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Thunderhorn-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Worglock Credo NosThunderhorn-US85Not updated
2Brenoo DogsOfWarThunderhorn-US84
3Asmoline World FuneralThunderhorn-US79
4Terex CamelotThunderhorn-US75
4Droze Narrow PathThunderhorn-US75Not updated
6Psiserrat  Thunderhorn-US74
6Christie Dies IraeThunderhorn-US74Not updated
6Belwrath ResetThunderhorn-US74
9Sevan Two Minute WarningThunderhorn-US73
9Xorm DogsOfWarThunderhorn-US73
9Puerta LethalThunderhorn-US73
9Tambot UndisputedThunderhorn-US73Not updated
13Chickensauce LethalThunderhorn-US72
14Sarevok ResetThunderhorn-US71
14Arv Twilight AllianceThunderhorn-US71Not updated
14Halidar The Dark VortexThunderhorn-US71
17Maryine  Thunderhorn-US70
17Wintrow ResetThunderhorn-US70
17Kaora LethalThunderhorn-US70
17Grahroller The Electric MayhemThunderhorn-US70
21Brud ResetThunderhorn-US69
21Atelyn CogsprocketThunderhorn-US69
21Arishea Somos ImmortalisThunderhorn-US69
21Zaristu RespectThunderhorn-US69
21Raithos  Thunderhorn-US69Not updated
26Xiaochi The ExiledThunderhorn-US68
26Desden Dies IraeThunderhorn-US68Not updated
26Protopopov RespectThunderhorn-US68Not updated
26Marl Knights of LordaeronThunderhorn-US68Not updated
26Bretoo  Thunderhorn-US68Not updated
31Yuyuko ResetThunderhorn-US67
31Krymin TormentThunderhorn-US67Not updated
31Berlioz CogsprocketThunderhorn-US67
31Pathion eZsThunderhorn-US67Not updated
31Ihavefleas The Electric MayhemThunderhorn-US67
31Logota  Thunderhorn-US67Not updated
31Yvaine ClutchThunderhorn-US67Not updated
31Anemos Twilight AllianceThunderhorn-US67Not updated
31Wiiplay UndisputedThunderhorn-US67Not updated
40Tessa Narrow PathThunderhorn-US66
40Korlic SabotageThunderhorn-US66
40Bredwidget Dies IraeThunderhorn-US66
40Onewhowaits Reckless AbandonmentThunderhorn-US66Not updated
40Emmanems FAILMODEThunderhorn-US66Not updated
45Kinos LethalThunderhorn-US65
45Waffletime  Thunderhorn-US65
45Syllen  Thunderhorn-US65
45Turín ResetThunderhorn-US65Not updated
45Brimage Twilight AllianceThunderhorn-US65
45Patogén  Thunderhorn-US65Not updated
45Asmodel Narrow PathThunderhorn-US65
45Genessa  Thunderhorn-US65Not updated
53Wickedsage LethalThunderhorn-US64
53Kryven ResetThunderhorn-US64
53Arturus  Thunderhorn-US64
53Corellon Twilight AllianceThunderhorn-US64Not updated
53Vavi RespectThunderhorn-US64
53Toycar UnstoppableThunderhorn-US64Not updated
59Treezus The ExiledThunderhorn-US63
59Glenndaria ReverentThunderhorn-US63
59Valkyrae TormentThunderhorn-US63Not updated
59Mortadella Neo AmethystThunderhorn-US63Not updated
63Arkamis ResetThunderhorn-US62
63Bortaka Dysfunctional SerenityThunderhorn-US62
63Dreamreavor LethalThunderhorn-US62
63Siona Dragons of New AvalonThunderhorn-US62
63Fungshwey DogsOfWarThunderhorn-US62
63Amoraldruid DogsOfWarThunderhorn-US62
63Arrys Dies IraeThunderhorn-US62Not updated
63Amazair Dragons of New AvalonThunderhorn-US62
63Blackvoidd Dis R E S P E C TThunderhorn-US62
63Deadfu Noblesse ObligeThunderhorn-US62
63Tempestia ResetThunderhorn-US62
63Odessa Twilight AllianceThunderhorn-US62
63Irà LethalThunderhorn-US62Not updated
63Rottingbeef The Short Bus MafiaThunderhorn-US62Not updated
63Hotdáwg Last HopeThunderhorn-US62Not updated
63Louse Lobster BroodThunderhorn-US62Not updated
63Masshole ResetThunderhorn-US62Not updated
80Belsambar CamelotThunderhorn-US61Not updated
80Gavliaa ResetThunderhorn-US61
80Tanksalone Crimson Blade ClanThunderhorn-US61
80Genjou quiXoticThunderhorn-US61
80Omorc ReverentThunderhorn-US61

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