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Uldaman-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Bigbootyhous NexusUldaman-US83
2Motzerella BlackoutUldaman-US81
2Muk  Uldaman-US81Not updated
4Imalumberjak  Uldaman-US80
5Wíllárd Down For LifeUldaman-US79
5Slashdelete  Uldaman-US79Not updated
7Jakey Down For LifeUldaman-US78
7Grim Down For LifeUldaman-US78
9Amnon OuroborosUldaman-US76
10Yàngus  Uldaman-US74
10Rawrpow XenocideUldaman-US74Not updated
12Zakuroichi Knights of FortuneUldaman-US73
12Thecheatt Edge of AggressionUldaman-US73Not updated
14Bubukittie Candy and a VanUldaman-US72
14Greatdot Sacred DivinityUldaman-US72Not updated
14Thecheatzz Edge of AggressionUldaman-US72Not updated
17Missus  Uldaman-US71Not updated
18Madfrosty NexusUldaman-US69
18Swiss BlackoutUldaman-US69Not updated
18Bosambretwaz Les professionnelsUldaman-US69
21Reignmaker MillenniumUldaman-US68
21Uldamanscum NexusUldaman-US68
21Braeker LimelightUldaman-US68Not updated
21Creampuffs DeviantUldaman-US68Not updated
21Bunnycake  Uldaman-US68Not updated
26Alcarius Aggression ScaleUldaman-US67Not updated
27Woerloga Masochistic TendenciesUldaman-US66
27Soloris Pirates IncUldaman-US66Not updated
29Archie Down For LifeUldaman-US65Not updated
29Zilldian Misfit MayhemUldaman-US65
29Kentara MillenniumUldaman-US65Not updated
29Darkl Perfect InsanityUldaman-US65Not updated
29Jhelom  Uldaman-US65Not updated
34Ghengiskan NexusUldaman-US64
34Slaytanic NexusUldaman-US64
34Wrenchead VanquíshersUldaman-US64
34Banach Wicked ClawUldaman-US64
38Shisty Down For LifeUldaman-US63
38Holy Down For LifeUldaman-US63
38Xyalda Down For LifeUldaman-US63
38Sneakywisp MillenniumUldaman-US63
38Blàckberry VanquíshersUldaman-US63
38Aktikor Sacred DivinityUldaman-US63
38Impatíent Misfit MayhemUldaman-US63
38Panthalassa InsomniaUldaman-US63
38Raana Depths of WarUldaman-US63Not updated
38Shamtastics In Vino VeritasUldaman-US63Not updated
48Darkironhal MillenniumUldaman-US62
48Happyhour My Life For AiurUldaman-US62
48Omgistinkied Les professionnelsUldaman-US62
48Magdorn Dark AngelsUldaman-US62
48Raziya ShatteredUldaman-US62Not updated
48Smelgan Stuck on UldamanUldaman-US62
48Millenia Demonic PlagueUldaman-US62Not updated
48Oreocookies DeviantUldaman-US62Not updated
56Kannery AuxileUldaman-US61
56Optical Down For LifeUldaman-US61
56Aethas OuroborosUldaman-US61Not updated
56Mechastorm Masochistic TendenciesUldaman-US61
56Absolution BlackoutUldaman-US61
56Wishywashy Misfit MayhemUldaman-US61
56Burninhal MillenniumUldaman-US61Not updated
56Exhaling  Uldaman-US61Not updated
56Skullfiendz  Uldaman-US61Not updated
56Soraga  Uldaman-US61Not updated
66Shadowkaizen Eventide RaidersUldaman-US60
66Celtika Candy and a VanUldaman-US60
66Tush Screaming for VengeanceUldaman-US60Not updated
66Imash  Uldaman-US60
66Hemotoxin Kor Kron ElitesUldaman-US60
66Yanosh ImmortalisUldaman-US60Not updated
72Lokipo Misfit MayhemUldaman-US59
72Jorunder AuxileUldaman-US59
72Myranda Masochistic TendenciesUldaman-US59
72Looge Down For LifeUldaman-US59
72Yup  Uldaman-US59Not updated
72Autumnfire TalentedUldaman-US59
72Ladanda Everybody Gets OneUldaman-US59Not updated
72Plasmalily  Uldaman-US59Not updated
80Icetotems Down For LifeUldaman-US58
80Eield AuxileUldaman-US58
80Jabin AuxileUldaman-US58
80Tallgeese NexusUldaman-US58
80Andisaria Forty TwoUldaman-US58
80Cyanbluewolf Misfit MayhemUldaman-US58
80Healingheart The SanctuaryUldaman-US58

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