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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormscale-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Serpentes Plan B Sheep The DruidStormscale-EU122Not updated
2Vihunt YoloGaming IncStormscale-EU117Not updated
3Gãb Earthbound EaglesStormscale-EU116Not updated
4Cyanerdx  Stormscale-EU107Not updated
5Glitterpoes AgitatedStormscale-EU105Not updated
6Zwhsemas SarexStormscale-EU103Not updated
7Shewz MonsterStormscale-EU100Not updated
8Aneroid  Stormscale-EU96Not updated
8Mendiss CorruptiveStormscale-EU96Not updated
8Ebayde CøntærStormscale-EU96Not updated
8Pyqt YäspresentsStormscale-EU96Not updated
12Sjoemek Immortal SunriseStormscale-EU95Not updated
13Serrenity AwoLStormscale-EU94Not updated
14Turboskløtta YoloGaming IncStormscale-EU93Not updated
14Kulukan  Stormscale-EU93Not updated
14Niamee  Stormscale-EU93Not updated
14Emptiness Wonderful WeatherStormscale-EU93Not updated
18Ghostkíllah BooterangStormscale-EU90Not updated
18Doctress AwoLStormscale-EU90Not updated
18Fifthavenue namStormscale-EU90Not updated
18Lavendér InsignificantStormscale-EU90Not updated
18Mortati Fallen StarStormscale-EU90Not updated
23Kentzie  Stormscale-EU89Not updated
23Galakras  Stormscale-EU89Not updated
25Mnemosin I CAN DODGE BULLETS BABYStormscale-EU88Not updated
25Iillil  Stormscale-EU88Not updated
27Sanamon Serious BusinessStormscale-EU87Not updated
27Maaskantje AwoLStormscale-EU87Not updated
29Kattkexet RaiseStormscale-EU86Not updated
29Unelle OblivionStormscale-EU86Not updated
29Garronish ShadowLegionStormscale-EU86Not updated
29Mescalinex  Stormscale-EU86Not updated
33Faranth ChronicStormscale-EU85Not updated
33Wifebloom SteveStormscale-EU85Not updated
35Nawtÿ AwoLStormscale-EU84Not updated
35Medousá BooterangStormscale-EU84Not updated
35Supercooletc PROGRESSIONStormscale-EU84Not updated
35Immortãl ExhaleStormscale-EU84Not updated
35Ðjßågüéttëx xDeeStormscale-EU84Not updated
35Mikuruchan  Stormscale-EU84Not updated
35Babbubs hey im avgStormscale-EU84Not updated
35Aflow Dawn of the NorthStormscale-EU84Not updated
35Djyolostylez Dench TingzStormscale-EU84Not updated
44Shóckist AmendStormscale-EU83Not updated
44Fenrïz Advanced Target DummysStormscale-EU83Not updated
44Ðrèámzalotz  Stormscale-EU83Not updated
44Freshbear Save a cow eat a PandaStormscale-EU83Not updated
44Zaramatix Shadow AuraStormscale-EU83Not updated
49Gameover Deadly LegacyStormscale-EU82Not updated
49Aldemar ReboundStormscale-EU82Not updated
49Greatlock intim hagridStormscale-EU82Not updated
49Xlxl The Big BangStormscale-EU82Not updated
49Shokkztar  Stormscale-EU82Not updated
49Marlian Phase ShiftStormscale-EU82Not updated
49Meleeoff CøntærStormscale-EU82Not updated
49Exilies SnapshotStormscale-EU82Not updated
49Wisdom WATYTYSStormscale-EU82Not updated
58Cannìbalus AnticsStormscale-EU81Not updated
58Streety ConjuringStormscale-EU81Not updated
58Greenslime Invasion AlertStormscale-EU81Not updated
58Cardiz namStormscale-EU81Not updated
58Histaliciouz  Stormscale-EU81Not updated
58Fløx  Stormscale-EU81Not updated
58Beermug Siege Of DestructionStormscale-EU81Not updated
58Päät  Stormscale-EU81Not updated
58Swackz MONSTERSStormscale-EU81Not updated
67Hãrdhits VirtusStormscale-EU80Not updated
67Pyllerøx YåspresentStormscale-EU80Not updated
67Pinkbaguette Glads N DropoutsStormscale-EU80Not updated
67Cítrál Good LifeStormscale-EU80Not updated
67Vilkr  Stormscale-EU80Not updated
67Zaiteriä DecibelStormscale-EU80Not updated
67Yuwen  Stormscale-EU80Not updated
67Hisakz Tupac is aliveStormscale-EU80Not updated
75Asakmaim Eternal AvatarStormscale-EU79Not updated
75Brandnew Best Guild EUStormscale-EU79Not updated
75Saintsynergy  Stormscale-EU79Not updated
75Antífreeze  Stormscale-EU79Not updated
79Sly MLSFOTMLOLStormscale-EU78Not updated
79Gnutz Somali Navy SealsStormscale-EU78Not updated
79Zhaza ReignStormscale-EU78Not updated
79Maladeius Flaming Fists Of FuryStormscale-EU78Not updated
79Descolada MLSFOTMLOLStormscale-EU78Not updated
84Peachezz IlliumStormscale-EU77Not updated
84Testîclees The Big BangStormscale-EU77Not updated
84Barbîe InsidiousStormscale-EU77Not updated
84Fremdez  Stormscale-EU77Not updated
84Undelife StarksStormscale-EU77Not updated
84Swoop ShadowLegionStormscale-EU77Not updated
84Dotdoctorx SCRUBCLUBStormscale-EU77Not updated
84Julakgh ManiacStormscale-EU77Not updated
84Marcelek Tactical FacepâlmStormscale-EU77Not updated
93Doug namStormscale-EU76Not updated
93Abyat SublimeStormscale-EU76Not updated
93Aurka lmagineStormscale-EU76Not updated
93Edenia MonsterStormscale-EU76Not updated
93Playpalosaur  Stormscale-EU76Not updated
93Loofiu Darkness RevealedStormscale-EU76Not updated
93Mithyn YoloGaming IncStormscale-EU76Not updated
93Zwarre  Stormscale-EU76Not updated

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