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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormrage-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Prue AuroraStormrage-EU121Not updated
2Foki AuroraStormrage-EU108Not updated
3Furbolt  Stormrage-EU95Not updated
4Girion AuroraStormrage-EU94Not updated
5Noldorimbor AvalerionStormrage-EU92Not updated
6Wheatley AuroraStormrage-EU91Not updated
6Zhiu AuroraStormrage-EU91Not updated
6Darvash ZealStormrage-EU91Not updated
6Valaja  Stormrage-EU91Not updated
10Inubis AuroraStormrage-EU90Not updated
11Kuron AuroraStormrage-EU89Not updated
11Benib AvalerionStormrage-EU89Not updated
11Lefera Heroes IncStormrage-EU89Not updated
14Lleexx AuroraStormrage-EU88Not updated
14Naden  Stormrage-EU88Not updated
14Pineapplemoh BehemothStormrage-EU88Not updated
17Kassi AuroraStormrage-EU87Not updated
17Shadowmage AuroraStormrage-EU87Not updated
17Shedi AvalerionStormrage-EU87Not updated
20Biromagi Heroes of WarcraftStormrage-EU86Not updated
21Macco EvolutionStormrage-EU85Not updated
21Míroo  Stormrage-EU85Not updated
21Marleene Be GrandStormrage-EU85Not updated
24Alioth SillianceStormrage-EU83Not updated
25Microwavex AuroraStormrage-EU82Not updated
25Araghius IllustriousStormrage-EU82Not updated
25Baltasar Fraternitas FerreusStormrage-EU82Not updated
25Adrianie GameOverStormrage-EU82Not updated
25Kharmah Show Me Your CritsStormrage-EU82Not updated
30Zaiteriá  Stormrage-EU80Not updated
30Teabones Collectors IncStormrage-EU80Not updated
32Gertrude Order Of NabberyStormrage-EU79Not updated
33Modrak Bad LuckStormrage-EU78Not updated
33Twithead EvolutionStormrage-EU78Not updated
35Ysis  Stormrage-EU77Not updated
36Androme AuroraStormrage-EU76Not updated
36Lunaya  Stormrage-EU76Not updated
38Ozinaq AvalerionStormrage-EU75Not updated
38Hyperion XistanceStormrage-EU75Not updated
38Daelina ZealStormrage-EU75Not updated
38Darvglum  Stormrage-EU75Not updated
42Tobie AuroraStormrage-EU74Not updated
42Iusti IllustriousStormrage-EU74Not updated
42Himura ShivaStormrage-EU74Not updated
42Mippzy Unquestionable PresenceStormrage-EU74Not updated
42Ohnooz Fraternitas FerreusStormrage-EU74Not updated
42Xryafae World EatersStormrage-EU74Not updated
42Hiperion AvalerionStormrage-EU74Not updated
42Neurath Evil DeadStormrage-EU74Not updated
42Choden Order of GrayStormrage-EU74Not updated
42Snowdenia Order of GrayStormrage-EU74Not updated
42Majh Murlocs Go RAWLRLARGUStormrage-EU74Not updated
42Bômbur Angel Lords of DraenorStormrage-EU74Not updated
54Lyralei AuroraStormrage-EU73Not updated
54Drezzy AuroraStormrage-EU73Not updated
54Argy AuroraStormrage-EU73Not updated
54Moriest The Smokin DutchmanStormrage-EU73Not updated
54Nejazhul AvalerionStormrage-EU73Not updated
54Justforhead SolsticeStormrage-EU73Not updated
54Stârsight Aman Shan reStormrage-EU73Not updated
61Amestor Bad LuckStormrage-EU72Not updated
61Wallacewells AvalerionStormrage-EU72Not updated
61Depreciation KoSStormrage-EU72Not updated
61Allora AnarchyStormrage-EU72Not updated
61Ellendway AuroraStormrage-EU72Not updated
61Evaluate BehemothStormrage-EU72Not updated
61Tehiche BehemothStormrage-EU72Not updated
68Ripsknight AuroraStormrage-EU71Not updated
68Danspanrod AvalerionStormrage-EU71Not updated
68Mirnar Touched by a trollStormrage-EU71Not updated
68Kosmonavt ShivaStormrage-EU71Not updated
68Keymaster Bad LuckStormrage-EU71Not updated
68Inquisitor TemperedStormrage-EU71Not updated
68Raksheen Bad LuckStormrage-EU71Not updated
68Huggibear Doomsday VaultStormrage-EU71Not updated
68Ljubica Crusaders Of AzerothStormrage-EU71Not updated
68Arthasmyson  Stormrage-EU71Not updated
68Maritoo Lol Rofl GGStormrage-EU71Not updated
79Sícarius AvalerionStormrage-EU70Not updated
79Slithìce AuroraStormrage-EU70Not updated
79Khaino Bad LuckStormrage-EU70Not updated
79Koxi The BrotherhoodStormrage-EU70Not updated
79Eowiragan Bad LuckStormrage-EU70Not updated
79Corpzz Its not Brain SurgeryStormrage-EU70Not updated
79Undur Order Of NabberyStormrage-EU70Not updated
79Dohtur Fraternitas FerreusStormrage-EU70Not updated

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