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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Skullcrusher-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Belgwrathz You Had Me At BaconSkullcrusher-US95Not updated
2Trisun ImmortalitySkullcrusher-US91Not updated
2Tthrack Questionable MoralitySkullcrusher-US91Not updated
4Asgeroth RecklessSkullcrusher-US90Not updated
5Taozhu RecklessSkullcrusher-US89Not updated
6Calÿpso  Skullcrusher-US88Not updated
7Dalila Questionable MoralitySkullcrusher-US86Not updated
7Sevarin OnslaughtSkullcrusher-US86Not updated
9Shace Destinys BaneSkullcrusher-US84Not updated
10Udderhell  Skullcrusher-US83Not updated
10Kayliah  Skullcrusher-US83Not updated
12Blamecanada Ludicrous SpeedSkullcrusher-US82Not updated
13Spotdot RecklessSkullcrusher-US81Not updated
13Primula Questionable MoralitySkullcrusher-US81Not updated
13Ulsoga Ludicrous SpeedSkullcrusher-US81Not updated
13Frostdzzt  Skullcrusher-US81Not updated
13Slooth  Skullcrusher-US81Not updated
13Nagaziki ParadiseSkullcrusher-US81Not updated
19Dastard Death and DestructionSkullcrusher-US80Not updated
19Zmorris All That RemàinsSkullcrusher-US80Not updated
21Verdell RecklessSkullcrusher-US79Not updated
21Jigawatts  Skullcrusher-US79Not updated
21Revisions Ludicrous SpeedSkullcrusher-US79Not updated
24Galvatron Beatdown BrigadeSkullcrusher-US78Not updated
24Hìtokìrì ParadiseSkullcrusher-US78Not updated
24Devilnaht  Skullcrusher-US78Not updated
27Naypony RecklessSkullcrusher-US77Not updated
27Spriteport ÀnomalySkullcrusher-US77Not updated
29Goub Beatdown BrigadeSkullcrusher-US76Not updated
29Alocer Ludicrous SpeedSkullcrusher-US76Not updated
29Wru ImmortalitySkullcrusher-US76Not updated
29Teddiigram SuperTerrificHappyHourSkullcrusher-US76Not updated
33Aspyrox Ludicrous SpeedSkullcrusher-US75Not updated
33Ice Destinys BaneSkullcrusher-US75Not updated
33Palinmajere  Skullcrusher-US75Not updated
36Snappledrank Almost FamousSkullcrusher-US74Not updated
36Oomkin Beatdown BrigadeSkullcrusher-US74Not updated
36Trilliana JawaScriptSkullcrusher-US74Not updated
36Pandabearlol ÀnomalySkullcrusher-US74Not updated
36Myrica ÉxìledSkullcrusher-US74Not updated
36Racetlin Subject to ChangeSkullcrusher-US74Not updated
36Kurjin Questionable MoralitySkullcrusher-US74Not updated
43Asgerd ImmortalitySkullcrusher-US73Not updated
43Chartul All That RemàinsSkullcrusher-US73Not updated
43Grundelplith StackedSkullcrusher-US73Not updated
43Wintermask Completely BrokenSkullcrusher-US73Not updated
43Fib ÀnomalySkullcrusher-US73Not updated
43Amenbreak RageSkullcrusher-US73Not updated
43Defiantsage Death and DestructionSkullcrusher-US73Not updated
43Oyvay ImmortalitySkullcrusher-US73Not updated
51Kaioken RecklessSkullcrusher-US72Not updated
51Aegrias Campaign of HatredSkullcrusher-US72Not updated
51Taishigi DiabolicSkullcrusher-US72Not updated
51Arcanarr ExaltedSkullcrusher-US72Not updated
51Declynn Cross Realm HatersSkullcrusher-US72Not updated
51Jangutu Destinys BaneSkullcrusher-US72Not updated
57Derra RecklessSkullcrusher-US71Not updated
57Farah ParadiseSkullcrusher-US71Not updated
57Fleas ImmortalitySkullcrusher-US71Not updated
57Astrocreep Soldiers of the HordeSkullcrusher-US71Not updated
57Sharting Ludicrous SpeedSkullcrusher-US71Not updated
57Gallía ParadiseSkullcrusher-US71Not updated
57Salic ParadiseSkullcrusher-US71Not updated
57Nightmare AllianceSkullcrusher-US71Not updated
57Sejj  Skullcrusher-US71Not updated
66Otteray RecklessSkullcrusher-US70Not updated
66Coaa Oh CritSkullcrusher-US70Not updated
66Heldarram All That RemàinsSkullcrusher-US70Not updated
66Varicella Questionable MoralitySkullcrusher-US70Not updated
66Dofflan ImmortalitySkullcrusher-US70Not updated
66Foofkin All That RemàinsSkullcrusher-US70Not updated
66Frootlegos hello kittySkullcrusher-US70Not updated
66Fecter  Skullcrusher-US70Not updated
66Kaliene  Skullcrusher-US70Not updated
75Scyas RecklessSkullcrusher-US69Not updated
75Oscassey Ludicrous SpeedSkullcrusher-US69Not updated
75Wafflelord Questionable MoralitySkullcrusher-US69Not updated
75Chayla Questionable MoralitySkullcrusher-US69Not updated
75Delijeli ImmortalitySkullcrusher-US69Not updated
75Stupidus Ludicrous SpeedSkullcrusher-US69Not updated
75Hioari Joint EffortSkullcrusher-US69Not updated

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