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Stormrage-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Ataxus vodkaStormrage-US151
2Entropqt  Stormrage-US141Not updated
3Ringomoney vodkaStormrage-US127
4Fortch  Stormrage-US125Not updated
5Frozenhope The InfinitiesStormrage-US122
6Slck IntolerantStormrage-US116
6Vapourz  Stormrage-US116Not updated
8Rammys vodkaStormrage-US115
9Adam vodkaStormrage-US113
9Songotron  Stormrage-US113Not updated
11Shunkõ Midnight SanctuaryStormrage-US112
12Marteno FlipadelphiaStormrage-US111
12Ryken Southern ComfortStormrage-US111
12Zettai EmpathyStormrage-US111
15Atalantai Before The FallStormrage-US108
15Mes  Stormrage-US108Not updated
15Evacpewpew vodkaStormrage-US108
15Ageas ProgressionStormrage-US108Not updated
19Insult Tabbed OutStormrage-US106
20Solsacra vodkaStormrage-US104
21Ccppzz vodkaStormrage-US103
22Lymitid vodkaStormrage-US102
22Mystara Ante MeridiemStormrage-US102
24Hyperfkncute Talk Nerdy To MeStormrage-US101
24Minimass TriquetraStormrage-US101Not updated
26Warbringer Midnight SanctuaryStormrage-US100
26Rotaj Shadow RemainsStormrage-US100Not updated
26Trimback ProgressionStormrage-US100
29Koilie vodkaStormrage-US99
29Sillypaws  Stormrage-US99Not updated
31Fillthyanmal Sell OutStormrage-US98
32Boltholomew LurkersStormrage-US97Not updated
33Hugsnotdrugs Talk Nerdy To MeStormrage-US96
33Tykero MetroStormrage-US96
33Spuggs HypnotoadStormrage-US96Not updated
33Xella  Stormrage-US96Not updated
37Vaeil vodkaStormrage-US95
37Thebiggman vodkaStormrage-US95
37Blootie  Stormrage-US95Not updated
40Calypsa Midnight SanctuaryStormrage-US94
40Vinkinglord TurkeyismStormrage-US94
40Spug Southern ComfortStormrage-US94
40Precizion vodkaStormrage-US94
40Waljr PremeditatedStormrage-US94
40Kaz ProgressionStormrage-US94
40Aphasía FreelancesStormrage-US94
47Arriuss vodkaStormrage-US93
47Rankìn CoreStormrage-US93
47Rootzo vodkaStormrage-US93
47Darkmuppet  Stormrage-US93Not updated
47Spoodz vodkaStormrage-US93
47Dandilyon  Stormrage-US93Not updated
47Facebreakqt Borderline OffensiveStormrage-US93Not updated
54Eazie Blood Runs ColdStormrage-US92
54Crombie Death JestersStormrage-US92
54Tinkpaw New DawnStormrage-US92Not updated
57Ingweh DissonanceStormrage-US91
57Sharpbladez Tactical DisasterStormrage-US91
57Scientology vodkaStormrage-US91
57Funnight  Stormrage-US91Not updated
57Lag  Stormrage-US91Not updated
62Iban VanquishStormrage-US90
62Pyro OpponentStormrage-US90
62Alicia illuminationStormrage-US90Not updated
62Swaggles Reddit Gamer GirlsStormrage-US90Not updated
66Severed Blood Runs ColdStormrage-US89
66Toolatte  Stormrage-US89Not updated
66Cinnastix Evil IntentStormrage-US89Not updated
69Kevinz vodkaStormrage-US88
69Tetsuro vodkaStormrage-US88
69Taux AngerStormrage-US88
69Archytas MetroStormrage-US88
69Bap vodkaStormrage-US88
69Kalanee vodkaStormrage-US88
69Derpy DominionStormrage-US88
76Zynadin Nocturnal LunacyStormrage-US87
76Dræga Shots FiredStormrage-US87
76Zugmaster So OriginalStormrage-US87
79Silken ShadowravenStormrage-US86
79Chao Order of ChaosStormrage-US86Not updated
79Vivosaur ProgressionStormrage-US86
79Senthra PeregrineStormrage-US86
79Ariandraa vodkaStormrage-US86
79Mezmaron  Stormrage-US86Not updated
79Fourteen Miami HeatStormrage-US86Not updated
79Kimchidimsum Blood Runs ColdStormrage-US86Not updated
87Natoro Death JestersStormrage-US85
87Trilithium Blood Runs ColdStormrage-US85
87Yuka RagebornStormrage-US85Not updated
87Sheetywok  Stormrage-US85Not updated
87Avengedk Searching for SanityStormrage-US85Not updated

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