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Silver Hand-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Mansweat RelentlessSilver Hand-US103
2Mihos RelentlessSilver Hand-US99
3Kaycie The War CouncilSilver Hand-US96
4Whísper Shorry Im ShoberSilver Hand-US94Not updated
5Haséo The War CouncilSilver Hand-US92
6Dagris Nu TirSilver Hand-US91
6Syrrie RelentlessSilver Hand-US91
8Selwynia RelentlessSilver Hand-US89
8Lysander Celestial NightsSilver Hand-US89Not updated
10Zomi RelentlessSilver Hand-US85
11Semore  Silver Hand-US83Not updated
12Meiyuu The ValiantSilver Hand-US82
12Proverbial DiscordSilver Hand-US82
12Soth In cauda venenumSilver Hand-US82Not updated
15Littlegiant BlameRollSilver Hand-US81
15Simpleson The ValiantSilver Hand-US81Not updated
17Lixmi RelentlessSilver Hand-US80
18Robotica Mystic AbyssSilver Hand-US79
19Itami The ValiantSilver Hand-US78
19Aecis Mystic AbyssSilver Hand-US78
19Chintuphat Pact of WarSilver Hand-US78
22Alista The ValiantSilver Hand-US77
22Marisse RelentlessSilver Hand-US77
22Ringo Sawed OffSilver Hand-US77Not updated
25Nightmare BlameRollSilver Hand-US76
25Makari GødspeedSilver Hand-US76Not updated
25Tawne Avatars of the StormSilver Hand-US76Not updated
28Watermlondra The War CouncilSilver Hand-US75
28Zebramintz The War CouncilSilver Hand-US75
28Discodiva Scarlet BloodSilver Hand-US75Not updated
28Golfire cat rpSilver Hand-US75Not updated
28Talulabell QualitySilver Hand-US75Not updated
33Kallten Mystic AbyssSilver Hand-US74
33Silvrbeard Once AgainSilver Hand-US74
33Syhn The War CouncilSilver Hand-US74
33Kimbly  Silver Hand-US74Not updated
37Austin The ValiantSilver Hand-US73
37Deavan Winds of WrathSilver Hand-US73Not updated
37Prócs  Silver Hand-US73Not updated
37Gamina RelentlessSilver Hand-US73Not updated
41Altarian The War CouncilSilver Hand-US72
41Rhivath The ValiantSilver Hand-US72
41Elmorin The ValiantSilver Hand-US72
41Bhambhoo The War CouncilSilver Hand-US72
41Talakeal ExodusSilver Hand-US72
41Meileya RemnantSilver Hand-US72Not updated
47Raphsodÿ AetherstormSilver Hand-US71Not updated
48Chodah Mystic AbyssSilver Hand-US70
48Jadaree Fresh RuffiansSilver Hand-US70
48Nobutadu The ValiantSilver Hand-US70Not updated
48Jirit RelentlessSilver Hand-US70
52Arithela The ValiantSilver Hand-US69
52Apisxella ExodusSilver Hand-US69
52Canso BlameRollSilver Hand-US69
52Mista The ValiantSilver Hand-US69
52Fortyz The War CouncilSilver Hand-US69
52Zinookara Preemptive RetributionSilver Hand-US69
52Shaomai The ValiantSilver Hand-US69
52Gorzem DeprecatedSilver Hand-US69Not updated
60Faxel The War CouncilSilver Hand-US68
60Jazari The War CouncilSilver Hand-US68Not updated
60Iristhyr RelentlessSilver Hand-US68
60Belladrin Nu TirSilver Hand-US68
60Toccata The Band of the HawkSilver Hand-US68Not updated
60Mitsune Fresh RuffiansSilver Hand-US68Not updated
60Scorta AnimositySilver Hand-US68Not updated
60Hølycøw The War CouncilSilver Hand-US68Not updated
68Kiinyon Nu TirSilver Hand-US67
68Minervae IridescentSilver Hand-US67
68Agaia GlitteratiSilver Hand-US67
68Xazzle Chill ZoneSilver Hand-US67
68Nemir Conclave of ShadowsSilver Hand-US67
68Soulofdeath  Silver Hand-US67Not updated
68Azlifax The ValiantSilver Hand-US67Not updated
68Maldictus Changing TidesSilver Hand-US67Not updated
68Diami RelentlessSilver Hand-US67
68Otheuym Pact of WarSilver Hand-US67

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