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Spirestone-TW Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1幻影無雙 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW129
2驚呆了的瓦拉 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW121
3成就偏執狂  Spirestone-TW111
4變色牛 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW106
5姆牛死騎 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW104
6焰玥 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW101
6血翼皇 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW101
8Anstices 暴風城Spirestone-TW97
9Pika Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW96
9夜空之希望 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW96
9透明水彩 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW96
12Testaros 無界天際Spirestone-TW95
13風羽天穆 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW94
13混沌圖騰 ElantrisSpirestone-TW94Not updated
15博斯的妖怪 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW90
16靜靜輕輕的听 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW86
16史派洛 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW86Not updated
16Squall Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW86Not updated
19空流 MetempsychosisSpirestone-TW85
19那個盜賊 天幻Spirestone-TW85
21神塵 硬梆梆踹共酷辣部Spirestone-TW84
22Davidroman Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW83
23Hidi Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW82
23保護土豆女王 不敗神話Spirestone-TW82
23妖异公爵 湮滅神跡Spirestone-TW82
23欣紫雲 ElantrisSpirestone-TW82Not updated
23天翔賢  Spirestone-TW82Not updated
28雷霆圖騰 雪月工作室Spirestone-TW81
29羽君 Light of DawnSpirestone-TW80Not updated
29Sylvina 不敗神話Spirestone-TW80Not updated
31嗜血武姬 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW78
31冰騎凌 Orange parkSpirestone-TW78
33牽獅虎 奪魂之鐮Spirestone-TW77
33鴉片貓 ElantrisSpirestone-TW77
33咒無怨 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW77Not updated
36一灰 GraveYardSpirestone-TW76
36狂戰牛仔 Boundary of ConquestSpirestone-TW76
36Lovejojo 漢風王朝Spirestone-TW76
39魔翎 Shadow of BalderSpirestone-TW75
39冰晞 ArtemisSpirestone-TW75
41黎個淺笑  Spirestone-TW74
41天堂遇見誰 NoxSpirestone-TW74
41米蝶兒 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW74Not updated
41城冰 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW74Not updated
41肉搏戰 太麻里隔壁Spirestone-TW74
41鐳克薩 Knights of Round TableSpirestone-TW74Not updated
41萓甄 絕世無雙Spirestone-TW74
41油子珠  Spirestone-TW74Not updated
49齁哩雪特 ElantrisSpirestone-TW73
49Whoops Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW73
49嬝月 KGBSpirestone-TW73Not updated
49冬之夢 自從加入了這個倒霉的公會導致死亡率上升了不止十倍Spirestone-TW73Not updated
53納魯西斯 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW72Not updated
53焦急模式 Shadow of BalderSpirestone-TW72Not updated
53黑川澗 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW72Not updated
56嘴壞心不壞 風雲世家Spirestone-TW71
56鹹蝦叔 Force N GlorySpirestone-TW71
56殺意的波動 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW71
56明太子寶寶 ArtemisSpirestone-TW71Not updated
56麒麟童 硬梆梆踹共酷辣部Spirestone-TW71Not updated
61幽冥幻騎士 母牛幫分舵Spirestone-TW70
61鬼魅模式 NoxSpirestone-TW70Not updated
63姿瑤 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW69
63岸久一鳴  Spirestone-TW69
65小眠 巧手天城Spirestone-TW68
65一姽嫿一 巧手天城Spirestone-TW68
65穆斯塔格 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW68
65長空隱月 硬梆梆踹共酷辣部Spirestone-TW68
65凱薩斯爾 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW68
65提努維兒 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW68Not updated

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