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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Undermine-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Archevil  Undermine-US80Not updated
2Mellisandre Cake or DeathUndermine-US79Not updated
3Veloth RelentlessUndermine-US78Not updated
4Mortalcombat  Undermine-US77Not updated
5Sardra  Undermine-US73Not updated
5Dawlton  Undermine-US73Not updated
7Khoryâce  Undermine-US72Not updated
8Rozetta  Undermine-US71Not updated
8Porass Secondhand HeroesUndermine-US71Not updated
8Astaysia Members OnlyUndermine-US71Not updated
11Healomatic RelentlessUndermine-US70Not updated
11Adamantyr LegendsUndermine-US70Not updated
13Mcfarad RelentlessUndermine-US69Not updated
14Gergerg  Undermine-US68Not updated
14Caimie  Undermine-US68Not updated
14Fantasma  Undermine-US68Not updated
14Wewt Protectors Of The LightUndermine-US68Not updated
18Ârtemis The GreatUndermine-US66Not updated
18Kakaw  Undermine-US66Not updated
18Laurana Definitely MaybeUndermine-US66Not updated
18Damo  Undermine-US66Not updated
18Gregjenníngs  Undermine-US66Not updated
18Cmagik  Undermine-US66Not updated
24Taralas  Undermine-US65Not updated
24Observe ReviveUndermine-US65Not updated
24Delusions RelentlessUndermine-US65Not updated
24Selenabromez Get CarriedUndermine-US65Not updated
24Sidoh RelentlessUndermine-US65Not updated
24Ahgara  Undermine-US65Not updated
24Tolv On CooldownUndermine-US65Not updated
24Wraithbone  Undermine-US65Not updated
32Degotoga RelentlessUndermine-US64Not updated
32Billypilgrim HPRUndermine-US64Not updated
32Saintphetus  Undermine-US64Not updated
32Rillifane  Undermine-US64Not updated
36Nerather RelentlessUndermine-US63Not updated
36Grandevil  Undermine-US63Not updated
38Melloncollie Dying BreedUndermine-US62Not updated
38Finores  Undermine-US62Not updated
40Wizaro RelentlessUndermine-US61Not updated
40Xtheoden Mostly HarmlessUndermine-US61Not updated
40Swarlay The Laughing IguanasUndermine-US61Not updated
40Redge Lizard KingsUndermine-US61Not updated
40Fleur MadnessUndermine-US61Not updated
40Osveta MutinyUndermine-US61Not updated
40Mesix  Undermine-US61Not updated
40Sollyboi Sine TimoreUndermine-US61Not updated
40Lyghtnyng  Undermine-US61Not updated
40Memoryerror The Ehh TeamUndermine-US61Not updated
50Rekkä  Undermine-US60Not updated
50Khaleesí ReviveUndermine-US60Not updated
50Sayuri MadnessUndermine-US60Not updated
50Bellemadge LegendsUndermine-US60Not updated
50Wimbry AnimosityUndermine-US60Not updated
55Moxsi  Undermine-US59Not updated
55Synnchro The MetalocalypseUndermine-US59Not updated
55Aryakin RelentlessUndermine-US59Not updated
55Bowtomesucka The Good TimezzUndermine-US59Not updated
55Deadsexi DepravityUndermine-US59Not updated
55Tyrgore Warsong LegendsUndermine-US59Not updated
55Pamillia  Undermine-US59Not updated
62Lauranaa Mostly HarmlessUndermine-US58Not updated
62Gellea  Undermine-US58Not updated
62Jokerwild Phoenix GuardUndermine-US58Not updated
62Onasha The Laughing IguanasUndermine-US58Not updated
62Garabaldi AnimosityUndermine-US58Not updated
62Valiabella Fists of RageUndermine-US58Not updated
62Phelony  Undermine-US58Not updated
62Vaelence The Ehh TeamUndermine-US58Not updated
62Kazlok Sine TimoreUndermine-US58Not updated
62Frostfallen Get CarriedUndermine-US58Not updated
62Kodohunt Fists of RageUndermine-US58Not updated
73Binzie  Undermine-US57Not updated
73Gelenus RelentlessUndermine-US57Not updated
73Dredmord The Order Of DiligenceUndermine-US57Not updated
73Huntercraft Sword of AzerothUndermine-US57Not updated
73Amâria Down TimeUndermine-US57Not updated
73Echai Horde OutrunnersUndermine-US57Not updated
73Stinkburn Natural AristocracyUndermine-US57Not updated
73Glittercow ReviveUndermine-US57Not updated
73Larentia  Undermine-US57Not updated
73Gunnarr  Undermine-US57Not updated
83Cravin Protectors Of The LightUndermine-US56Not updated
83Wulfkin the sweetest thingsUndermine-US56Not updated
83Wrex  Undermine-US56Not updated
83Adun Like A SirUndermine-US56Not updated
83Blight Seal Cub Cuddling ClubUndermine-US56Not updated
83Lilgerg  Undermine-US56Not updated
83Lunarqt Big MoneyUndermine-US56Not updated
83Laitia Dying BreedUndermine-US56Not updated
83Sphìnx Fists of RageUndermine-US56Not updated
83Disrespect  Undermine-US56Not updated
83Zêöl No Longer No MercyUndermine-US56Not updated
83Lozen The RebellionUndermine-US56Not updated
83Rôxas Teldrassil SaintsUndermine-US56Not updated
96Doubtful Dark HoleUndermine-US55Not updated
96Wirhl The MetalocalypseUndermine-US55Not updated
96Alixana MutinyUndermine-US55Not updated
96Kenuck Sacred RedemptionUndermine-US55Not updated
96Twirlywhirly Get CarriedUndermine-US55Not updated

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