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Thunderlord-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Itzmurda FusedThunderlord-US120Not updated
2Aneta The Mediocre MenThunderlord-US109
3Myrkridia FusedThunderlord-US102Not updated
4Kaifarik FocusThunderlord-US98
5Quartrpoundr FusedThunderlord-US97Not updated
6Zephyy The Mediocre MenThunderlord-US91
7Saburo ReforgedThunderlord-US87
8Felamuñe FusedThunderlord-US86Not updated
9Leruda ÓverRaidedThunderlord-US85
10Eggröll ShatteredThunderlord-US82
11Rageasaurus  Thunderlord-US81Not updated
12Applemask The Mediocre MenThunderlord-US80
13Fubss FusedThunderlord-US79
14Dryder Amylols Fabulous FanclubThunderlord-US78
15Tuskin Frostwolf ClanThunderlord-US77
16Empower ReforgedThunderlord-US76
17Gewchie Amylols Fabulous FanclubThunderlord-US73
17Myfurion ReforgedThunderlord-US73
17Lvlonedruid FusedThunderlord-US73Not updated
20Cryptstalker ShatteredThunderlord-US71Not updated
20Ryuk Mew Mew Pew PewThunderlord-US71
20Vorara ReforgedThunderlord-US71Not updated
23Pete FocusThunderlord-US70
23Sikorsky  Thunderlord-US70Not updated
23Daelerion The Mediocre MenThunderlord-US70
26Striker ReforgedThunderlord-US69
26Razzeldazzle Forgotten HordeThunderlord-US69
26Renja Tomorrow I Really QuitThunderlord-US69
29Air Romance ExplosionThunderlord-US68
29Nordberg ReforgedThunderlord-US68
29Søulfly  Thunderlord-US68
29Redgrin Hallowed be Thy GameThunderlord-US68Not updated
29Mastatank Into EternityThunderlord-US68
29Bilbotbagins Terribly AwesomeThunderlord-US68
35Spellhaste ReforgedThunderlord-US67
35Nitecase FocusThunderlord-US67
35Marcinko ReforgedThunderlord-US67Not updated
35Jedicic ReforgedThunderlord-US67
35Munchkins ForsakenThunderlord-US67
35Intriken Amylols Fabulous FanclubThunderlord-US67
35Blightbomb PrimeThunderlord-US67Not updated
35Daive FocusThunderlord-US67Not updated
43Fefnir ComplexityThunderlord-US66
43Fuzzypepper  Thunderlord-US66Not updated
43Hitaurmis Holy Shirts and PantsThunderlord-US66Not updated
46Mariarroka ShatteredThunderlord-US65
46Sharkwk FocusThunderlord-US65
46Xerii It was lagThunderlord-US65
46Arsinic  Thunderlord-US65Not updated
46Vorah ReforgedThunderlord-US65Not updated
51Euthymius ReforgedThunderlord-US64
51Aurâmoon Tomorrow I Really QuitThunderlord-US64
51Nakuso ReforgedThunderlord-US64Not updated
51Jebu  Thunderlord-US64Not updated
55Lichnomore The Mediocre MenThunderlord-US63
55Níraya Rulers of DestinyThunderlord-US63
55Kynlayllea Riders on the StormwindThunderlord-US63
58Killingjoke FocusThunderlord-US62
58Illshankya FocusThunderlord-US62
58Violentzro ÓverRaidedThunderlord-US62
58Fizzelkazoo FocusThunderlord-US62Not updated
58Kimmeh  Thunderlord-US62Not updated
58Darkthundar Team MANHAMMERThunderlord-US62Not updated
64Frilly Amylols Fabulous FanclubThunderlord-US61
64Veiranthir Forgotten HordeThunderlord-US61
64Starmaker Forgotten HordeThunderlord-US61
64Drkthunter BetrayalThunderlord-US61
64Kezzera Into EternityThunderlord-US61Not updated
64Samoanmixers Team UFAThunderlord-US61Not updated
64Absolution FocusThunderlord-US61Not updated
71Tsokin FocusThunderlord-US60Not updated
71Minitwo Into EternityThunderlord-US60

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