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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

The Underbog-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Ayon PoisonedThe Underbog-US90Not updated
2Arakaya PoisonedThe Underbog-US80Not updated
3Toro PoisonedThe Underbog-US76Not updated
3Ambearosia PoisonedThe Underbog-US76Not updated
5Lightsqt Res Ipsa LoquiturThe Underbog-US72Not updated
6Fallon Horde Buyers ClubThe Underbog-US67Not updated
6Amputate PoisonedThe Underbog-US67Not updated
8Jachyra The Last BattlemageThe Underbog-US65Not updated
8Patrkbateman  The Underbog-US65Not updated
8Rettin The Last BattlemageThe Underbog-US65Not updated
11Shamvisper PoisonedThe Underbog-US63Not updated
11Spharaibeard PoisonedThe Underbog-US63Not updated
11Makaveli Tainted SoulsThe Underbog-US63Not updated
14Inkarnate Dazed and ConfusedThe Underbog-US62Not updated
14Hotzurazz PrimevalThe Underbog-US62Not updated
16Erîs AuroraThe Underbog-US61Not updated
16Quaisoir SanctumThe Underbog-US61Not updated
18Briebella  The Underbog-US60Not updated
19Muchopaino We used to be ninjasThe Underbog-US59Not updated
19Kilit  The Underbog-US59Not updated
21Luminesta  The Underbog-US58Not updated
21Nahd The Judean Peoples FrontThe Underbog-US58Not updated
21Lilim I sit on my armThe Underbog-US58Not updated
21Jyggalag  The Underbog-US58Not updated
21Valanmor blackhawksThe Underbog-US58Not updated
21Gigglezz HIOThe Underbog-US58Not updated
21Rìght  The Underbog-US58Not updated
28Mugafo PoisonedThe Underbog-US57Not updated
28Thugris ClassicThe Underbog-US57Not updated
28Sarthion  The Underbog-US57Not updated
31Gordonramsay Nine Inches UnBuffedThe Underbog-US56Not updated
32Clownamental Tainted SoulsThe Underbog-US55Not updated
32Outtkast  The Underbog-US55Not updated
32Myke SanctumThe Underbog-US55Not updated
35Calabria PoisonedThe Underbog-US54Not updated
35 We used to be ninjasThe Underbog-US54Not updated
37Rhyme Tainted SoulsThe Underbog-US52Not updated
37Xendi Tainted SoulsThe Underbog-US52Not updated
37Refund  The Underbog-US52Not updated
37Chipzter Nine Inches UnBuffedThe Underbog-US52Not updated
37Telva LegíonThe Underbog-US52Not updated
37Torrid PoisonedThe Underbog-US52Not updated
37Sickopup  The Underbog-US52Not updated
37Hestus Nine Inches UnBuffedThe Underbog-US52Not updated
45Dienamic Tainted SoulsThe Underbog-US51Not updated
45Ninluv PoisonedThe Underbog-US51Not updated
45Pazzman SabotageThe Underbog-US51Not updated
48Ungrateful KindOfABigDealThe Underbog-US50Not updated
48Kère  The Underbog-US50Not updated
48Kéres The Inner CoreThe Underbog-US50Not updated
48Luanna MortalitisThe Underbog-US50Not updated
48Volksworgen  The Underbog-US50Not updated
48Absentìa  The Underbog-US50Not updated
54Gurenlagann  The Underbog-US49Not updated
54Treasach Mass ExodusThe Underbog-US49Not updated
54Sapitapit  The Underbog-US49Not updated
57Pastdead Tainted SoulsThe Underbog-US48Not updated
57Ulrík AuroraThe Underbog-US48Not updated
57Bloodhorde RebornThe Underbog-US48Not updated
57Nuckchorris PoisonedThe Underbog-US48Not updated
57Crimsonfade Exiled LegionThe Underbog-US48Not updated
57Equali  The Underbog-US48Not updated
57Paperct  The Underbog-US48Not updated
57Tauriel Tainted SoulsThe Underbog-US48Not updated
57Flashstep ANGELS OF DARKNESSThe Underbog-US48Not updated
57Drizzyqt  The Underbog-US48Not updated
57Alkaholik University of OrgrimmarThe Underbog-US48Not updated
57Quarterouncê Bovine UniversityThe Underbog-US48Not updated
57Faerl Tainted SoulsThe Underbog-US48Not updated
57Ijynx  The Underbog-US48Not updated
57Steamwreck  The Underbog-US48Not updated
72Buddie PoisonedThe Underbog-US47Not updated
72Scorpoc PoisonedThe Underbog-US47Not updated
72Lifetime Grounded For LifeThe Underbog-US47Not updated
72Undine The Ice Stone has meltedThe Underbog-US47Not updated
72Myschief Tainted SoulsThe Underbog-US47Not updated
72Grimliman Deaths EnigmaThe Underbog-US47Not updated
72Whois MalusThe Underbog-US47Not updated
72Malthael Tainted SoulsThe Underbog-US47Not updated
72Takelo ANGELS OF DARKNESSThe Underbog-US47Not updated
72Shazaman SabotageThe Underbog-US47Not updated
82Natori PoisonedThe Underbog-US46Not updated
82Kappie Tainted SoulsThe Underbog-US46Not updated
82Allwood  The Underbog-US46Not updated
82Demhips Team HateThe Underbog-US46Not updated
82Aife blackhawksThe Underbog-US46Not updated
82Contankerus HIOThe Underbog-US46Not updated

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