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Turalyon-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Desperada SupermassiveTuralyon-US109
2Qnom SupermassiveTuralyon-US108
2Hotprowl  Turalyon-US108
4Kayliah SupermassiveTuralyon-US107
4Grayson FusionTuralyon-US107
4Dulcet FusionTuralyon-US107Not updated
7Girado SupermassiveTuralyon-US106
8Thecheat MelioraTuralyon-US100
8Izicklarke GnomesAreUsTuralyon-US100
10Stormageddon Clan Redundancy ClanTuralyon-US99
11Lilpeanut After MidnightTuralyon-US97
12Canadashift  Turalyon-US95Not updated
13Inhumage SynthesisTuralyon-US94
13Vigilentia  Turalyon-US94Not updated
13Youhavemail  Turalyon-US94
16Lockpiz  Turalyon-US93Not updated
17Artamas  Turalyon-US92Not updated
18Sycklius Hells CrusadeTuralyon-US90
19Crazyterran BurialTuralyon-US89
20Einzbern SupermassiveTuralyon-US88
20East Team PantsTuralyon-US88Not updated
22Eleina NevermoreTuralyon-US87Not updated
23Knot SupermassiveTuralyon-US86
24Mikya SupermassiveTuralyon-US84
24Dusk Mostly HarmlessTuralyon-US84Not updated
24Lily SupermassiveTuralyon-US84Not updated
27Athryn SupermassiveTuralyon-US83
27Quantity SupermassiveTuralyon-US83
27Ohwut BlacklistedTuralyon-US83
30Makemebad BlacklistedTuralyon-US82
30Thorrior SynthesisTuralyon-US82Not updated
32Heâlium AeonTuralyon-US81
33Negative SynthesisTuralyon-US80
33Noxa InsidiousTuralyon-US80
33Butterkupp Valint and BalkTuralyon-US80
33Vehere Edin AuroraeTuralyon-US80
37Taliya ImpetusTuralyon-US79
37Kírkanos Comfortably NumbTuralyon-US79
37Jushi IneptTuralyon-US79
37Jadepaws FoETuralyon-US79
37Consequences And My Imaginary FriendsTuralyon-US79
37Proferal  Turalyon-US79
37Ghorran  Turalyon-US79
37Demonacho Casual ScrubsTuralyon-US79Not updated
45Gunt DaybreakTuralyon-US78
45Mutedsilence UnprovokedTuralyon-US78
45Fluffylazor NeolutumTuralyon-US78Not updated
45Shirou Brothers of the HordeTuralyon-US78
45Forgerin Brothers of the HordeTuralyon-US78
45Juniali The ForgottenTuralyon-US78
51Schill IneptTuralyon-US77
51Druidwaffle AversaTuralyon-US77Not updated
51Nelkei  Turalyon-US77Not updated
51Righteouslee RestorationTuralyon-US77Not updated
55Wuzzfuzzy SupermassiveTuralyon-US76
55Gelk MassacreTuralyon-US76
55Mordak ÏnsanityTuralyon-US76
55Jeeppers  Turalyon-US76Not updated
55Soulg KismetTuralyon-US76Not updated
55Sarayna BeyondTuralyon-US76
55Skathen Silvermoon MafiaTuralyon-US76Not updated
55Meekmill  Turalyon-US76Not updated
63Manlybeast SupermassiveTuralyon-US75
63Layfon The Fighting MongoosesTuralyon-US75
63Vemanas Hordeland SecurityTuralyon-US75
63Gso  Turalyon-US75Not updated
63Bellaswans Among the LivingTuralyon-US75Not updated
63Restopiz  Turalyon-US75Not updated
63Beginnings FusionTuralyon-US75Not updated
70Balrageous PandamoniumTuralyon-US74
70Meepmeep RampageTuralyon-US74
70Palioh BurialTuralyon-US74
70Catena ExitiumTuralyon-US74
70Nessiji MassacreTuralyon-US74
70Korvun SynthesisTuralyon-US74
70Judalas Outlaws and Shady LadiesTuralyon-US74
70Werst  Turalyon-US74Not updated
70Harmonic SilentTuralyon-US74

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