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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Sundown Marsh-TW Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1米小潮 雲淡风輕Sundown Marsh-TW123Not updated
2Xaviers GlobalFoundriesSundown Marsh-TW116Not updated
3舞天飛琉 Play for UberSundown Marsh-TW110Not updated
3軒蒼翔 Play for UberSundown Marsh-TW110Not updated
3亞洛斯特蘭 for entertainmentSundown Marsh-TW110Not updated
6Castella  Sundown Marsh-TW108Not updated
7八方火 Play for UberSundown Marsh-TW104Not updated
8Haydn 大地之母Sundown Marsh-TW102Not updated
9墨亞 Play for UberSundown Marsh-TW98Not updated
10灰鏡菲爾娜  Sundown Marsh-TW97Not updated
11毒角 Play for UberSundown Marsh-TW94Not updated
11廚師 HardModeSundown Marsh-TW94Not updated
13音夜彌 Play for UberSundown Marsh-TW92Not updated
14Artzie 雲淡风輕Sundown Marsh-TW90Not updated
14紅葉乂 The AvaLonSundown Marsh-TW90Not updated
16鳳梨達人 K O FSundown Marsh-TW89Not updated
17雨紛飛 部落打擊犯罪中心Sundown Marsh-TW88Not updated
18火哥哥 魔獸運動公園Sundown Marsh-TW87Not updated
18賣鬧阿 雲淡风輕Sundown Marsh-TW87Not updated
18Suara 一口一喔喔一喔喔一喔喔一喔喔一喔喔一喔喔一爪爪Sundown Marsh-TW87Not updated
21肥仔蔥 Play for UberSundown Marsh-TW86Not updated
21小米丶 無限領域Sundown Marsh-TW86Not updated
23夏夜輓風 Play for UberSundown Marsh-TW85Not updated
23卡蓮 弦月之龍Sundown Marsh-TW85Not updated
23樂樂皇后 K O FSundown Marsh-TW85Not updated
26冰爆天羽 K O FSundown Marsh-TW84Not updated
26墮落的死騎 糰子大家族Sundown Marsh-TW84Not updated
28秘密客 K O FSundown Marsh-TW83Not updated
28Heera Glory of the WarsongSundown Marsh-TW83Not updated
28Amethystos 批踢踢鄉么所Sundown Marsh-TW83Not updated
28片翼的天使 艾澤拉斯聯邦倒茶局Sundown Marsh-TW83Not updated
28暴躁禿子 食尚餐飲企業Sundown Marsh-TW83Not updated
28Thenea Play for UberSundown Marsh-TW83Not updated
28卡特琳娜 Play for UberSundown Marsh-TW83Not updated
35席飛斯 靈魂歸宿Sundown Marsh-TW82Not updated
35惡魔風凝 遺忘的想念Sundown Marsh-TW82Not updated
35菟小貂 MinosSundown Marsh-TW82Not updated
35小茉理 Glory of the WarsongSundown Marsh-TW82Not updated
35織怒  Sundown Marsh-TW82Not updated
40魷魚獵人  Sundown Marsh-TW81Not updated
40Deetlit 日落神殿Sundown Marsh-TW81Not updated
40比蘿絲 帝國大學五號館Sundown Marsh-TW81Not updated
43李心汝 MinosSundown Marsh-TW80Not updated
43曼哈頓奇緣 ImagineSundown Marsh-TW80Not updated
43殘酷逼逼蛋 Academia CantabrigiensisSundown Marsh-TW80Not updated
46小帥翔 BATTLE ROYALESundown Marsh-TW79Not updated
47Somniloquy Play for UberSundown Marsh-TW78Not updated
47茉小朵 ImagineSundown Marsh-TW78Not updated
49風怒之痕 安全帽海賊團Sundown Marsh-TW77Not updated
49葉凝 永恆之源Sundown Marsh-TW77Not updated
49能美科多繚卡 宅男腐女戰線Sundown Marsh-TW77Not updated
49彩色爆米花 MinosSundown Marsh-TW77Not updated
49和泉守兼定 帝國大學五號館Sundown Marsh-TW77Not updated
49蒼風闇月 SoFSundown Marsh-TW77Not updated
49復仇之盾  Sundown Marsh-TW77Not updated
49右手的藝術  Sundown Marsh-TW77Not updated
57幼稚園女僕貓 K O FSundown Marsh-TW76Not updated
57尤伊 亞紀之森Sundown Marsh-TW76Not updated
57加藤鷹身人 戰鼓之歌Sundown Marsh-TW76Not updated
57風中蠻牛 平淡Sundown Marsh-TW76Not updated
57消失殆盡  Sundown Marsh-TW76Not updated
62Ramonce  Sundown Marsh-TW75Not updated
62乂矮冬瓜乂 GlamorousSundown Marsh-TW75Not updated
62痞子五四三 神聖帝國Sundown Marsh-TW75Not updated
62拿斧頭砍小三 Fight TogetherSundown Marsh-TW75Not updated
62見習術士 小曉窩Sundown Marsh-TW75Not updated
62虎呆呆 糰子大家族Sundown Marsh-TW75Not updated
62楓織心 Play for UberSundown Marsh-TW75Not updated

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