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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Un'Goro-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Lynîa  Un'Goro-EU91Not updated
2Ollerosa CritkraterUn'Goro-EU86Not updated
3Marshmellow KopfGeldJägerUn'Goro-EU81Not updated
4Toram  Un'Goro-EU78Not updated
5Margona Sturmwinds RächerUn'Goro-EU74Not updated
5Mandalaya Armee der FinsternisUn'Goro-EU74Not updated
5Gozerb  Un'Goro-EU74Not updated
8Luv hortis praetoriaUn'Goro-EU73Not updated
9Colbie FamilienbandeUn'Goro-EU72Not updated
9Missuries  Un'Goro-EU72Not updated
11Smö The IncredibleUn'Goro-EU71Not updated
12Caryza  Un'Goro-EU70Not updated
12Xiroke Armee der FinsternisUn'Goro-EU70Not updated
14Celdoras TSIIUn'Goro-EU69Not updated
14Ankalagon Angels of the DarksideUn'Goro-EU69Not updated
14Luya Es war einmalUn'Goro-EU69Not updated
14Chiwuaa  Un'Goro-EU69Not updated
18Suley  Un'Goro-EU68Not updated
18Filla  Un'Goro-EU68Not updated
20Blutlied Es war einmalUn'Goro-EU67Not updated
20Quäxx FlaminghazeUn'Goro-EU67Not updated
22Diiaz OfflineUn'Goro-EU65Not updated
22Clindá BuschbeerenbandeUn'Goro-EU65Not updated
24Ájula woocoUn'Goro-EU64Not updated
25Rykas  Un'Goro-EU63Not updated
26Nuriko Ira ObscurumUn'Goro-EU62Not updated
26Xhoros OfflineUn'Goro-EU62Not updated
28Baabycake  Un'Goro-EU61Not updated
28Kyoshi Die SturmreiterUn'Goro-EU61Not updated
28Souliee SinUn'Goro-EU61Not updated
31Sinien woocoUn'Goro-EU60Not updated
31Cari las leyendasUn'Goro-EU60Not updated
31Destronikus Nicht dein TagUn'Goro-EU60Not updated
31Dyyx SpiritedAwayUn'Goro-EU60Not updated
31Ragemuffin DEATH NØTEUn'Goro-EU60Not updated
36Vántage  Un'Goro-EU59Not updated
36Sennja Semper ParatusUn'Goro-EU59Not updated
36Mirta Soul ReaverUn'Goro-EU59Not updated
39Ìnc  Un'Goro-EU58Not updated
39Qper  Un'Goro-EU58Not updated
39Satinav Wächter des MondesUn'Goro-EU58Not updated
39Umbrae ViciousUn'Goro-EU58Not updated
43Nefelim MerchantsUn'Goro-EU57Not updated
43Zabtai  Un'Goro-EU57Not updated
43Spittyeah  Un'Goro-EU57Not updated
43Emkay LuminaUn'Goro-EU57Not updated
43Isopoda Armee der FinsternisUn'Goro-EU57Not updated
48Holyday Wächter AzerothsUn'Goro-EU56Not updated
48Vanto Ruhrpott PearlsUn'Goro-EU56Not updated
48Schlotterbek TheWalkingDeadUn'Goro-EU56Not updated
48Madoka  Un'Goro-EU56Not updated
48Ferbus  Un'Goro-EU56Not updated
53Quentint Less QQ more PewPewUn'Goro-EU55Not updated
53Freeborn swiatynia sloncaUn'Goro-EU55Not updated
53Akemy Quam ViridisUn'Goro-EU55Not updated
53Kolaron Krieger des LichtesUn'Goro-EU55Not updated
53Gretoc TrinitiesUn'Goro-EU55Not updated
53Shenduan  Un'Goro-EU55Not updated
53Redsonya  Un'Goro-EU55Not updated
53Lareen  Un'Goro-EU55Not updated
61Kharzak  Un'Goro-EU54Not updated
61Shalî The Rising HopeUn'Goro-EU54Not updated
61Moonshîne  Un'Goro-EU54Not updated
61Rekgarhoof TSIIUn'Goro-EU54Not updated
61Déjavuè Dum Spiro SperoUn'Goro-EU54Not updated
66Sélmak Bloody CrossUn'Goro-EU53Not updated
66Yuhin FamilienbandeUn'Goro-EU53Not updated
66Mélo SecondhandshopUn'Goro-EU53Not updated
66Hîlo AmistasoUn'Goro-EU53Not updated
66Arinetta LuminaUn'Goro-EU53Not updated
66Walked  Un'Goro-EU53Not updated
66Durthu  Un'Goro-EU53Not updated
66Aspiratio  Un'Goro-EU53Not updated
74Âkuma Less QQ more PewPewUn'Goro-EU52Not updated
74Sharuk Die dunkle MachtUn'Goro-EU52Not updated
74Psychodelia CritkraterUn'Goro-EU52Not updated
74Nightiri OfflineUn'Goro-EU52Not updated
74Trivius The Wyatt FamilyUn'Goro-EU52Not updated
74Klaudinus QuasardamaUn'Goro-EU52Not updated
74Lotusbluete  Un'Goro-EU52Not updated
74Babyfirefly CritkraterUn'Goro-EU52Not updated
74Addoloratâ  Un'Goro-EU52Not updated
74Kishima  Un'Goro-EU52Not updated
74Plusi  Un'Goro-EU52Not updated
74Fünününüh Ankh MorporkUn'Goro-EU52Not updated
74Míssyo HordenWingUn'Goro-EU52Not updated
74Nimz LuminaUn'Goro-EU52Not updated
74Nastrandor  Un'Goro-EU52Not updated
89Westwood Spirit of the WolfUn'Goro-EU51Not updated
89Vîrgel WipeforLifeUn'Goro-EU51Not updated
89Megadrôn FlaminghazeUn'Goro-EU51Not updated
89Shôw Adeptus AstartesUn'Goro-EU51Not updated
89Onirus SelbstjustizUn'Goro-EU51Not updated
89Aufseher Schwerter der KönigeUn'Goro-EU51Not updated
89Síxpack Blâck CobraUn'Goro-EU51Not updated
89Shizzi  Un'Goro-EU51Not updated
89Diable  Un'Goro-EU51Not updated
98Kitanà  Un'Goro-EU50Not updated
98Fangching Geriatrische StationUn'Goro-EU50Not updated
98Brulia  Un'Goro-EU50Not updated

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