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Shattered Halls-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Colosea VelocityShattered Halls-US83Not updated
2Nuadonra OOSShattered Halls-US76Not updated
3Aethia VelocityShattered Halls-US73
4Rayyan The New Earth ArmyShattered Halls-US68Not updated
4Jujuism  Shattered Halls-US68Not updated
6Katheia  Shattered Halls-US67Not updated
7Gluthoric Red BranchShattered Halls-US65
8Kinetix VelocityShattered Halls-US63Not updated
9Nëphthys LodossShattered Halls-US62Not updated
9Awake VelocityShattered Halls-US62Not updated
11Colosie VelocityShattered Halls-US61
11Satnerp  Shattered Halls-US61Not updated
11Apandaiam  Shattered Halls-US61Not updated
14Kolosuss BloodseekersShattered Halls-US60Not updated
15Passout War HogsShattered Halls-US58Not updated
16Zanuba Vive Memor LetiShattered Halls-US57
16Jaeharys Fighting MongoosesShattered Halls-US57
16Shafuu  Shattered Halls-US57Not updated
19Zooper EclïpseShattered Halls-US56
19Bladeangell  Shattered Halls-US56Not updated
21Kitt SynergyShattered Halls-US55Not updated
21Bladewalker Golden QuestShattered Halls-US55Not updated
23Dotqt  Shattered Halls-US54Not updated
23Bubsgonzola Deadly NightshadeShattered Halls-US54Not updated
25Lightfíngers Swift JusticeShattered Halls-US53
25Tandrelia  Shattered Halls-US53Not updated
25Farmout Cheese VendorShattered Halls-US53Not updated
28Quizolt EclïpseShattered Halls-US52
28Mistweaver ShadowsShattered Halls-US52Not updated
28Requiemofsîn Whîte PhoenîxShattered Halls-US52
28Shincupxox  Shattered Halls-US52Not updated
28Yehshua Cheese VendorShattered Halls-US52Not updated
33Nictayver Red BranchShattered Halls-US51
33Synnove Fighting MongoosesShattered Halls-US51
33Thundermon Ominous Latin NounShattered Halls-US51
33Rankoneirl Stormwinds GuardiansShattered Halls-US51Not updated
33Dangerçriter Order of the Sacred WindShattered Halls-US51Not updated
33Antqt Red BranchShattered Halls-US51
33Darkgroz  Shattered Halls-US51Not updated
33Urkarma Knight TemplarsShattered Halls-US51Not updated
33Zôe BloodseekersShattered Halls-US51Not updated
33Nataku Phoenix RisingShattered Halls-US51Not updated
33Amooshu  Shattered Halls-US51Not updated
33Shankylol  Shattered Halls-US51Not updated
33Tamerlan Horde NationShattered Halls-US51Not updated
33Kennyhealya  Shattered Halls-US51Not updated
47Vaýne Vive Memor LetiShattered Halls-US50Not updated
47Bethany Light of Shattered HallsShattered Halls-US50Not updated
47Jeka Vive Memor LetiShattered Halls-US50
47Horisha DysfunctionalShattered Halls-US50
47Tsübaki Cheese VendorShattered Halls-US50Not updated
47Delothorne Vive Memor LetiShattered Halls-US50Not updated
53Rokoki Red BranchShattered Halls-US49
53Willowynd Swift JusticeShattered Halls-US49
53Voltorb VelocityShattered Halls-US49
53Véllivanth VelocityShattered Halls-US49
53Pehna FogOfWarShattered Halls-US49Not updated
53Jeenx  Shattered Halls-US49Not updated
53Mudsnipe EpícShattered Halls-US49Not updated
53Paintbox  Shattered Halls-US49Not updated
53Aggro  Shattered Halls-US49Not updated
53Yimora  Shattered Halls-US49Not updated
63Rejectz Fighting MongoosesShattered Halls-US48
63Mystíc  Shattered Halls-US48Not updated
63Gnobbe Vinii Vidi ViciShattered Halls-US48Not updated
63Cyonz Vive Memor LetiShattered Halls-US48
63Ethias BlackDawnShattered Halls-US48Not updated
63Faol Meat VendorsShattered Halls-US48Not updated
63Lubo  Shattered Halls-US48Not updated
63Valours  Shattered Halls-US48Not updated
63  Shattered Halls-US48Not updated
72Lucidityd Stormwinds GuardiansShattered Halls-US47
72Nelasha VelocityShattered Halls-US47
72Tailei Vive Memor LetiShattered Halls-US47
72Fellatrix VelocityShattered Halls-US47Not updated
72Cappal Knights of KhaosShattered Halls-US47Not updated
72Xyzzy  Shattered Halls-US47Not updated
78Ophillia Red BranchShattered Halls-US46
78Endemic Band of the Red HandShattered Halls-US46Not updated
78Foxstrike AvalinaShattered Halls-US46Not updated
78Leftbrain FogOfWarShattered Halls-US46
82Themesong FogOfWarShattered Halls-US45
82Staber BlackDawnShattered Halls-US45
82Jassarae Knights of CamellotShattered Halls-US45Not updated
82Wräthin  Shattered Halls-US45Not updated
82Thelyth Vinii Vidi ViciShattered Halls-US45Not updated
82Cutie AFKShattered Halls-US45
82Turkawski Light of Shattered HallsShattered Halls-US45Not updated
82Mikali  Shattered Halls-US45Not updated
82Natsumi  Shattered Halls-US45Not updated
91Coldasballz Red BranchShattered Halls-US44
91Unholykur EclïpseShattered Halls-US44
91Molda The CompanyShattered Halls-US44
91Freeranged PvP IncorporatedShattered Halls-US44
91Pukaa Vive Memor LetiShattered Halls-US44
91Vaelyn VelocityShattered Halls-US44Not updated
91Worldonfire  Shattered Halls-US44Not updated
91Whü  Shattered Halls-US44Not updated
91Fatespinner BlackDawnShattered Halls-US44
91Twistedtotem Vive Memor LetiShattered Halls-US44

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