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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Suramar-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Zit Eutopia LegacySuramar-EU89Not updated
2Ginný Øne ShooTSuramar-EU80Not updated
3Dergone Vae VïctisSuramar-EU79Not updated
4Karmian DoudouSuramar-EU78Not updated
5Hagna ImhotepSuramar-EU75Not updated
5Amonrha  Suramar-EU75Not updated
7Billoul OrigoSuramar-EU74Not updated
8Falbäla Les Brumes de feuxSuramar-EU70Not updated
8Arok Les Rebelles d AzerothSuramar-EU70Not updated
8Airbender les ames perduesSuramar-EU70Not updated
11Gilrohel ImhotepSuramar-EU69Not updated
12Evilsamigina I am sterdamSuramar-EU68Not updated
13Liliebunny OrigoSuramar-EU67Not updated
14Lîlium Spirit of ElfquestSuramar-EU66Not updated
14Troudetaupe Les chevaliers de SoléaSuramar-EU66Not updated
16Shihidô NosgothSuramar-EU65Not updated
16Boukhis OrigoSuramar-EU65Not updated
16Atara La RebellionSuramar-EU65Not updated
19Cridchan eX MortalisSuramar-EU64Not updated
19Ingénieur Ordre ImperialSuramar-EU64Not updated
21Éllena KalendaeSuramar-EU63Not updated
21Chastity Bloody moonSuramar-EU63Not updated
21Zaïfé CalimehtarSuramar-EU63Not updated
21Lassitudes OrigoSuramar-EU63Not updated
21Izildée  Suramar-EU63Not updated
26Kikooyou Eutopia LegacySuramar-EU62Not updated
26Khalêssi Bloody moonSuramar-EU62Not updated
26Karmadøn Les Rebelles d AzerothSuramar-EU62Not updated
26Ginafae Les Bons AmisSuramar-EU62Not updated
26Yriel EutopiaSuramar-EU62Not updated
31Mistake ImhotepSuramar-EU61Not updated
31Ÿeppÿ tarantulaSuramar-EU61Not updated
31Vésuve les Anges de la MortSuramar-EU61Not updated
31Helektraa Oo ÜnlïmïteÐ oOSuramar-EU61Not updated
35Akry OrigoSuramar-EU60Not updated
35Inoue Hell GangSuramar-EU60Not updated
35Xavazrou Les AssassinsSuramar-EU60Not updated
35Rlilou DoudouSuramar-EU60Not updated
35Tyrannis  Suramar-EU60Not updated
35Stormsnäke Eutopia LegacySuramar-EU60Not updated
41Shinaya  Suramar-EU59Not updated
41Aégidius La RebellionSuramar-EU59Not updated
41Magestic  Suramar-EU59Not updated
41 Bloody moonSuramar-EU59Not updated
41Helloria RévélatiønSuramar-EU59Not updated
41Viola Strike BackSuramar-EU59Not updated
41Nagini tarantulaSuramar-EU59Not updated
41Mathéo  Suramar-EU59Not updated
49Gälmärd ImhotepSuramar-EU58Not updated
49Orksovage euphorieSuramar-EU58Not updated
49Mitgrim La Guilde du RoutardSuramar-EU58Not updated
49Ptitejulie  Suramar-EU58Not updated
49Rumysael LégendairesSuramar-EU58Not updated
49Nanasshi ImhotepSuramar-EU58Not updated
49Jasper EutopiaSuramar-EU58Not updated
49Zimä  Suramar-EU58Not updated
49Arhyman MysterieSuramar-EU58Not updated
49Rumysaehl  Suramar-EU58Not updated
59Aïwa ImhotepSuramar-EU57Not updated
59Thrór ImhotepSuramar-EU57Not updated
59Sparouille FallenSuramar-EU57Not updated
59Eored ImhotepSuramar-EU57Not updated
59Moyave ImhotepSuramar-EU57Not updated
59Grumpherys AffinitySuramar-EU57Not updated
59Madlife Øne ShooTSuramar-EU57Not updated
59Emerine  Suramar-EU57Not updated
59Elytreïa MoebiusSuramar-EU57Not updated
59Phyrexianne  Suramar-EU57Not updated
69Odes EutopiaSuramar-EU56Not updated
69Zéphiral CalimehtarSuramar-EU56Not updated
69Redshift  Suramar-EU56Not updated
69Flani Les Chevaliers EternelsSuramar-EU56Not updated
69Cildallia The Furious FriendsSuramar-EU56Not updated
69Aïoløs CalimehtarSuramar-EU56Not updated
69Magicbiblo The Furious FriendsSuramar-EU56Not updated
69Téné Ordre ImperialSuramar-EU56Not updated
69Dento Les guerriers de l ØuralSuramar-EU56Not updated
69Kaven Les Chevaliers de FeuSuramar-EU56Not updated
69Khimera ønepeaceSuramar-EU56Not updated
69Khosan OxydSuramar-EU56Not updated
81Tuehamalou Les AssassinsSuramar-EU55Not updated
81Menélor Les AssassinsSuramar-EU55Not updated
81Röÿ ImhotepSuramar-EU55Not updated
81Llëa Division CarnageSuramar-EU55Not updated
81Emorej ImhotepSuramar-EU55Not updated
81Sødia Les Rebelles d AzerothSuramar-EU55Not updated

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