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Sunstrider-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Shovel Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU95
2Mortarion Group TwoSunstrider-EU91Not updated
3Muhpet ShatteredSunstrider-EU90Not updated
4Kornflake Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU89
5Heeró Group TwoSunstrider-EU87
5Mardrid Dream NightshadeSunstrider-EU87Not updated
7Drigger Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU86
8Ankarex Ducks of DoomSunstrider-EU85Not updated
9Lotto Group TwoSunstrider-EU84
10Intimidator Group TwoSunstrider-EU83Not updated
10Tiwix Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU83
10Pressone Group TwoSunstrider-EU83Not updated
13Alice Group TwoSunstrider-EU82
13Spastik Moral DecaySunstrider-EU82
15Shreds AftermathSunstrider-EU81Not updated
15Millhousse Group TwoSunstrider-EU81Not updated
17Woodeh Moral DecaySunstrider-EU80
17Asmodeia Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU80Not updated
19Warhawk Moral DecaySunstrider-EU79
19Decaying The Filthy FewSunstrider-EU79
22Nugget Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU78Not updated
22Gala  Sunstrider-EU78Not updated
22Exomiar EmoSunstrider-EU78Not updated
25Zaropan Shenanigans IncSunstrider-EU77
25Brankoo NightshadeSunstrider-EU77
25Hexalicious BOCTOKSunstrider-EU77
25Kryptík Hollow PointSunstrider-EU77
25Thaonia  Sunstrider-EU77Not updated
30Azuard Moral DecaySunstrider-EU76Not updated
30Riqs Nulli SecundusSunstrider-EU76Not updated
30Bearclooney  Sunstrider-EU76Not updated
33Memz  Sunstrider-EU75Not updated
33Jayqt  Sunstrider-EU75Not updated
35Softify Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU74
35Ailuropoda Paradigm ShiftSunstrider-EU74Not updated
35Asbat MaleSunstrider-EU74Not updated
35Raudskjegg TribeSunstrider-EU74Not updated
39Rockhowl Moral DecaySunstrider-EU73
39Nateqt Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU73
39Helmar AphorismSunstrider-EU73
39Futch EmpireSunstrider-EU73Not updated
39Rihannah Wrath of the GodsSunstrider-EU73Not updated
39Fangtasia Group TwoSunstrider-EU73Not updated
45Cojy Moral DecaySunstrider-EU72Not updated
45Aspidites Paradigm ShiftSunstrider-EU72Not updated
45Hameya OnyxSunstrider-EU72Not updated
45Riasp VenomSunstrider-EU72Not updated
49Fragilee MonolithSunstrider-EU71Not updated
49Goggeta Highly CensoredSunstrider-EU71Not updated
49Marigold Group TwoSunstrider-EU71Not updated
49Malicotwo Group TwoSunstrider-EU71Not updated
53Skorn Moral DecaySunstrider-EU70Not updated
53Heaveblond MaleSunstrider-EU70Not updated
53Peatear AriseSunstrider-EU70Not updated
53Themaintank Group TwoSunstrider-EU70Not updated
57Shemaan InflexibleSunstrider-EU69Not updated
57Seasicksteve ShatteredSunstrider-EU69Not updated
57Snôka MaledictionSunstrider-EU69Not updated
60Terorr Moral DecaySunstrider-EU68
60Heero FRIDAY FRIDAYSunstrider-EU68Not updated
62Obilic Scrotie McBoogerballsSunstrider-EU67Not updated
62Ionna mature lúvSunstrider-EU67
62Eckö  Sunstrider-EU67Not updated
62Tsunami AftermathSunstrider-EU67Not updated
62Cumyio InfidelsSunstrider-EU67Not updated
67Slonsmaus Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU66
67Subzerõ AphorismSunstrider-EU66
67Arcblastnorm SerendipitySunstrider-EU66Not updated
67Nikitâ  Sunstrider-EU66Not updated
67Víper RenaissanceSunstrider-EU66Not updated
67Twx  Sunstrider-EU66Not updated
73Nalak RejuvenateSunstrider-EU65Not updated
73Blakelively CorleoneSunstrider-EU65
73Maliasi  Sunstrider-EU65Not updated
73Dunaji FairytaleSunstrider-EU65Not updated
73Elflace ChronosSunstrider-EU65Not updated
78Aridoma Hollow PointSunstrider-EU64
78Korhola CryMoreSunstrider-EU64
78Langkous CryMoreSunstrider-EU64
78Ikissyou JustGrumpySunstrider-EU64
78Texticle Senior KillerSunstrider-EU64Not updated
78Silvermoose Don Buck ExperienceSunstrider-EU64Not updated
78Lôtec  Sunstrider-EU64Not updated
78Nimples High as a Pandaren KiteSunstrider-EU64
78Gingerspajs Fate Has FansSunstrider-EU64Not updated
78Vim  Sunstrider-EU64Not updated
78Skalm  Sunstrider-EU64Not updated
78Corneille Hakuna MatataSunstrider-EU64Not updated
90Nediyo Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU63
90Hyenay The CômpanySunstrider-EU63
90Soliduss SG More and LessSunstrider-EU63Not updated
90Rîver RaunchySunstrider-EU63Not updated
90Osbon ValhallaSunstrider-EU63Not updated
90Solomon MaleSunstrider-EU63Not updated
90Seizan Hollow PointSunstrider-EU63Not updated
90Jadedragon  Sunstrider-EU63Not updated
90Borlaq  Sunstrider-EU63Not updated
99Ghrum Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU62
99Fézy Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU62

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