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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Temple noir-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Valukar Les infernalesTemple noir-EU117Not updated
2Jinxaran Bum BurnerTemple noir-EU79Not updated
3Mayumî catwomanTemple noir-EU77Not updated
4Troldedame  Temple noir-EU74Not updated
5Gregoryhouse No Live ffTemple noir-EU70Not updated
6Yrisa MilleniumTemple noir-EU68Not updated
7Eanör HonorTemple noir-EU63Not updated
7Aritiamo Challenge AcceptedTemple noir-EU63Not updated
9Måd Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU62Not updated
9Noëzz All Star ArenaTemple noir-EU62Not updated
9Thelyse Challenge AcceptedTemple noir-EU62Not updated
12Zanfoo Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU61Not updated
12Zolthán Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU61Not updated
12Goobs welcome to friendlyTemple noir-EU61Not updated
12Monkun  Temple noir-EU61Not updated
16Pyrrox Lord of WârTemple noir-EU60Not updated
17Vigyaz Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU59Not updated
17Azulol THX CAPTAIN OBVIOUSTemple noir-EU59Not updated
19Zlant Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU58Not updated
19Asläan nöstressTemple noir-EU58Not updated
21Jarrive Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU56Not updated
21Sayou Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU56Not updated
21Elinna Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU56Not updated
21Ikåros N e m e s i sTemple noir-EU56Not updated
21Yûska Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU56Not updated
21Lilîth énigmaTemple noir-EU56Not updated
21Papator NemesysTemple noir-EU56Not updated
28ßðavis All Star ArenaTemple noir-EU55Not updated
28Slivo Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU55Not updated
28Eskraubar MilleniumTemple noir-EU55Not updated
31Meuhmeuhle Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU54Not updated
31Kirce EndorphineTemple noir-EU54Not updated
31Malakhan NemesysTemple noir-EU54Not updated
34Típs Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU53Not updated
34Magelys From mage with loveTemple noir-EU53Not updated
36Usch Dies iraeTemple noir-EU52Not updated
36Erendel NorajTemple noir-EU52Not updated
36 killer upTemple noir-EU52Not updated
39Hérin Lord of WârTemple noir-EU51Not updated
39Neïna Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU51Not updated
39Katzes All Star ArenaTemple noir-EU51Not updated
39Slokan MilleniumTemple noir-EU51Not updated
39Rayä  Temple noir-EU51Not updated
44Mayavdw NemesysTemple noir-EU50Not updated
44ßéta Les infernalesTemple noir-EU50Not updated
44Fügãce le neantTemple noir-EU50Not updated
47Aseka Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU49Not updated
47Thélîna Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU49Not updated
47Lyrzul Crazy MürlocTemple noir-EU49Not updated
47Nezz Bum BurnerTemple noir-EU49Not updated
47Naponléon Detente et Fair playTemple noir-EU49Not updated
47Theria  Temple noir-EU49Not updated
47Khral Lord of WârTemple noir-EU49Not updated
54Unclebenz Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU48Not updated
54Chamyskull Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU48Not updated
54Arawek Bonus LevelingTemple noir-EU48Not updated
54Isîs ØdysséeTemple noir-EU48Not updated
54ßîïsøüwñøùrs Apocalypse LoveTemple noir-EU48Not updated
54Józsi No Live ffTemple noir-EU48Not updated
54Ennel NemesysTemple noir-EU48Not updated
54Syltia MilleniumTemple noir-EU48Not updated
62Ðamour Faucheurs d AmesTemple noir-EU47Not updated
62Lostmagic welcome to friendlyTemple noir-EU47Not updated
62Slîvø  Temple noir-EU47Not updated
65Annalesca  Temple noir-EU46Not updated
65ßaàmz All Star ArenaTemple noir-EU46Not updated
65Noctya  Temple noir-EU46Not updated
65Bøulettes Crazy MürlocTemple noir-EU46Not updated
65Myzz  Temple noir-EU46Not updated
65Mesmerize Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU46Not updated
65Moonleaf  Temple noir-EU46Not updated
72Dëmoniüs DarKWOrLDTemple noir-EU45Not updated
72Ladrya  Temple noir-EU45Not updated
72Luminøsa EndorphineTemple noir-EU45Not updated
72Alèrian Heroes of AllianceTemple noir-EU45Not updated
72Diesmalgehts The raidTemple noir-EU45Not updated
72Asharena  Temple noir-EU45Not updated
72Hellissa  Temple noir-EU45Not updated
72Cendræ  Temple noir-EU45Not updated
72Darkhunte  Temple noir-EU45Not updated
72Rywiel Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU45Not updated
82Nýu Ginkgo BilobaTemple noir-EU44Not updated
82Radhya  Temple noir-EU44Not updated
82Ladra Lord of WârTemple noir-EU44Not updated
82Xbabyboom Lord of WârTemple noir-EU44Not updated
82Droodballx HonorTemple noir-EU44Not updated
82Hôblin THX CAPTAIN OBVIOUSTemple noir-EU44Not updated
82Mÿstra NemesysTemple noir-EU44Not updated
82Palouffin  Temple noir-EU44Not updated
90Oyuban  Temple noir-EU43Not updated
90Razmø Les BNC MoOfTemple noir-EU43Not updated
90Blackrogue énigmaTemple noir-EU43Not updated
90Sanada Rebirth of SpiritTemple noir-EU43Not updated
90Happÿ Les Lapins PerfidesTemple noir-EU43Not updated
90Prüne Pur JusTemple noir-EU43Not updated
90Barny SølsticeTemple noir-EU43Not updated
90Dreyy  Temple noir-EU43Not updated
90Irofïld  Temple noir-EU43Not updated
90Genkaï  Temple noir-EU43Not updated
90Lightnîng DGW returnsTemple noir-EU43Not updated

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