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Stormreaver-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Durtyb Fear ItselfStormreaver-US134
2Cupofsoup The MajorsStormreaver-US123Not updated
3Eboshi Peachy KeenStormreaver-US110
4Maxim Peachy KeenStormreaver-US109Not updated
4Xahll AccessionStormreaver-US109Not updated
6Metztli a little too RaphStormreaver-US108
7Babzy DysfunctionStormreaver-US106Not updated
8Tethealla a little too RaphStormreaver-US105
9Aerolar  Stormreaver-US100Not updated
10Infinitum SkunkworksStormreaver-US97
10Lake SalaciousStormreaver-US97
10Delusionsqt  Stormreaver-US97Not updated
10Trixbunny Relentless WreckoningStormreaver-US97Not updated
10Bummedyurnan AccessionStormreaver-US97Not updated
15Evacmew Money Money Chea CheaStormreaver-US96Not updated
16Raistlynx AccessionStormreaver-US95
16Mneme IconoclastStormreaver-US95Not updated
18Kasheira LAStormreaver-US94
18Psicosis MythicStormreaver-US94Not updated
20Berutheil SkunkworksStormreaver-US93
21Onì Gangster Teddy BearsStormreaver-US92
22Gug Out of LineStormreaver-US91
22Qyv  Stormreaver-US91Not updated
24Cynley AnomalyStormreaver-US90
25Vladstance The Chesire CatStormreaver-US89
25Mangroas ZiguenerweisenStormreaver-US89Not updated
25Thetater DrowStormreaver-US89Not updated
25Bahtgurl AccessionStormreaver-US89Not updated
29Druskie The Chesire CatStormreaver-US88
29Voorhees  Stormreaver-US88Not updated
31Stauf VoSStormreaver-US87
31Fraxwell Peachy KeenStormreaver-US87
31Lisianthus DrowStormreaver-US87Not updated
31Arild PeonsStormreaver-US87
35Rimmuk AspireStormreaver-US86
35Brojira Pacis NexStormreaver-US86
35Dellingr DrowStormreaver-US86Not updated
35Drakohn SeraphimStormreaver-US86Not updated
35Minitusk PurgeStormreaver-US86
35Rosefist Only TheoryStormreaver-US86
35Elfbank Group TwoStormreaver-US86Not updated
42Nelkee PainStormreaver-US85
42Fearfùl RevictionStormreaver-US85
42Datjnkz OgStormreaver-US85
42Wounded  Stormreaver-US85
42Jareyn Blood KindredStormreaver-US85Not updated
42Faytex Party SharkStormreaver-US85
42Archier SymbiosisStormreaver-US85Not updated
42Beaten  Stormreaver-US85Not updated
42Munchmaquchi AccessionStormreaver-US85Not updated
51Fléx Party SharkStormreaver-US84
51Saven Only TheoryStormreaver-US84Not updated
51Webbosmuerto AmicitiaStormreaver-US84
51Notqt FutureStormreaver-US84
51Bauglir Alpha and OmegaStormreaver-US84Not updated
56Bokscar Peachy KeenStormreaver-US83
56Faim BaddiesStormreaver-US83
56Ellach Peachy KeenStormreaver-US83
56Ketsuki  Stormreaver-US83Not updated
60Forgetmenot Party SharkStormreaver-US82
60Electromania PainStormreaver-US82Not updated
60Bunniculla Peachy KeenStormreaver-US82
60Shoxtar  Stormreaver-US82Not updated
60Mortalman  Stormreaver-US82Not updated
60Boopyflurry  Stormreaver-US82Not updated
66Poorguy Party SharkStormreaver-US81
66Yovanna vs The UniverseStormreaver-US81
66Cel DrowStormreaver-US81Not updated
66Mystruggle OgStormreaver-US81Not updated
66Linty PUMMELStormreaver-US81
66Halshar a little too RaphStormreaver-US81Not updated
66Gadarìs AccessionStormreaver-US81Not updated
73Shiki BaddiesStormreaver-US80
73Blackwave BaddiesStormreaver-US80
73Asnabel TempestStormreaver-US80
73Xugg GetTheHellStormreaver-US80
73Naga AnomalyStormreaver-US80
73Karuho Only TheoryStormreaver-US80
73Novais DraconemStormreaver-US80
73Forgiefan CleaveStormreaver-US80Not updated
81Agility LAStormreaver-US79
81Missrose  Stormreaver-US79Not updated
81Bradefu SkunkworksStormreaver-US79
81Nilâ VoSStormreaver-US79
81Legnaros Pacis NexStormreaver-US79
81Necrolous Power Word DrunkStormreaver-US79
81Maelfus DrowStormreaver-US79Not updated
81Alimony PurgeStormreaver-US79
81Runax  Stormreaver-US79
81Sebear ResurgenceStormreaver-US79Not updated

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