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Tortheldrin-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Sylvi Born of ChaosTortheldrin-US102
2Mulam Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US83
3Managed  Tortheldrin-US77Not updated
4Reconbravo  Tortheldrin-US76
5Zhou PredestinedTortheldrin-US71Not updated
6Pottery PredestinedTortheldrin-US67Not updated
7Realmfirst Born of ChaosTortheldrin-US66
8Stabums KILLS FOR THRILLSTortheldrin-US63Not updated
8Jermain StrandedTortheldrin-US63Not updated
8Gummiilove  Tortheldrin-US63Not updated
11Jdubwo ThunderstruckTortheldrin-US60Not updated
11Foursquare  Tortheldrin-US60Not updated
13Cowthing Arrested DevelopmentTortheldrin-US59
14Draill  Tortheldrin-US58Not updated
15Rector SyndicateTortheldrin-US57Not updated
15Lockji  Tortheldrin-US57Not updated
15Xinji  Tortheldrin-US57Not updated
18Leanasha FortuneTortheldrin-US56
18Gravecrawler Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US56Not updated
18Tygorn Arrested DevelopmentTortheldrin-US56
21Yajirobe The Fifth ElementTortheldrin-US55Not updated
21Gobthar DargonTortheldrin-US55Not updated
21Unholytaint Rinse and RepeatTortheldrin-US55Not updated
24Koraku Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US54
24Phõebe Dragon SoulsTortheldrin-US54Not updated
26Smökeybear Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US53Not updated
26Arenya ÀnnihilationTortheldrin-US53Not updated
26Destaverth FortuneTortheldrin-US53
26Sudri Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US53Not updated
26Drakarsis  Tortheldrin-US53Not updated
26Gherit Arrested DevelopmentTortheldrin-US53Not updated
26Zero Catastrophic CovenTortheldrin-US53Not updated
33Powerpuff Eternal ImmortalzTortheldrin-US52Not updated
33Vanosia OverloadTortheldrin-US52Not updated
33Snydorz WarpathTortheldrin-US52Not updated
33Zambie  Tortheldrin-US52Not updated
37Jadango from the äshesTortheldrin-US51Not updated
37Hati Arrested DevelopmentTortheldrin-US51
37Linda  Tortheldrin-US51Not updated
37Mortalities ÆthernautsTortheldrin-US51Not updated
37Barehug  Tortheldrin-US51Not updated
42Demerit ConvergeTortheldrin-US50Not updated
42Sarynthia Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US50
44Thingol  Tortheldrin-US49
44Bohe The Fifth ElementTortheldrin-US49
44Zuum  Tortheldrin-US49Not updated
44Nomadd Died in a Car FireTortheldrin-US49Not updated
44Furryfury Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US49Not updated
44Jenocidal Died in a Car FireTortheldrin-US49Not updated
44Deekan Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US49Not updated
44Håunting Rinse and RepeatTortheldrin-US49Not updated
52Maherr  Tortheldrin-US48Not updated
52Crimsonjudge Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US48
52Wwcrep RumRunnersTortheldrin-US48Not updated
52Crabshack Died in a Car FireTortheldrin-US48Not updated
52Wubby DargonTortheldrin-US48Not updated
52Bret StrandedTortheldrin-US48Not updated
52Guillotinè Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US48
52Mokor  Tortheldrin-US48Not updated
52Groob  Tortheldrin-US48Not updated
61Sung  Tortheldrin-US47Not updated
61Miztacular is a trapTortheldrin-US47
61Charles FortuneTortheldrin-US47
61Bromanchew StrandedTortheldrin-US47Not updated
61Kryseis Pantless RaidersTortheldrin-US47Not updated
61Excoriate The Second SonsTortheldrin-US47
67Gunty Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US46
67Xanthars Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US46
67Blindö ConvergeTortheldrin-US46Not updated
67Drimal Born of ChaosTortheldrin-US46
67Extinction RelentlessTortheldrin-US46Not updated
67Brölee  Tortheldrin-US46Not updated
67Muttley  Tortheldrin-US46Not updated
67Beartank ExplitusTortheldrin-US46Not updated
67Deoch  Tortheldrin-US46Not updated
76Mokmok Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US45
76Lightthunder  Tortheldrin-US45
76Corpsespawn  Tortheldrin-US45Not updated
76Allnatural Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US45
76Yoinked The Perfect InsanityTortheldrin-US45Not updated
76Dontpanic Bob's Border GuardTortheldrin-US45Not updated
76Carnagë ExplitusTortheldrin-US45Not updated
76Slaytøn ImmortalTortheldrin-US45Not updated
76Addiss  Tortheldrin-US45Not updated
85Nagarok StrandedTortheldrin-US44Not updated
85Kânjï  Tortheldrin-US44Not updated
85Nitpick  Tortheldrin-US44Not updated
85Nightlurex HighlandersTortheldrin-US44Not updated
85Scyleiah  Tortheldrin-US44Not updated
90Lanclot  Tortheldrin-US43Not updated
90Marcello ZazzTortheldrin-US43Not updated
90Dazen Ordo FidelisTortheldrin-US43
90Killmora Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US43Not updated
90Beerwench Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US43
90Jouet Maybe Nextime BuddyTortheldrin-US43Not updated
90Høllowed  Tortheldrin-US43Not updated
90Monkeyshammy from the äshesTortheldrin-US43Not updated
90És  Tortheldrin-US43Not updated
90Shizzette Resilience is FutileTortheldrin-US43Not updated
90Hasbeen FortuneTortheldrin-US43

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