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Shadowmoon-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Captnandcoke The HorsemenShadowmoon-US120
2Arokard The HorsemenShadowmoon-US117
3Arkadu The HorsemenShadowmoon-US110
4Facebreak The HorsemenShadowmoon-US98
5Rydia The HorsemenShadowmoon-US90
6Bushs The HorsemenShadowmoon-US87
7Forgon The HorsemenShadowmoon-US86
8Kinegos The HorsemenShadowmoon-US84
9Green The HorsemenShadowmoon-US80Not updated
10Uncleacid The HorsemenShadowmoon-US78
11Mangix The HorsemenShadowmoon-US75Not updated
12Shandriss The HorsemenShadowmoon-US74
13Subtitles The HorsemenShadowmoon-US73
13Magilols The HorsemenShadowmoon-US73
15Avalyndra The HorsemenShadowmoon-US72
15Eddo The HorsemenShadowmoon-US72
15Exhal The HorsemenShadowmoon-US72Not updated
18Vivieldon The HorsemenShadowmoon-US71
18Nonamekilla The HorsemenShadowmoon-US71
20Fierydemise The HorsemenShadowmoon-US70
20Alaradora The HorsemenShadowmoon-US70Not updated
22Cheerful The HorsemenShadowmoon-US69Not updated
23Chiefwiggum The HorsemenShadowmoon-US67
23Zornàk The HorsemenShadowmoon-US67Not updated
23Kungfucorpse The HorsemenShadowmoon-US67Not updated
23Ferdan The HorsemenShadowmoon-US67Not updated
27Flustered The HorsemenShadowmoon-US66
28Monkraxx The HorsemenShadowmoon-US65
28Kibs The HorsemenShadowmoon-US65Not updated
28Krixxa The HorsemenShadowmoon-US65
31Havermeyer The HorsemenShadowmoon-US64
31Cupcake The HorsemenShadowmoon-US64
33Zodt The HorsemenShadowmoon-US62
33Negi The HorsemenShadowmoon-US62Not updated
35Mexecutioner The HorsemenShadowmoon-US61Not updated
36Gwynnie The HorsemenShadowmoon-US60
36Terrakion The HorsemenShadowmoon-US60
38Firewrath The HorsemenShadowmoon-US59Not updated
39Nysonna The HorsemenShadowmoon-US58
40Nelsôn The HorsemenShadowmoon-US57
40Cozmo The HorsemenShadowmoon-US57Not updated
40Jayjayy The HorsemenShadowmoon-US57Not updated
40Liotrix The HorsemenShadowmoon-US57Not updated
44Tahlina The HorsemenShadowmoon-US56Not updated
45Louni The HorsemenShadowmoon-US55
46Karabi The HorsemenShadowmoon-US54
46Wurtles The HorsemenShadowmoon-US54
48Thundershock The HorsemenShadowmoon-US53
49Lyeel The HorsemenShadowmoon-US52Not updated
50Hopeful The HorsemenShadowmoon-US51
50Torchbringer The HorsemenShadowmoon-US51Not updated
50Bugzy The HorsemenShadowmoon-US51Not updated
50Drukqs The HorsemenShadowmoon-US51Not updated
54Swizzle The HorsemenShadowmoon-US50
54Zadkiel The HorsemenShadowmoon-US50
56Puertó The HorsemenShadowmoon-US49
57Winter The HorsemenShadowmoon-US48Not updated
57Optimist The HorsemenShadowmoon-US48Not updated
57Alehynlol The HorsemenShadowmoon-US48
60Pallywag The HorsemenShadowmoon-US47
60Gomero The HorsemenShadowmoon-US47Not updated
60Axkivo The HorsemenShadowmoon-US47Not updated
63Phuzzi The HorsemenShadowmoon-US46
63Papamidnite The HorsemenShadowmoon-US46Not updated
65Ordell The HorsemenShadowmoon-US45Not updated
65Slaerin The HorsemenShadowmoon-US45Not updated
65Captdilligaf The HorsemenShadowmoon-US45Not updated
68Notchief The HorsemenShadowmoon-US44Not updated
69Titiniusad The HorsemenShadowmoon-US43Not updated
69Dorglez The HorsemenShadowmoon-US43Not updated
69Soulsmash The HorsemenShadowmoon-US43Not updated
69Hælan The HorsemenShadowmoon-US43
69Hervore The HorsemenShadowmoon-US43Not updated
74Trialedition The HorsemenShadowmoon-US42
74Ilyakimina The HorsemenShadowmoon-US42
74Armanewb The HorsemenShadowmoon-US42Not updated
74Canaroth The HorsemenShadowmoon-US42Not updated
74Cakevendor The HorsemenShadowmoon-US42
79Gliff The HorsemenShadowmoon-US41
79Eradicate The HorsemenShadowmoon-US41Not updated
79Drall The HorsemenShadowmoon-US41Not updated
79Dreadknaught The HorsemenShadowmoon-US41Not updated
79Couture The HorsemenShadowmoon-US41Not updated
79Nanonano The HorsemenShadowmoon-US41Not updated
85Cbits The HorsemenShadowmoon-US40Not updated
86Starblaster The HorsemenShadowmoon-US39Not updated
86Googily The HorsemenShadowmoon-US39Not updated
88Bigvin The HorsemenShadowmoon-US38
88Defknight The HorsemenShadowmoon-US38Not updated
88Prom The HorsemenShadowmoon-US38Not updated
91Masdahts The HorsemenShadowmoon-US37Not updated
91Mythqt The HorsemenShadowmoon-US37Not updated
93Theskipper The HorsemenShadowmoon-US36Not updated
94Havokx The HorsemenShadowmoon-US35
94Idolized The HorsemenShadowmoon-US35Not updated
94Jkill The HorsemenShadowmoon-US35Not updated
94Envidae The HorsemenShadowmoon-US35Not updated
98Stopdotnrole The HorsemenShadowmoon-US34Not updated
98Anaethesia The HorsemenShadowmoon-US34
98Binnesman The HorsemenShadowmoon-US34Not updated

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