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Thrall-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Scorchr RefinedThrall-US115
1Fùkusuke First BloodThrall-US115Not updated
3Gorexar IntentThrall-US112
4Fyro Succession of QuantitiesThrall-US109
5Messenjah AscentThrall-US108
6Chaoticzero IntentThrall-US105
6Jellydots IlluminatedThrall-US105
8Rotaj AscentThrall-US103Not updated
9Aldmeri EchoThrall-US102
10Ceejayy AscentThrall-US100
11Beeps RefinedThrall-US99
12Shedevildawg Reign in PowerThrall-US98
13Flab IntentThrall-US97
13Darknut IntentThrall-US97
15Narange AuraThrall-US96Not updated
16Torrance AscentThrall-US95
16Bitterst AscentThrall-US95
18Earnor AscentThrall-US94
18Veritable Reign in PowerThrall-US94
18Kaiqwain Order of Eternal ChaosThrall-US94Not updated
21Bando AscentThrall-US93Not updated
21Deathtickles Post ApocalypseThrall-US93Not updated
21Gizmi Succession of QuantitiesThrall-US93
24Eraeshio RefinedThrall-US92
24Sussurro AuraThrall-US92Not updated
26Allègra The Silent CircleThrall-US91
26Desperado QuestThrall-US91
28Taizun Return to HonorThrall-US90
29Burino Reign in PowerThrall-US89
29Rasbar IntentThrall-US89
29Legalize Not So ObsoleteThrall-US89Not updated
32Edikari DNAThrall-US88
32Mozimaz RefinedThrall-US88
32Jenownz IntentThrall-US88
32Faeffany Eternal DefianceThrall-US88Not updated
36Athyiken AscentThrall-US87
36Archiie SïnistërThrall-US87
36Darcfrost KILLTHEMEThrall-US87
36Arowane AscentThrall-US87
36Avengelas Thralls ChampionsThrall-US87Not updated
41Ferness RefinedThrall-US86
41Dendee Reign in PowerThrall-US86
41Taktheritrix Shadow HandThrall-US86Not updated
44Dimenshon Oozma KappaThrall-US85
45Aishlinn Sweet VictoryThrall-US84
45Kiritsugu IntentThrall-US84Not updated
45Mymer AscentThrall-US84
48Cribb IntentThrall-US83
48Buhr IntentThrall-US83
48Orinsyr PrevalentThrall-US83Not updated
48Darinen  Thrall-US83
48Penelopii AuraThrall-US83
48Slashdelete DystopiaThrall-US83
54Skurkitty Reign in PowerThrall-US82
54Malefious Knives For OrphansThrall-US82
54Malice AscentThrall-US82Not updated
54Mutatedseal  Thrall-US82
58Mystris is a cutieThrall-US81
58Zev Sweet VictoryThrall-US81Not updated
58Greng Distinct AdvantageThrall-US81
61Thegenius AscentThrall-US80
61Blassphamy IntentThrall-US80
61Novzx RefinedThrall-US80
61Ldb DulceBellumThrall-US80Not updated
61Irohsyde DNAThrall-US80
61Vacuity AscentThrall-US80Not updated
67Flytan RefinedThrall-US79
67Pelithius IntentThrall-US79
67Gurzen RefinedThrall-US79
67Ab Group TherapyThrall-US79
67Fray RefinedThrall-US79
67Anastas Nulli SecundumThrall-US79
67Khazzie FlatlinedThrall-US79Not updated
67Sezmoi Sweet VictoryThrall-US79
75Sparhawks  Thrall-US78Not updated
75Fatbelly Disciples of RedemptionThrall-US78
75Grim  Thrall-US78
78Exodus AscentThrall-US77
79Drizzi Band of ThornsThrall-US76
79Synii  Thrall-US76
79Crazychaos Sparkle MotionThrall-US76
79Desaad EverbaneThrall-US76
79Nashoba  Thrall-US76
79Bobleblock  Thrall-US76Not updated
79Shadeofnyt HGTPWThrall-US76Not updated
79Soulgg  Thrall-US76Not updated
79Tenjhai VolatileThrall-US76Not updated
88Faelar The SelectedThrall-US75
88Supreme  Thrall-US75
88Malcore Return to HonorThrall-US75
88Saralein Danger ZonêThrall-US75
88Brahu Molten Core Swim TeamThrall-US75Not updated

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