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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Spinebreaker-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Leightonon Celestial ReignSpinebreaker-US90Not updated
2Firestorm Celestial ReignSpinebreaker-US86Not updated
3Mùfasa Waiting For Next PatchSpinebreaker-US85Not updated
4Ghraal The Problem Is PeopleSpinebreaker-US79Not updated
4Loreii  Spinebreaker-US79Not updated
6Hanamichi Celestial ReignSpinebreaker-US77Not updated
7Moradin InvictusSpinebreaker-US76Not updated
8Soulofarc Celestial ReignSpinebreaker-US75Not updated
9Filthyrich Lifting WeightsSpinebreaker-US74Not updated
9Mezam Lifting WeightsSpinebreaker-US74Not updated
11Sethala TheUnforOHGODBEESSpinebreaker-US71Not updated
11Ozzati The UnmensionablesSpinebreaker-US71Not updated
13Ickcarus Color CrewSpinebreaker-US70Not updated
14Zuraki Joint EffortSpinebreaker-US69Not updated
14Galana VoxSpinebreaker-US69Not updated
16Beesknees  Spinebreaker-US68Not updated
17Talonias Pack RatzSpinebreaker-US66Not updated
17Cauch  Spinebreaker-US66Not updated
19Pariya  Spinebreaker-US65Not updated
19Aphelol HAZARDSpinebreaker-US65Not updated
21Mariåh Celestial ReignSpinebreaker-US64Not updated
21Mutedlock Waiting For Next PatchSpinebreaker-US64Not updated
21Deathfoil Spartan NationSpinebreaker-US64Not updated
21Blackstacy The KingsSpinebreaker-US64Not updated
21Fadë  Spinebreaker-US64Not updated
21Mooncow  Spinebreaker-US64Not updated
27Temuge Jingo CellSpinebreaker-US63Not updated
27Argoz Shadow ProphecySpinebreaker-US63Not updated
27Asstamouth Least I Could DoSpinebreaker-US63Not updated
30Belsambàr Holy RerollersSpinebreaker-US62Not updated
30Lawladin Spartan NationSpinebreaker-US62Not updated
30Galanodel  Spinebreaker-US62Not updated
30Sassasaurus VoxSpinebreaker-US62Not updated
30Alcocho  Spinebreaker-US62Not updated
35Ariee Blood VendettaSpinebreaker-US61Not updated
35Flashlights The Horde EliteSpinebreaker-US61Not updated
37Cobrakai TheUnforOHGODBEESSpinebreaker-US60Not updated
37Devastatíng Horde N The BootySpinebreaker-US60Not updated
37Botsu Shadow ProphecySpinebreaker-US60Not updated
37Freyjia  Spinebreaker-US60Not updated
41Alagosa  Spinebreaker-US59Not updated
41Zaojun Dark ArcaneSpinebreaker-US59Not updated
41Leverice  Spinebreaker-US59Not updated
41Tamilyra Down Under ThunderSpinebreaker-US59Not updated
41Basscannòn  Spinebreaker-US59Not updated
41Cattibri  Spinebreaker-US59Not updated
41Ghostßear Just One More LevelSpinebreaker-US59Not updated
48Mushufassa Blood AngelsSpinebreaker-US58Not updated
48Kotor AftermathSpinebreaker-US58Not updated
48Hallowicked Another FunkinSpinebreaker-US58Not updated
48Drgellenbeck HAZARDSpinebreaker-US58Not updated
48Pfeffasaurus VoxSpinebreaker-US58Not updated
48Doogy  Spinebreaker-US58Not updated
54Cherdenko Celestial ReignSpinebreaker-US57Not updated
54Absynnthe Forsaken FateSpinebreaker-US57Not updated
54Damagedealer Rational GazeSpinebreaker-US57Not updated
54Dunkaroos  Spinebreaker-US57Not updated
54Korvish Shadow ProphecySpinebreaker-US57Not updated
54Ruhn EmporiumSpinebreaker-US57Not updated
54Punjana Delusions of GrandeurSpinebreaker-US57Not updated
54Arganth NocturnalSpinebreaker-US57Not updated
54Umdur Wussy PatrolSpinebreaker-US57Not updated
54Snowhoof ProphesySpinebreaker-US57Not updated
54Punjanbi Delusions of GrandeurSpinebreaker-US57Not updated
54Ughleigh  Spinebreaker-US57Not updated
66Eremes The Problem Is PeopleSpinebreaker-US56Not updated
66Risto The Problem Is PeopleSpinebreaker-US56Not updated
66Krattik The Problem Is PeopleSpinebreaker-US56Not updated
66Valarine The RebellionSpinebreaker-US56Not updated
66Samanthia AftermathSpinebreaker-US56Not updated
66Calidrin The Horde EliteSpinebreaker-US56Not updated
66Niseren Node NinjasSpinebreaker-US56Not updated
66Badazz Rational GazeSpinebreaker-US56Not updated
66Dafu HAZARDSpinebreaker-US56Not updated
66Araku  Spinebreaker-US56Not updated
66Maken HAZARDSpinebreaker-US56Not updated
66Tjfunnybunny  Spinebreaker-US56Not updated
78Hinamizawa Royal DragonslayersSpinebreaker-US55Not updated
78Earthstrike  Spinebreaker-US55Not updated
78Cheebai Well PlayedSpinebreaker-US55Not updated
78Zombiesocks  Spinebreaker-US55Not updated
82Cloudedpally The Problem Is PeopleSpinebreaker-US54Not updated
82Segovia TheUnforOHGODBEESSpinebreaker-US54Not updated
82Maiwhang  Spinebreaker-US54Not updated
82Shammyhagar The ThievesSpinebreaker-US54Not updated
82Esteedee Celestial ReignSpinebreaker-US54Not updated
82Mutilatore Unstoppable ForceSpinebreaker-US54Not updated
82Ampluslues Shadow ProphecySpinebreaker-US54Not updated
82Villain  Spinebreaker-US54Not updated
82Arcoth AftermathSpinebreaker-US54Not updated
82Minirose Celestial ReignSpinebreaker-US54Not updated
82Darkenrahl Blood VendettaSpinebreaker-US54Not updated
82Behindyouu Joint EffortSpinebreaker-US54Not updated
82Livercancer Lifting WeightsSpinebreaker-US54Not updated
82Pakatak VoxSpinebreaker-US54Not updated
82Bigthumb  Spinebreaker-US54Not updated
82Bananaphone  Spinebreaker-US54Not updated
98Smuckerz  Spinebreaker-US53Not updated
98Lorekeeper  Spinebreaker-US53Not updated
98Flintlocke  Spinebreaker-US53Not updated

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