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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Twisting Nether-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Iwillbedead KorpenTwisting Nether-EU139Not updated
2Wikkan Mindless ZombiesTwisting Nether-EU133Not updated
3Gäbzz MethodTwisting Nether-EU129Not updated
4Llothie ApexTwisting Nether-EU123Not updated
5Lockneess  Twisting Nether-EU122Not updated
5Hellfiree Wrath Of AnatoliaTwisting Nether-EU122Not updated
7Crisius NoMTwisting Nether-EU118Not updated
8Rogerbrown MethodTwisting Nether-EU117Not updated
9Justmonk MethodTwisting Nether-EU109Not updated
9Ozì OriginTwisting Nether-EU109Not updated
9Fruityrudy  Twisting Nether-EU109Not updated
12Dangen The AsylumTwisting Nether-EU108Not updated
12Madlax Perfectly SaneTwisting Nether-EU108Not updated
12Mon MethodTwisting Nether-EU108Not updated
12Ózi  Twisting Nether-EU108Not updated
12Cogwhiil ClarityTwisting Nether-EU108Not updated
17Ampi MethodTwisting Nether-EU107Not updated
18Zneidstah  Twisting Nether-EU105Not updated
18Glitterpoes InnominatumTwisting Nether-EU105Not updated
18Køl Twisted ROTwisting Nether-EU105Not updated
18Avenila NoMTwisting Nether-EU105Not updated
18Eqe  Twisting Nether-EU105Not updated
23Letspop  Twisting Nether-EU104Not updated
24Smootie MethodTwisting Nether-EU103Not updated
25Vilp TalotaikuritTwisting Nether-EU102Not updated
25Dodoface MethodTwisting Nether-EU102Not updated
27Icetoseeyou SmackdownTwisting Nether-EU101Not updated
28Sowos MVPTwisting Nether-EU100Not updated
29Katkout Players of PahulandTwisting Nether-EU99Not updated
29Rámmy VanquishedTwisting Nether-EU99Not updated
31Ebgagha The ProspectTwisting Nether-EU98Not updated
32Gimi BlackRavensTwisting Nether-EU97Not updated
32Hishtar MethodTwisting Nether-EU97Not updated
32Madtoady Rising SunTwisting Nether-EU97Not updated
32Darkpaladín  Twisting Nether-EU97Not updated
36Snie MethodTwisting Nether-EU96Not updated
36Anakîin  Twisting Nether-EU96Not updated
38Ashvael MethodTwisting Nether-EU95Not updated
39Inarus Twisted ROTwisting Nether-EU94Not updated
40Klotski Buster CallTwisting Nether-EU93Not updated
40Shadowkitty Grim FuneralTwisting Nether-EU93Not updated
40Maquan UnrealityTwisting Nether-EU93Not updated
40Vuurriur KorpenTwisting Nether-EU93Not updated
40Ráyburn IncandescentTwisting Nether-EU93Not updated
40Zuljib Gold ArmyTwisting Nether-EU93Not updated
46Infeh MethodTwisting Nether-EU92Not updated
46Apophís Mishra from the ClöbTwisting Nether-EU92Not updated
46Aavikkorotta AvantoTwisting Nether-EU92Not updated
46Nairamel E M B R A C ETwisting Nether-EU92Not updated
46Zuljinin B r e t h r e nTwisting Nether-EU92Not updated
46Totemlazer TyraniaTwisting Nether-EU92Not updated
46Isrá Satya YugaTwisting Nether-EU92Not updated
46Feraless  Twisting Nether-EU92Not updated
54Kreps MethodTwisting Nether-EU91Not updated
54Berrek MethodTwisting Nether-EU91Not updated
54Perfecto MethodTwisting Nether-EU91Not updated
54Osiris Buster CallTwisting Nether-EU91Not updated
54Dhev Unleashed DarknessTwisting Nether-EU91Not updated
54Ðazdingõ Aggressions ProblemTwisting Nether-EU91Not updated
54Nagarythe ApexTwisting Nether-EU91Not updated
54Kaidoo  Twisting Nether-EU91Not updated
54Silvers Rising SunTwisting Nether-EU91Not updated
63Sparkuggz MethodTwisting Nether-EU90Not updated
63Mahugany Loot IncTwisting Nether-EU90Not updated
63Kordellia MethodTwisting Nether-EU90Not updated
63Sturges Dirty HeroesTwisting Nether-EU90Not updated
63Wazkamuko ClarityTwisting Nether-EU90Not updated
68Owld MethodTwisting Nether-EU89Not updated
68Kentzy Gutta KruttTwisting Nether-EU89Not updated
68Scholez Perfectly SaneTwisting Nether-EU89Not updated
68Summix Rising SunTwisting Nether-EU89Not updated
68Korleon VigorTwisting Nether-EU89Not updated
68Jamesmarcus Crusader HaterTwisting Nether-EU89Not updated
74Klostern MethodTwisting Nether-EU88Not updated
74Malicone DesolutionTwisting Nether-EU88Not updated
74Oshino InnominatumTwisting Nether-EU88Not updated
74Raziee MethodTwisting Nether-EU88Not updated
74Reah HellbentTwisting Nether-EU88Not updated
74Morinth MethodTwisting Nether-EU88Not updated
74Fckthsystm CasaNostraTwisting Nether-EU88Not updated
74Reifu ApexTwisting Nether-EU88Not updated
74Zodteef Empty TrashTwisting Nether-EU88Not updated
83Xabok MethodTwisting Nether-EU87Not updated
83Treckie MethodTwisting Nether-EU87Not updated
83Foofalicious OvärdaTwisting Nether-EU87Not updated
83Sanamon NoMTwisting Nether-EU87Not updated
83Feeli WoD godsTwisting Nether-EU87Not updated

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