EU72Not updated
29Dinadrion ExïledVol'jin-EU71Not updated
29Benderine FantasyVol'jin-EU71Not updated
29Lysolda EffectVol'jin-EU71Not updated
29Tyraa L elite d OrVol'jin-EU71Not updated
29Psychøpathe Les Sombres DestinsVol'jin-EU71Not updated
29Tyra L elite d OrVol'jin-EU71Not updated
29Albâtard  Vol'jin-EU71Not updated
29Krange  Vol'jin-EU71Not updated
37Zeubì HashtagVol'jin-EU70Not updated
37Mikator Les Sombres DestinsVol'jin-EU70Not updated
37Ðarkill Athena ExclamationVol'jin-EU70Not updated
37Xandoria Spirit Of PhoénixVol'jin-EU70Not updated
37Kumouro MiseryVol'jin-EU70Not updated
42Plomanuki Les chevaliers onyxiensVol'jin-EU69Not updated
42Chubak FondationVol'jin-EU69Not updated
42Chaki FamousVol'jin-EU69Not updated
42Darksoldier Alliance AncestraleVol'jin-EU69Not updated
42Dietrich V v VVol'jin-EU69Not updated
42Lyzolda CelestiusVol'jin-EU69Not updated
42Nashia FamousVol'jin-EU69Not updated
42Jeepybtz Les Sombres DestinsVol'jin-EU69Not updated
42Minayoshi  Vol'jin-EU69Not updated
51Kagrenac Clan KillianVol'jin-EU68Not updated
51Caranthir FaerynVol'jin-EU68Not updated
51Tani  Vol'jin-EU68Not updated
51Darkmachin Halaa Râ MasseVol'jin-EU68Not updated
51Kujaku  Vol'jin-EU68Not updated
56Zalrïn Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU67Not updated
56Palafox Le pacte de loyautéVol'jin-EU67Not updated
56Eole Symbiose CorpusVol'jin-EU67Not updated
56Ykykrok ToXVol'jin-EU67Not updated
56Gutzs Avez vous déjà vuVol'jin-EU67Not updated
56Nysc Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU67Not updated
56Pypoof NextVol'jin-EU67Not updated
63Multani Les chevaliers onyxiensVol'jin-EU66Not updated
63Lymphya Halaa Râ MasseVol'jin-EU66Not updated
63Dæthñøøs AnciensVol'jin-EU66Not updated
63Yurelias The DarksidersVol'jin-EU66Not updated
63Pøckët EclypseVol'jin-EU66Not updated
63Dohkø ONEVol'jin-EU66Not updated
63Tharkas FamousVol'jin-EU66Not updated
63Torrih CelestiusVol'jin-EU66Not updated
71Ygnvi FamousVol'jin-EU65Not updated
71Crystä A Perfect CircleVol'jin-EU65Not updated
71Aristid Les Sombres DestinsVol'jin-EU65Not updated
71Raiha Les Sombres DestinsVol'jin-EU65Not updated
71Kumano V v VVol'jin-EU65Not updated
71Druidepopo girlsVol'jin-EU65Not updated
71Gabriele Alliance SanguinaireVol'jin-EU65Not updated
71Melyna FakeVol'jin-EU65Not updated

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