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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Thrall-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Avadakedavra ConvocaThrall-EU154Not updated
2Coldaz NeroThrall-EU118Not updated
2Nio FrequencyThrall-EU118Not updated
4Chellîe Die Alten GardeThrall-EU117Not updated
5Northernlite NeroThrall-EU115Not updated
6Draco NeroThrall-EU113Not updated
7Tensugar  Thrall-EU112Not updated
8Zongsnx dat GildeThrall-EU110Not updated
9Erîf The Banana KingsThrall-EU109Not updated
10Julîax NaitomeaThrall-EU108Not updated
10Noshtan OrcestraThrall-EU108Not updated
12Darkanio NaitomeaThrall-EU105Not updated
12Leger W H FThrall-EU105Not updated
12Auroranna  Thrall-EU105Not updated
15Zoyl W H FThrall-EU104Not updated
16Finaly critical ludersThrall-EU103Not updated
16Novalol FrequencyThrall-EU103Not updated
16Wicked  Thrall-EU103Not updated
19Loreda FrequencyThrall-EU100Not updated
20Galactur KyrillThrall-EU97Not updated
21Mahkah Sweet and EasyThrall-EU96Not updated
22Suicuique NeroThrall-EU95Not updated
22Deescha Tor ins FegefeuerThrall-EU95Not updated
22Kirschê Chapel of restThrall-EU95Not updated
25Hisaya NeroThrall-EU94Not updated
26Boehsergonzo Gonzos LagerhausThrall-EU93Not updated
26Noxter W H FThrall-EU93Not updated
26Tiggye critical ludersThrall-EU93Not updated
29Minara critical ludersThrall-EU92Not updated
29Raioxie WAUWThrall-EU92Not updated
29Sybìen I Kakuriyo IThrall-EU92Not updated
32Enygmatique DEVICEThrall-EU91Not updated
32Veganerorc FrequencyThrall-EU91Not updated
32Relae W H FThrall-EU91Not updated
32Swagmeister FrequencyThrall-EU91Not updated
32Honeybee  Thrall-EU91Not updated
37Shinoraz W H FThrall-EU90Not updated
37Toa ConvocaThrall-EU90Not updated
37Holychris TouchThrall-EU90Not updated
40Meridus DEVICEThrall-EU89Not updated
40Zerie NeroThrall-EU89Not updated
40Remús FrequencyThrall-EU89Not updated
40Héyjay W H FThrall-EU89Not updated
40Khorija Death NoteThrall-EU89Not updated
40Lacrimadea excítareThrall-EU89Not updated
46Vyr OrcestraThrall-EU88Not updated
46Picá Vision QuestThrall-EU88Not updated
46Pay NoxaThrall-EU88Not updated
49Cupcakeqtlol W H FThrall-EU87Not updated
49Lanzelôt NaitomeaThrall-EU87Not updated
49Gwoar BEEP BEEP IMA JEEPThrall-EU87Not updated
49Crysen Bestien der MachtThrall-EU87Not updated
49Tzuak OrcestraThrall-EU87Not updated
49Barbisi UnléashedThrall-EU87Not updated
55Kuhuh W H FThrall-EU86Not updated
55Pocky FrequencyThrall-EU86Not updated
55Firaxar S E a FThrall-EU86Not updated
55Woki Such a ThingThrall-EU86Not updated
55Lanar Everlasting GloryThrall-EU86Not updated
55Raìnmaker TephraThrall-EU86Not updated
55Arguuz  Thrall-EU86Not updated
55Keanucleaves  Thrall-EU86Not updated
55Joquer who caresThrall-EU86Not updated
64Çeen NaitomeaThrall-EU85Not updated
64Ilunaya NaitomeaThrall-EU85Not updated
64Vezco Everlasting GloryThrall-EU85Not updated
64Denilson DamagecontrolThrall-EU85Not updated
64Nookii FrequencyThrall-EU85Not updated
64Lórry daishôThrall-EU85Not updated
64Cerana Inferno of DarknessThrall-EU85Not updated
64Nitoshi HavocThrall-EU85Not updated
64Goramir Stolen SoulsThrall-EU85Not updated
73Zarâ NeroThrall-EU84Not updated
73Torosashimi Ashes to AshesThrall-EU84Not updated
73Karashum critical ludersThrall-EU84Not updated
73Nickie  Thrall-EU84Not updated
73Shark New ChaosThrall-EU84Not updated
73Skÿlÿ  Thrall-EU84Not updated
73Spiderrico NeroThrall-EU84Not updated

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