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Tichondrius-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Tigerlady hey im mvpTichondrius-US157
2Proçlivity Warlords of TichondriusTichondrius-US131
3Hewts hey im mvpTichondrius-US123
4Songoyay Fighting SpiritTichondrius-US121Not updated
5Tostitos NurfedTichondrius-US117
6Tob NurfedTichondrius-US111
6Feythetwo Fallen IITichondrius-US111Not updated
8Thuglifé A S Y L U MTichondrius-US109Not updated
8Meztart TsunamiTichondrius-US109
10Novios Fallen IITichondrius-US108
11Dannycareyz Dingo ate me RouterTichondrius-US106
12Crowtein hustle gangTichondrius-US104
12Chrismonk All that is StockTichondrius-US104Not updated
14Stikkman BadaclysmTichondrius-US103
15Aevd NurfedTichondrius-US102
15Slygar InsomniaTichondrius-US102
17Bozzyx  Tichondrius-US101Not updated
18Sucris  Tichondrius-US100Not updated
19Beeps  Tichondrius-US97Not updated
19Geekedup YAAS WERK IT BAETichondrius-US97
19Fernandox  Tichondrius-US97Not updated
22Serianna CertifiedTichondrius-US96Not updated
22Nídalee  Tichondrius-US96Not updated
24Bawl EvolutionTichondrius-US95
24Contesta  Tichondrius-US95Not updated
24Powersofboom whats your skypeTichondrius-US95Not updated
24Vadgebendor  Tichondrius-US95Not updated
28Xidri CadenzaTichondrius-US94
28Jhoey EvolutionTichondrius-US94
28Kazmar ProfaneTichondrius-US94
28Heepz InsomniaTichondrius-US94
28Niilo TopTichondrius-US94
33Agwyne CadenzaTichondrius-US93
33Brooch Lucid PvPTichondrius-US93
33Hodgetwins NurfedTichondrius-US93
36Haul Crackers and RiceTichondrius-US92
36Booze hey im mvpTichondrius-US92Not updated
38Sawajiri InsomniaTichondrius-US91Not updated
38Spicychopz  Tichondrius-US91Not updated
38Vanpeltt EvolutionTichondrius-US91
41Focusgirl  Tichondrius-US90Not updated
42Deathmaker AccelerateTichondrius-US89
42Quirk CadenzaTichondrius-US89
42Rondizzle EvolutionTichondrius-US89Not updated
42Clamshells  Tichondrius-US89Not updated
46Choices RenascenceTichondrius-US88
47Ruspy  Tichondrius-US87
47Aus NurfedTichondrius-US87
47Lunter Dingo ate me RouterTichondrius-US87
47Jebren cutebabyelephantsTichondrius-US87
47Seraphius Excessive GamingTichondrius-US87Not updated
47Seagullible  Tichondrius-US87Not updated
47Sarathian Midnight VanguardTichondrius-US87Not updated
47Turkan  Tichondrius-US87Not updated
47Vorgothelol  Tichondrius-US87Not updated
47Hotprowl  Tichondrius-US87Not updated
57Eryaunna CadenzaTichondrius-US86
57Pezhead GenesìsTichondrius-US86
57Kâlabaw  Tichondrius-US86Not updated
57Dochemia DangerZoneTichondrius-US86Not updated
57Mancer IdolTichondrius-US86Not updated
62Pandurrs InsomniaTichondrius-US85
62Esteria FoundationTichondrius-US85Not updated
62Superolaf WAR MACHINETichondrius-US85
62Alhireth SymbioticTichondrius-US85Not updated
62Zhvim SnazzyTichondrius-US85Not updated
62Cerbyx Twilight KnightsTichondrius-US85
68Theck CadenzaTichondrius-US84
68Cleanse InsomniaTichondrius-US84
68Hartge CadenzaTichondrius-US84
68Lufia Old GuardTichondrius-US84
68Tilade InsomniaTichondrius-US84Not updated
68Tenkz  Tichondrius-US84Not updated
68Atteval Legendary TryhardsTichondrius-US84Not updated
68Slymerox InsomniaTichondrius-US84Not updated
76Xerxus Lord Xerxus and the BadsTichondrius-US83
76Stallin GenesìsTichondrius-US83
76Échu GenesìsTichondrius-US83
76Stickystan In The CloudsTichondrius-US83
76Hobo Fallen IITichondrius-US83
81Elyerìth SlackTichondrius-US82
81Rainbowmezx SmilesTichondrius-US82
81Lillybellol club moneyTichondrius-US82
81Thorriorc  Tichondrius-US82Not updated
81Mlgxnoscopex yeaTichondrius-US82
81Gohzthunder Gohzt LegionTichondrius-US82Not updated
81Rabble Guild Perks Are GreatTichondrius-US82Not updated
81Emancer  Tichondrius-US82Not updated
89Finwee CadenzaTichondrius-US81
89Lazorzz NurfedTichondrius-US81
89Kleophus Apple CoreTichondrius-US81Not updated
89Diapetes Not Amazing Just KoreanTichondrius-US81
89Athletetwo hey im mvpTichondrius-US81
89Pandoc Blades of WrathTichondrius-US81Not updated
89Sukita Carpe NoctemTichondrius-US81Not updated
89Tialeigh  Tichondrius-US81Not updated
89Lili Half OffTichondrius-US81Not updated
98Pandarg CadenzaTichondrius-US80
98Somaa NurfedTichondrius-US80
98Ub NurfedTichondrius-US80Not updated

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