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Sen'jin-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Aldariclol PremonitionSen'jin-US126
2Kebechet PremonitionSen'jin-US113Not updated
3Appwarrior DeadOnArrivalSen'jin-US94Not updated
4Siizubble  Sen'jin-US90Not updated
5Magerix The DragonsSen'jin-US88Not updated
6Kanez Casual GamerzSen'jin-US87Not updated
7Pandaisy PremonitionSen'jin-US86Not updated
8Marrei AegisSen'jin-US85
8Pinksprinkle Big CritsSen'jin-US85Not updated
10Ocron Big CritsSen'jin-US84
10Aftertaste Forty SevenSen'jin-US84
10Mbop PremonitionSen'jin-US84Not updated
13Frostbox A Perfect CircleSen'jin-US83
14Jasmeen AegisSen'jin-US82Not updated
14Knsqt  Sen'jin-US82Not updated
16Kaylaena PremonitionSen'jin-US79Not updated
17Ducard Big CritsSen'jin-US78
17Ralaine RequìemSen'jin-US78
17Damojoman FellowShip Of The BousesSen'jin-US78
17Nobody Imminent FailureSen'jin-US78Not updated
17Reks PremonitionSen'jin-US78Not updated
17Fecmage PremonitionSen'jin-US78Not updated
17Apiphany Big CritsSen'jin-US78Not updated
17Fecpriest PremonitionSen'jin-US78Not updated
25Rashnau Big CritsSen'jin-US76
25Pallyytank Big CritsSen'jin-US76
25Xavastrasza PremonitionSen'jin-US76Not updated
25Chåmpoo  Sen'jin-US76Not updated
29Gigglefactor  Sen'jin-US75Not updated
30Khiran  Sen'jin-US74
30Zarifruh The War CouncilSen'jin-US74
30Andunie Imminent FailureSen'jin-US74
30Dragonling Big CritsSen'jin-US74Not updated
30Jasalynn GøreSen'jin-US74
35Tunari Palladium KnightsSen'jin-US73
35Antheya HypnosisSen'jin-US73
35Sichuan  Sen'jin-US73
35Hacks  Sen'jin-US73Not updated
39Lohkanz Big CritsSen'jin-US72
39Zangulus ConquestSen'jin-US72Not updated
39Kismet Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US72
39Cochran For ScienceSen'jin-US72
39Gallifreya This is easySen'jin-US72Not updated
39Lilÿbug  Sen'jin-US72Not updated
39Nokaru PremonitionSen'jin-US72Not updated
39Lovlee  Sen'jin-US72Not updated
47Suzushiirou Big CritsSen'jin-US71
47Priests  Sen'jin-US71
49Oldguybad ReclamationSen'jin-US70
49Kewpea Magic Mushroom MenagerieSen'jin-US70
49Uisgebeatha DARK REIGNSen'jin-US70
49Jigsawqt  Sen'jin-US70Not updated
49Soppingwet Survival OperationsSen'jin-US70Not updated
49Tluas  Sen'jin-US70Not updated
55Blitz Big CritsSen'jin-US69
55Demonickitty Island of MisfitsSen'jin-US69Not updated
55Ragnarökk Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US69
55Vyscera The EvolutionistsSen'jin-US69Not updated
55Dabigspirit Big CritsSen'jin-US69Not updated
55Volvara Drunken IrishSen'jin-US69Not updated
55Raisa PremonitionSen'jin-US69Not updated
55Cynth PremonitionSen'jin-US69Not updated
63Cenelin Imminent FailureSen'jin-US68
63Meffod Big CritsSen'jin-US68
63Appdk  Sen'jin-US68Not updated
63Windruner  Sen'jin-US68Not updated
67Dmontri Big CritsSen'jin-US67
67Layéni DARK REIGNSen'jin-US67
67Kütee A p e xSen'jin-US67
67Hanzø The Shattered HordeSen'jin-US67
67Wittymoniker After DarkSen'jin-US67Not updated
72Withoutmana Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US66
72Ses  Sen'jin-US66
72Karunè Minus FifteenSen'jin-US66
72Zivena Death n DKSen'jin-US66
72Vendousama Tuesday Nite NerdsSen'jin-US66
72Longbow Cult of the Dead CowSen'jin-US66
72Kyradis ExunSen'jin-US66Not updated
72Marshmerrow Big CritsSen'jin-US66Not updated
72Blooddrayn House AtreidesSen'jin-US66Not updated
81Kungfuatha Imminent FailureSen'jin-US65
81Savanaa Last ExilesSen'jin-US65
81Lampy Slave To The GrindSen'jin-US65
81Toetim HeresySen'jin-US65Not updated
81Greenspan The Edge of NightSen'jin-US65Not updated
81Cause The Enemy of my EnemySen'jin-US65Not updated
81Blackburned  Sen'jin-US65Not updated
88Sellitto Big CritsSen'jin-US64
88Fimbulvintr ZombieSen'jin-US64Not updated
88Angnar Something FantasticSen'jin-US64
88Vanaria Minus FifteenSen'jin-US64
88Lehm LobotomySen'jin-US64
88Midknite GøreSen'jin-US64
88Älivard United Holy KnightsSen'jin-US64
88Toav VindictiveSen'jin-US64Not updated
88Passive Big CritsSen'jin-US64

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