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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Terenas-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Meléna ParadeuxTerenas-EU100Not updated
2Brawn Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU96Not updated
3Bekstab Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU91Not updated
4Endawin ParadeuxTerenas-EU86Not updated
5Eppon InpaktTerenas-EU83Not updated
5Vackie AetherTerenas-EU83Not updated
7Disastalol VíciTerenas-EU82Not updated
8Feeling ParadeuxTerenas-EU81Not updated
8Lurna Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU81Not updated
8Peaceheal Dragoon EvolutionTerenas-EU81Not updated
11Zozokill VíciTerenas-EU80Not updated
12Caranthir De Ronde TafelTerenas-EU77Not updated
13Badloser Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU76Not updated
13Balarak The VikingsTerenas-EU76Not updated
15Kamaz  Terenas-EU75Not updated
15Copyright Unlikely Group of HeroesTerenas-EU75Not updated
15Ivona Live to TellTerenas-EU75Not updated
15Wulzai AzumaTerenas-EU75Not updated
19Pepdadruid HeadhuntersTerenas-EU74Not updated
19Donderklomp Second BloodTerenas-EU74Not updated
21Kigdom HeadhuntersTerenas-EU73Not updated
21Môrningstar Northern AngelsTerenas-EU73Not updated
21Shadé HeadhuntersTerenas-EU73Not updated
21Shamalien Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU73Not updated
21Bishop  Terenas-EU73Not updated
26Alyana The VikingsTerenas-EU72Not updated
26Ondeonkel HeadhuntersTerenas-EU72Not updated
26Maeve Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU72Not updated
26Hockerkebab HeadhuntersTerenas-EU72Not updated
30Stupidshot Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU71Not updated
31Cinameen HeadhuntersTerenas-EU70Not updated
31Violencia It All Makes SenseTerenas-EU70Not updated
33Icywind Live to TellTerenas-EU69Not updated
33Vivacia VíciTerenas-EU69Not updated
33Kvöthe Spirit of AlarTerenas-EU69Not updated
33Chielles MalevolenceTerenas-EU69Not updated
33Sweetsugarr Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU69Not updated
33Vhander  Terenas-EU69Not updated
33Baröd Live to TellTerenas-EU69Not updated
40Lethe Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU68Not updated
40Meeth Unlikely Group of HeroesTerenas-EU68Not updated
40Tiggi BifrostTerenas-EU68Not updated
40Sephrena Dark RuinTerenas-EU68Not updated
44Ashlera Nerf my AgeTerenas-EU67Not updated
44Zarä VíciTerenas-EU67Not updated
44Trecia BloodlinesTerenas-EU67Not updated
44Middlefinger  Terenas-EU67Not updated
44Zatoichiz ParadeuxTerenas-EU67Not updated
44Ursulina The RecklessTerenas-EU67Not updated
50Etana Night WatchTerenas-EU66Not updated
50Mailiah HeadhuntersTerenas-EU66Not updated
52Croaena Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU65Not updated
52Jizol Spirit of AlarTerenas-EU65Not updated
52Eltorro We got AggroTerenas-EU65Not updated
52Abyss Dies IraeTerenas-EU65Not updated
52Greebol JadedTerenas-EU65Not updated
52Bonefish ParadeuxTerenas-EU65Not updated
52Palpatine ZenithTerenas-EU65Not updated
59Extirpater HeadhuntersTerenas-EU64Not updated
59Khardinal InpaktTerenas-EU64Not updated
59Oldone BloodlinesTerenas-EU64Not updated
59Mazzop Spirit of AlarTerenas-EU64Not updated
59Omgahuntress Dies IraeTerenas-EU64Not updated
59Copystring Never Back DownTerenas-EU64Not updated
59Albis Heroic OutcastsTerenas-EU64Not updated
59Guldanramsay  Terenas-EU64Not updated
59Azulia Unlikely Group of HeroesTerenas-EU64Not updated
59Icynicey Live to TellTerenas-EU64Not updated
59Icyshot Live to TellTerenas-EU64Not updated
70Yeij ParadeuxTerenas-EU63Not updated
70Jeronimus InpaktTerenas-EU63Not updated
70Kaisercut The VikingsTerenas-EU63Not updated
70Rokkan Dies IraeTerenas-EU63Not updated
70Skrillrex VíciTerenas-EU63Not updated
70Båtsman Murlocs stole my socksTerenas-EU63Not updated
70Aeríz YorkshireTerenas-EU63Not updated
70Byström HippopotamusesTerenas-EU63Not updated
70Metra HeadhuntersTerenas-EU63Not updated
70Broof  Terenas-EU63Not updated
80Durin VíciTerenas-EU62Not updated
80Petri Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU62Not updated
80Galdir The RecklessTerenas-EU62Not updated
80Versing Spirit of AlarTerenas-EU62Not updated
80Jakerel Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU62Not updated
80Mìlky Unlikely Group of HeroesTerenas-EU62Not updated
80Amorina Unlikely Group of HeroesTerenas-EU62Not updated
80Ibliis  Terenas-EU62Not updated
80Szakáll Spirit of AlarTerenas-EU62Not updated
80Jegethy United KingdomsTerenas-EU62Not updated
80Ornitorinco ExodusTerenas-EU62Not updated

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