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Stormreaver-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Liandra TrolltygStormreaver-EU121
2Bauk The MagnificentStormreaver-EU113
3Leviculus Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU112
4Shanden Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU108
5Rathy Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU105
5Castigo MFC FAMILY CARTELStormreaver-EU105Not updated
7Dangens PVP SUX WHENS NAXXRAMASStormreaver-EU100
8Ozmä TrolltygStormreaver-EU98
8Brin TrolltygStormreaver-EU98Not updated
10Thinq Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU96
11Arielle The MagnificentStormreaver-EU94
12Smartie Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU93
13Shiki Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU92
14Fookmei Power of WillStormreaver-EU91
15Flowí Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU90Not updated
15Zup Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU90Not updated
17Ferrie Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU89
18Wihaa EbriusStormreaver-EU88Not updated
19Kalmamdg Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU87
19Alabrq  Stormreaver-EU87Not updated
21Iloquen EbriusStormreaver-EU86Not updated
21Quiztauren The Inner CircleStormreaver-EU86Not updated
23Summonhapsu Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU85
23Bâttery ColdcloaksStormreaver-EU85
25Infernalia GehennaStormreaver-EU84
25Zuissi DraamaStormreaver-EU84Not updated
25Breesgic AquilaStormreaver-EU84Not updated
25Aamen  Stormreaver-EU84Not updated
29Skyze EbriusStormreaver-EU83
29Parasenz The MagnificentStormreaver-EU83Not updated
29Fethi Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU83Not updated
32Waãtide GAMEROYALStormreaver-EU82
32Nadayan Valkoiset MitsutStormreaver-EU82
32Angar  Stormreaver-EU82Not updated
35Queniá Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU81
35Fågelen TrolltygStormreaver-EU81
35Meloren TrolltygStormreaver-EU81
35Tetci AquilaStormreaver-EU81
35Killerolav Brotherhood of the WolfStormreaver-EU81Not updated
35Zavria  Stormreaver-EU81Not updated
35Tsaza SuperseriousStormreaver-EU81Not updated
42Roxxted Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU80
42Hullabulla GehennaStormreaver-EU80
42Ketis PerditionStormreaver-EU80Not updated
42Dyelin AquilaStormreaver-EU80
42Varjopomppa  Stormreaver-EU80Not updated
42Charadë  Stormreaver-EU80Not updated
48Marieke ColourStormreaver-EU79
48Seámu KipuStormreaver-EU79
48Merojinaya  Stormreaver-EU79Not updated
48Ankeus EbriusStormreaver-EU79
48Faillunk Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU79Not updated
48Trinii Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU79Not updated
48Rloth DicéStormreaver-EU79Not updated
55Rallylol FROM HELLStormreaver-EU78
55Zephs TrolltygStormreaver-EU78Not updated
57Hanan GehennaStormreaver-EU77
57Monkss EbriusStormreaver-EU77
57Shìvà GehennaStormreaver-EU77
57Ikaika TrolltygStormreaver-EU77Not updated
57Xaritha ArcticaStormreaver-EU77
57Parts AvansiaStormreaver-EU77
57Hashírama FROM HELLStormreaver-EU77Not updated
57Yepetto ArcticaStormreaver-EU77Not updated
57Norppacom  Stormreaver-EU77Not updated
66Vonsulju Mellow FellowsStormreaver-EU76
66Teippí Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU76
66Nymphalis Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU76Not updated
66Raiel Kuolemattomat RebornStormreaver-EU76
66Magesinger ArcticaStormreaver-EU76
66Pionerr TrolltygStormreaver-EU76Not updated
66Tipsuu Eximus NoxStormreaver-EU76
66Smartyy Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU76Not updated
74Greedi TavernaStormreaver-EU75Not updated
74Peura Mellow FellowsStormreaver-EU75

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