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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

The Forgotten Coast-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Curgan Machete SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US80
2Songare  The Forgotten Coast-US76Not updated
3Sarayne SeraphimThe Forgotten Coast-US74
3Azurfel Machete SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US74
3Pillowpuff  The Forgotten Coast-US74Not updated
6Zeus SigmaThe Forgotten Coast-US72Not updated
7Yonna SynergyMEOWThe Forgotten Coast-US71Not updated
8Oozaru Machete SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US69
9Badger Cuniculi CavumThe Forgotten Coast-US68Not updated
9Smugjaw PhoenixThe Forgotten Coast-US68Not updated
9Lunacia Machete SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US68Not updated
9Mêowmix  The Forgotten Coast-US68Not updated
9Electromanio  The Forgotten Coast-US68Not updated
14Icey Order of ChaosThe Forgotten Coast-US66Not updated
14Thekatzmeow Punch and PieThe Forgotten Coast-US66Not updated
16Balal SHOTS FIREDThe Forgotten Coast-US64Not updated
16Grayza Vox ImmortalisThe Forgotten Coast-US64Not updated
18Bearlylegul PixxelsThe Forgotten Coast-US63Not updated
19Sgtblade  The Forgotten Coast-US62Not updated
19Genryu  The Forgotten Coast-US62Not updated
21Magnuscalgar Slobbering GoblinsThe Forgotten Coast-US61Not updated
22Fightsoul Red CliffThe Forgotten Coast-US60Not updated
22Ruckfu  The Forgotten Coast-US60Not updated
22Druidae DelusionThe Forgotten Coast-US60Not updated
25Acelynn  The Forgotten Coast-US59Not updated
25Pewninator Fatum ImperiumThe Forgotten Coast-US59Not updated
25Zión ScornedThe Forgotten Coast-US59Not updated
25Simplelight TacoThe Forgotten Coast-US59Not updated
29Six Hello Kitty Death SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US58Not updated
29Sourpower PhoenixThe Forgotten Coast-US58Not updated
29Steamroll Cuniculi CavumThe Forgotten Coast-US58Not updated
29Jeeves  The Forgotten Coast-US58Not updated
33Netherwing Red CliffThe Forgotten Coast-US57Not updated
33Ohnononoo SynergyMEOWThe Forgotten Coast-US57
33Rikku Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US57Not updated
33Orion Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US57Not updated
33Nemesisprime PhoenixThe Forgotten Coast-US57Not updated
33Abbienormal The Eleventh CommandmentThe Forgotten Coast-US57Not updated
33Frevea BadThe Forgotten Coast-US57Not updated
33Runwithit Fatum ImperiumThe Forgotten Coast-US57Not updated
41Lapis SigmaThe Forgotten Coast-US56Not updated
41Kanas CausalityThe Forgotten Coast-US56Not updated
41Kilgor Jokerz WildThe Forgotten Coast-US56Not updated
41Ahadi DelusionThe Forgotten Coast-US56Not updated
45Nikto SigmaThe Forgotten Coast-US55Not updated
45Grimdarkbow Machete SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US55Not updated
45Dambala EquilibriumThe Forgotten Coast-US55Not updated
45Clobbrsaurus  The Forgotten Coast-US55Not updated
45Kickapoo AvatarThe Forgotten Coast-US55Not updated
45Kyoht ImperviousThe Forgotten Coast-US55Not updated
45Wazowski Machete SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US55Not updated
45Tekniques sons of chaosThe Forgotten Coast-US55Not updated
45Orgonalli  The Forgotten Coast-US55Not updated
54Xo SeraphimThe Forgotten Coast-US54
54Møjojojo Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US54
54Artaxerses MacabreThe Forgotten Coast-US54Not updated
54Sombre FOUR LIFEThe Forgotten Coast-US54Not updated
54Reechani PhoenixThe Forgotten Coast-US54Not updated
54Fidolols BadThe Forgotten Coast-US54Not updated
54Rastamuffin AvatarThe Forgotten Coast-US54Not updated
61Fishtank Full Frontal NerdityThe Forgotten Coast-US53
61Windstrom Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US53
61Rukai SynergyMEOWThe Forgotten Coast-US53
61Judgernaught SigmaThe Forgotten Coast-US53Not updated
61Ssjrob PenultimateThe Forgotten Coast-US53Not updated
61Destroys SigmaThe Forgotten Coast-US53Not updated
61Simois Impossible Mission ForceThe Forgotten Coast-US53Not updated
61Dirtydita Full Frontal NerdityThe Forgotten Coast-US53
61Lindori Machete SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US53
61Lumtharion AvatarThe Forgotten Coast-US53Not updated
61Siegorn  The Forgotten Coast-US53Not updated
61Renisa Cuniculi CavumThe Forgotten Coast-US53Not updated
61Kekkin Machete SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US53Not updated
61Phantóm ÇlutchThe Forgotten Coast-US53Not updated
61Yuunii SynergyMEOWThe Forgotten Coast-US53Not updated
76Bloodnova  The Forgotten Coast-US52Not updated
76Ywzhao SynergyMEOWThe Forgotten Coast-US52Not updated
76Daishann Hello Kitty Death SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US52Not updated
76Inglorion Full Frontal NerdityThe Forgotten Coast-US52Not updated
76Jonathan jackin it in san diegoThe Forgotten Coast-US52Not updated
76Eibon Machete SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US52Not updated
76Komoe BadThe Forgotten Coast-US52Not updated
76Nunberseven  The Forgotten Coast-US52Not updated
76Tazendra The Darkwraith CovenantThe Forgotten Coast-US52Not updated
76Zuman  The Forgotten Coast-US52Not updated
76Yhatzee TacoThe Forgotten Coast-US52Not updated
76Shnookum Filthy Horde HouseThe Forgotten Coast-US52Not updated
76Ruckkin PixxelsThe Forgotten Coast-US52Not updated
76Gnosa  The Forgotten Coast-US52Not updated
90Hongshaorou Zhong Nan HaiThe Forgotten Coast-US51
90Tillman  The Forgotten Coast-US51Not updated
90Elittle SynergyMEOWThe Forgotten Coast-US51

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