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Trollbane-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Kagitaar Praetorian VigilesTrollbane-US91
2Zilimir feelin frogishTrollbane-US84
3Hakushi Pull ThisTrollbane-US82
4Nightslasher vindictiveTrollbane-US78Not updated
5Kaalar Irrefutably InsaneTrollbane-US77
6Lovefox OnslaughtTrollbane-US75
6Rashass Xtrème FusionTrollbane-US75
6Tarana EfficiencyTrollbane-US75Not updated
6Serizak Novus Arma NoctumTrollbane-US75Not updated
10Zylose Pull ThisTrollbane-US74
10Lysandar Ancient ConfusionTrollbane-US74
10Feýd OnslaughtTrollbane-US74Not updated
13Azrielle EvoluçãoTrollbane-US73
13Deathlok Apocalypse LegionTrollbane-US73Not updated
15Phooked Dark IntentionsTrollbane-US72
15Nygma Shades of DecayTrollbane-US72Not updated
15Ironvalst Duck Duck GooseTrollbane-US72Not updated
18Sharpear The DisturbedTrollbane-US71
19Lilprincess DragoneersTrollbane-US70
19Hyperspeed VictoryTrollbane-US70Not updated
21Zzyler The Psycho WardTrollbane-US69Not updated
21Sarmacia  Trollbane-US69Not updated
23Chraz Irrefutably InsaneTrollbane-US68Not updated
23Jam OnslaughtTrollbane-US68
23Seleroth Circle of BlameTrollbane-US68Not updated
26Phos DenialTrollbane-US67
26Brianfantana NeuroticTrollbane-US67
26Bizzel Shadow StalkersTrollbane-US67Not updated
29Andyson NeuroticTrollbane-US66
29Cavalina Nuclear Launch DetectedTrollbane-US66Not updated
29Aiar ÇorruptedTrollbane-US66Not updated
29Flashqt  Trollbane-US66Not updated
33Numeric EvoluçãoTrollbane-US65
33Caponus FracturedTrollbane-US65
33Aleisha Mentally UnstableTrollbane-US65
33Talonicus The DisturbedTrollbane-US65
33Uriziel AddictionTrollbane-US65Not updated
33Kalili Mentally UnstableTrollbane-US65
33Shínobí RenégadesTrollbane-US65
33Amithelad OriginsTrollbane-US65Not updated
33Khassirah The SanctuaryTrollbane-US65Not updated
33Grylls Praetorian VigilesTrollbane-US65Not updated
43Callaise DenialTrollbane-US64
43Darkdisciple EntourageTrollbane-US64
43Mojâche The DisturbedTrollbane-US64
43Dasir Nuclear Launch DetectedTrollbane-US64Not updated
43Dambit Dark IntentionsTrollbane-US64
43Afterburn vindictiveTrollbane-US64Not updated
43Ringmasta  Trollbane-US64Not updated
50Larishma EvoluçãoTrollbane-US63
50Reeid Xtrème FusionTrollbane-US63
50Fateful AwakenedTrollbane-US63
50Harystaber  Trollbane-US63Not updated
50Failvaishir Banquet of TraitorsTrollbane-US63Not updated
50Joxie  Trollbane-US63Not updated
50Gohma  Trollbane-US63Not updated
50Chupacabræ  Trollbane-US63Not updated
58Warlocory Irrefutably InsaneTrollbane-US62
58Menohealmoo DragoneersTrollbane-US62
58Harlet DilligafTrollbane-US62
58Moebius EntourageTrollbane-US62
58Rhínoa Ancient ConfusionTrollbane-US62
58Kynyn ObsidianTrollbane-US62Not updated
58Rawnie DinosauricalTrollbane-US62
58Shiftyrox FluxTrollbane-US62Not updated
58Kraaxor Last BastionTrollbane-US62Not updated
67Aequilibrium Praetorian VigilesTrollbane-US61
67Kalisha Mentally UnstableTrollbane-US61
67Gothmõg The Royal GuardTrollbane-US61
67Wadetrooll  Trollbane-US61Not updated
67Wilhelm Limited EditionTrollbane-US61Not updated
67Meowatme EntourageTrollbane-US61Not updated
67Kittykat Rescue Aid SocietyTrollbane-US61Not updated
67Sybelle Out of ControlTrollbane-US61
67Harmlessfury  Trollbane-US61Not updated
67Kozue NadirTrollbane-US61Not updated
67Zagan  Trollbane-US61Not updated
78Zeebix  Trollbane-US60
78Vip Xtrème FusionTrollbane-US60
78Nevitheran The DisturbedTrollbane-US60
78Iceflower ResonanceTrollbane-US60Not updated
78Abbiegayle Snow CrashTrollbane-US60
78Supajacy  Trollbane-US60Not updated
78Prynnie Sunshine State of MindTrollbane-US60Not updated
78Sabellia Dark IntentionsTrollbane-US60

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