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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Varimathras-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Soñar RebìrthVarimathras-EU84Not updated
1Dizzeh Rayon SoleilVarimathras-EU84Not updated
3Testone  Varimathras-EU81Not updated
4Yünälescä RebìrthVarimathras-EU76Not updated
5Boufrus RebìrthVarimathras-EU73Not updated
5Mâthy  Varimathras-EU73Not updated
7Aeliel RebìrthVarimathras-EU71Not updated
8Stevekob RebìrthVarimathras-EU68Not updated
9Kritzeh  Varimathras-EU67Not updated
10Anhaëlle  Varimathras-EU66Not updated
11Chilga No Stuff No SKillVarimathras-EU65Not updated
11Wyclosas Les Bannis du SavoirVarimathras-EU65Not updated
13Lyralei Utopia SanctumVarimathras-EU62Not updated
14Aliosia Les Poneys qui ToussentVarimathras-EU61Not updated
15Wipeagain Servant of QueenVarimathras-EU60Not updated
16Feihu  Varimathras-EU59Not updated
16Suntara  Varimathras-EU59Not updated
16Ileryas  Varimathras-EU59Not updated
19Nerfgeemx RebìrthVarimathras-EU58Not updated
19Khàyn No Stuff No SKillVarimathras-EU58Not updated
19Cølette Servant of QueenVarimathras-EU58Not updated
19Liudmila Les Poneys qui ToussentVarimathras-EU58Not updated
23Akileo Al Loar LimestraVarimathras-EU57Not updated
23Ataly No Stuff No SKillVarimathras-EU57Not updated
25Angeance Brother in armsVarimathras-EU56Not updated
25Lînah RACLURES OF AZEROTHVarimathras-EU56Not updated
25Shandarah La louveterieVarimathras-EU56Not updated
25Denning SunreaverVarimathras-EU56Not updated
25Femae  Varimathras-EU56Not updated
25Mishïme EtherealVarimathras-EU56Not updated
31Marlithe Le Potager InfernalVarimathras-EU55Not updated
31Cacauètes AnimaVarimathras-EU55Not updated
31Sorane  Varimathras-EU55Not updated
34Annadae RebìrthVarimathras-EU54Not updated
34Sébastien  Varimathras-EU54Not updated
34Najah Servant of QueenVarimathras-EU54Not updated
34Äyase Children of EdenVarimathras-EU54Not updated
38Pøutrelle ParadoxeVarimathras-EU53Not updated
38Darkhuan azulVarimathras-EU53Not updated
40Georgeo Utopia SanctumVarimathras-EU52Not updated
40Kheyn  Varimathras-EU52Not updated
40Dalys Les dents de la crevetteVarimathras-EU52Not updated
43Mîyuki Utopia SanctumVarimathras-EU51Not updated
43Manaël La Dernière CroisadeVarimathras-EU51Not updated
43Shaolen United FriendsVarimathras-EU51Not updated
43Uperlól OmertaVarimathras-EU51Not updated
43Topomorto Les chouettardsVarimathras-EU51Not updated
48Doncorléone SWAT of Kîng VarianVarimathras-EU50Not updated
48Pashmir  Varimathras-EU50Not updated
48Norwana OGCVarimathras-EU50Not updated
48Mioutaur OGCVarimathras-EU50Not updated
48Wamioutte OGCVarimathras-EU50Not updated
48Norhunt OGCVarimathras-EU50Not updated
54Ascorpus Le Potager InfernalVarimathras-EU49Not updated
54Agønie Gardiens Du RenouveauVarimathras-EU49Not updated
54Pycenlie Le Clan CampbellVarimathras-EU49Not updated
54Babamort Les Poneys qui ToussentVarimathras-EU49Not updated
54Drazher Glory of AllianceVarimathras-EU49Not updated
54Rudk Servant of QueenVarimathras-EU49Not updated
54Tankastré  Varimathras-EU49Not updated
61Dëwa  Varimathras-EU48Not updated
61Ivi RACLURES OF AZEROTHVarimathras-EU48Not updated
61Zeliana Servant of QueenVarimathras-EU48Not updated
61Ooz Servant of QueenVarimathras-EU48Not updated
61Mhorback  Varimathras-EU48Not updated
61Kharuso  Varimathras-EU48Not updated
61Skûld  Varimathras-EU48Not updated
61Mioute OGCVarimathras-EU48Not updated
69Béllatrixx NabeulbeukDungeonVarimathras-EU47Not updated
69Gohandal  Varimathras-EU47Not updated
69Naoe Héros mais pas tropVarimathras-EU47Not updated
69Mioutta OGCVarimathras-EU47Not updated
73Bäccus RACLURES OF AZEROTHVarimathras-EU46Not updated
73Jintaho Servant of QueenVarimathras-EU46Not updated
73Prëssïon Les Semi CroustillantVarimathras-EU46Not updated
73Spyrö Les enfants de GaïaVarimathras-EU46Not updated
73Pacôm  Varimathras-EU46Not updated
73Greatnegus Servant of QueenVarimathras-EU46Not updated
73Rhex Destination FinalVarimathras-EU46Not updated
73Guertrudeuh  Varimathras-EU46Not updated
73Wizhard  Varimathras-EU46Not updated
73Vauks  Varimathras-EU46Not updated
83Mortalhunter Servant of QueenVarimathras-EU45Not updated
83Arkonan Le Clan CampbellVarimathras-EU45Not updated
83Sanguisama SunreaverVarimathras-EU45Not updated
83Ryokan Pourfendeurs CelestesVarimathras-EU45Not updated
83Beutchy  Varimathras-EU45Not updated
88Reiïl No Stuff No SKillVarimathras-EU44Not updated
88Briselumière Utopia SanctumVarimathras-EU44Not updated
88Rasgad BurstomaticVarimathras-EU44Not updated
88Orkhanos Servant of QueenVarimathras-EU44Not updated
88Tsathoggua Tigrou teamVarimathras-EU44Not updated
88Lïwei RenaïssanceVarimathras-EU44Not updated
88Leonies The new pvpVarimathras-EU44Not updated
88Lasca  Varimathras-EU44Not updated
88Healina  Varimathras-EU44Not updated
88Lücius La Confrérie ÉcarlateVarimathras-EU44Not updated
88Zõko Children of EdenVarimathras-EU44Not updated
88Sôwæn Les Fils du MaelströmVarimathras-EU44Not updated
88Otala  Varimathras-EU44Not updated

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