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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Skywall-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Eebok ÆNIMASkywall-US99
2Msk DRACONIC VIVEXSkywall-US93Not updated
3Racials Sacred SamophlangeSkywall-US89Not updated
4Voxella ResurrectionSkywall-US88Not updated
4Gebel ParanormalSkywall-US88Not updated
6Cmlordpore Peoples Front of JudeaSkywall-US85Not updated
7Wahnsinn TherapySkywall-US82
8Shalavan AudacitySkywall-US81
9Sarwhin C H A O SSkywall-US80
10Feralwarrior TherapySkywall-US79
10Stricky Seven Day BanSkywall-US79
12Perico Sacred SamophlangeSkywall-US78Not updated
13Athan TherapySkywall-US76
13Neinya  Skywall-US76Not updated
13Swing SystematicSkywall-US76Not updated
16Nabetiger C H A O SSkywall-US74
16Elysia Sacred SamophlangeSkywall-US74Not updated
16Elierra Sacred SamophlangeSkywall-US74Not updated
19Rahael Be Your True MindSkywall-US73
19Lienhui  Skywall-US73Not updated
21Drag AudacitySkywall-US72
21Malevena TorturedSkywall-US72Not updated
21Xonnia PowerslavesSkywall-US72Not updated
21Vampyrr PsychosocialSkywall-US72Not updated
21Niobium  Skywall-US72Not updated
21Mirana OsmosisSkywall-US72Not updated
21Scärlet  Skywall-US72Not updated
28Sanosagara HARMONYSkywall-US71Not updated
28Dominion Be Your True MindSkywall-US71Not updated
30Kolen Light BrigadeSkywall-US70
30Yinglong Pokemon LeagueSkywall-US70Not updated
30Daemyn ChoiceSkywall-US70Not updated
33Moostafa ResurrectionSkywall-US69Not updated
33Beaver Sacred SamophlangeSkywall-US69Not updated
33Onehundred  Skywall-US69Not updated
36Antinab  Skywall-US68Not updated
36Zukkwarrior  Skywall-US68Not updated
38Dimmu AudacitySkywall-US67
38Iceanna Light BrigadeSkywall-US67
38Solá  Skywall-US67Not updated
38Shry HARMONYSkywall-US67Not updated
38Tallä Bad ExampleSkywall-US67Not updated
38Terizzle C H A O SSkywall-US67Not updated
38Rieda Way of the WickedSkywall-US67Not updated
38Bloodvalor  Skywall-US67Not updated
38Xeltavian OsmosisSkywall-US67Not updated
38Casidhe SnàfuSkywall-US67Not updated
48Telana Paragon KnighthoodSkywall-US66
48Kerghun The Silver TreeSkywall-US66Not updated
48Chouling Honors CreedSkywall-US66
48Dríízzt Seven Day BanSkywall-US66Not updated
48Davidlive OfflineSkywall-US66Not updated
48Valitina Honors CreedSkywall-US66Not updated
48Elmonstruo OsmosisSkywall-US66Not updated
48Zukkshaman DRACONIC VIVEXSkywall-US66Not updated
48Lunàmoon ÆNIMASkywall-US66Not updated
48Dmullz  Skywall-US66Not updated
58Màss  Skywall-US65Not updated
58Duskvoid Second ChanceSkywall-US65
58Mushaido Phöenix RisingSkywall-US65Not updated
58Coozie  Skywall-US65Not updated
62Tomba Be Your True MindSkywall-US64
62Holydivver Team FoosaSkywall-US64Not updated
62Hûg Cemetery GatesSkywall-US64Not updated
62Vefantür PlebeianSkywall-US64Not updated
66Llisae AudacitySkywall-US63
66Cassara Be Your True MindSkywall-US63
66Medpak C H A O SSkywall-US63
66Scottpilgrim TherapySkywall-US63Not updated
66Bubuu  Skywall-US63Not updated
66Sauriøn Requires CoffeeSkywall-US63Not updated
66Yendar RoshamboSkywall-US63Not updated
66Ghettomagic Ghettomagic N ShinzapperSkywall-US63Not updated
66Zenbert Brutal HonestySkywall-US63Not updated
66Palooka Sacred SamophlangeSkywall-US63Not updated
66Ùnderground RENEGADE SOLDIERSSkywall-US63Not updated
66Abrienda Moo and the GangSkywall-US63Not updated
66Blindbyrage Third WatchSkywall-US63Not updated
79Adyse Sacred SamophlangeSkywall-US62Not updated
79Caylara Paws for ConcernSkywall-US62
79Zoenova Excèssum PèrficióSkywall-US62Not updated
79Kim Almost SaneSkywall-US62Not updated
79Tuziyu Damage IncorporatedSkywall-US62Not updated
79Maxion Language BarrierSkywall-US62Not updated
79Flashme Graveyard ShiftSkywall-US62Not updated
79Menel  Skywall-US62Not updated

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