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Turalyon-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Spikè PureTuralyon-EU128
2Signum PureTuralyon-EU125
3Chalo TreehuggerzTuralyon-EU111Not updated
4Xanthe PureTuralyon-EU110
5Aimline Tears Of The DragonTuralyon-EU105
5Dinnin Bank of ChinaTuralyon-EU105Not updated
5Luscique The Last WatchTuralyon-EU105
8Marjarine PureTuralyon-EU104
9Thorill Deaths Per SecondTuralyon-EU98
10Nuclearwaste NotoriousTuralyon-EU94Not updated
11Zynésta PureTuralyon-EU93Not updated
12Tpau TranscendentTuralyon-EU92
12Lavantor VisionTuralyon-EU92
14Xidos RevolutionTuralyon-EU87
14Mijork SublimityTuralyon-EU87Not updated
16Czania Bank of ChinaTuralyon-EU86Not updated
17Millicente Deaths Per SecondTuralyon-EU85
17Sivara Challenge AcceptedTuralyon-EU85
19Lyavanna Deaths Per SecondTuralyon-EU84
19Cailea NovaTuralyon-EU84Not updated
21Glennani PureTuralyon-EU83
21Tahhr RevolutionTuralyon-EU83
21Silvie Blades Of The FallenTuralyon-EU83Not updated
21Ashliy MythTuralyon-EU83Not updated
25Lillina EntityTuralyon-EU82
25Qnyx PureTuralyon-EU82
25Squíd NovaTuralyon-EU82
28Deveroux The Devils BackboneTuralyon-EU81
28Matey The Last WatchTuralyon-EU81Not updated
28Jito TranscendentTuralyon-EU81
28Rinkzii The Last WatchTuralyon-EU81
32Zardox PureTuralyon-EU80
32Aroria  Turalyon-EU80Not updated
32Mathematics  Turalyon-EU80Not updated
32Odin MMTuralyon-EU80Not updated
36Lecholas MMTuralyon-EU79
36Ruffy AC DenmarkTuralyon-EU79
36Baekho PureTuralyon-EU79Not updated
36Letalis The Last WatchTuralyon-EU79Not updated
40Rofs PureTuralyon-EU78
40Kabu PureTuralyon-EU78Not updated
40Oliviah TranscendentTuralyon-EU78Not updated
40Beatriks SublimityTuralyon-EU78
44Aldrox Deaths Per SecondTuralyon-EU77
44Zicci PureTuralyon-EU77
44Aneyza MMTuralyon-EU77
44Alexvn The Last WatchTuralyon-EU77Not updated
44Khyri The Last WatchTuralyon-EU77
44Lílíth MythTuralyon-EU77
44Benjámín E Q U I N O XTuralyon-EU77Not updated
51Nikael The NephilimTuralyon-EU76
51Dyden The Last WatchTuralyon-EU76Not updated
51Pandefi PureTuralyon-EU76
54Teerahir Red SunTuralyon-EU75
54Antileah Asherons ExilesTuralyon-EU75
54Wûnju PureTuralyon-EU75Not updated
54Lakorthá  Turalyon-EU75Not updated
54Glanis Romanian RaidersTuralyon-EU75Not updated
59Helmsley PureTuralyon-EU74
59Gatekeeper NovaTuralyon-EU74
59Kanoko Bank of ChinaTuralyon-EU74Not updated
59Teelia  Turalyon-EU74Not updated
59Thesink  Turalyon-EU74Not updated
59Tariah TranscendentTuralyon-EU74Not updated
65Bovan PureTuralyon-EU73
65Nardill PureTuralyon-EU73Not updated
65Raavá EntityTuralyon-EU73Not updated
65Níon Deaths Per SecondTuralyon-EU73
65Acazia  Turalyon-EU73Not updated
70Márj PureTuralyon-EU72
70Wilco The NephilimTuralyon-EU72
70Tyvi MMTuralyon-EU72
70Ràve Deaths Per SecondTuralyon-EU72

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