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Turalyon-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Spikè PureTuralyon-EU127
2Signum PureTuralyon-EU125
3Xanthe PureTuralyon-EU110
4Marjarine PureTuralyon-EU104
5Zynésta PureTuralyon-EU93
6Glennani PureTuralyon-EU83
7Qnyx PureTuralyon-EU82
7Lina PureTuralyon-EU82
9Zardox PureTuralyon-EU80
10Baekho PureTuralyon-EU79
11Rofs PureTuralyon-EU78
11Kabu PureTuralyon-EU78Not updated
13Zicci PureTuralyon-EU77
14Pandefi PureTuralyon-EU76
15Wûnju PureTuralyon-EU75
16Helmsley PureTuralyon-EU74
17Bovan PureTuralyon-EU73
17Nardill PureTuralyon-EU73Not updated
19Márj PureTuralyon-EU72
20Courtnie PureTuralyon-EU70
21Desco PureTuralyon-EU69
21Räddi PureTuralyon-EU69
21Emmastonex PureTuralyon-EU69
24Flexal PureTuralyon-EU67
24Valax PureTuralyon-EU67Not updated
24Kratje PureTuralyon-EU67Not updated
27Verosa PureTuralyon-EU65Not updated
27Nikoli PureTuralyon-EU65Not updated
29Mêganana PureTuralyon-EU64
30Nokkie PureTuralyon-EU63
30Pattinson PureTuralyon-EU63
32Goré PureTuralyon-EU62
33Eclipsê PureTuralyon-EU61
33Deathror PureTuralyon-EU61Not updated
35Zimp PureTuralyon-EU60
35Doglocke PureTuralyon-EU60
37Robd PureTuralyon-EU59
38Hakzi PureTuralyon-EU58Not updated
39Perifanboi PureTuralyon-EU55
40Deboom PureTuralyon-EU54
40Kolaak PureTuralyon-EU54Not updated
40Metanoîa PureTuralyon-EU54Not updated
43Physiologic PureTuralyon-EU53
44Seethe PureTuralyon-EU52
44Nyqiqt PureTuralyon-EU52
46Aerandur PureTuralyon-EU51
47Kitsuné PureTuralyon-EU50Not updated
47Ayd PureTuralyon-EU50
49Piio PureTuralyon-EU49
50Visent PureTuralyon-EU48Not updated
50Tashak PureTuralyon-EU48Not updated
52Zenxion PureTuralyon-EU47
53Bloodymåry PureTuralyon-EU46
54Wellko PureTuralyon-EU45
55Garbagemage PureTuralyon-EU44
56Shîv PureTuralyon-EU43
56Fotek PureTuralyon-EU43
56Vul PureTuralyon-EU43Not updated
59Stratess PureTuralyon-EU42
59Korvorvar PureTuralyon-EU42
59Sc PureTuralyon-EU42Not updated
62Kiritsu PureTuralyon-EU41Not updated
63Synthel PureTuralyon-EU40Not updated
64Vams PureTuralyon-EU39
65Shôn PureTuralyon-EU38
65Itsdan PureTuralyon-EU38
65Wayar PureTuralyon-EU38
65Jamberti PureTuralyon-EU38Not updated
69Lithwell PureTuralyon-EU37
69Carwey PureTuralyon-EU37
69Reglitch PureTuralyon-EU37Not updated
69Thunderbirdy PureTuralyon-EU37Not updated
69Khadar PureTuralyon-EU37Not updated
74Xbasara PureTuralyon-EU35
74Smoothlight PureTuralyon-EU35
74Capô PureTuralyon-EU35Not updated
74Syldarin PureTuralyon-EU35
78Tahji PureTuralyon-EU31Not updated
79Higinia PureTuralyon-EU30
80Lilika PureTuralyon-EU29
80Zektic PureTuralyon-EU29
82Jambert PureTuralyon-EU26Not updated
82Vuuzz PureTuralyon-EU26
84Dybbdibb PureTuralyon-EU25Not updated
85Watchmi PureTuralyon-EU24Not updated
85Seikoo PureTuralyon-EU24
87Volgie PureTuralyon-EU23Not updated
88Psychedelia PureTuralyon-EU20
88Gowgib PureTuralyon-EU20Not updated
90Zymed PureTuralyon-EU16Not updated
91Babatunde PureTuralyon-EU8
91Sarahstýr PureTuralyon-EU8Not updated
93Asurii PureTuralyon-EU3
94Kanamesan PureTuralyon-EU2Not updated
95Ralizaa PureTuralyon-EU1Not updated
95Tikz PureTuralyon-EU1

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