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Scarlet Crusade-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Nolouki Crimson LegacyScarlet Crusade-US84Not updated
2Shenlao Lordaeron ExilesScarlet Crusade-US83
3Jzerõ Forge Camp SunshineScarlet Crusade-US79Not updated
4Spotty Crimson LegacyScarlet Crusade-US78Not updated
5Dandrack iGuildScarlet Crusade-US75Not updated
6Bric Scarlet AristocracyScarlet Crusade-US73
6Dreagar MischiefScarlet Crusade-US73
6Selthra Storm WolvesScarlet Crusade-US73
9Bobagonush The Fel WatchScarlet Crusade-US72
9Avedon Bête NoireScarlet Crusade-US72
9Gravollet MischiefScarlet Crusade-US72
12Arturia VisionaryScarlet Crusade-US71
12Ariiyana The Fel WatchScarlet Crusade-US71
12Piggy i am protagonist pls noScarlet Crusade-US71Not updated
12Darkspot SatoriScarlet Crusade-US71Not updated
16Kerrígan Sivi and Her MinionsScarlet Crusade-US70
16Hellewise i am protagonist pls noScarlet Crusade-US70
16Elleine Lordaeron ExilesScarlet Crusade-US70
19Desse  Scarlet Crusade-US69Not updated
19Tatsunoshiin Ryu TenshiScarlet Crusade-US69Not updated
21Noie Lordaeron ExilesScarlet Crusade-US68
21Tathlyn MischiefScarlet Crusade-US68
21Veldrina AnathemaScarlet Crusade-US68
21Glynnys MischiefScarlet Crusade-US68
21Rakuen FocusScarlet Crusade-US68Not updated
26Lillieah Free AgentsScarlet Crusade-US67
26Smashtails The Arcadian KnightsScarlet Crusade-US67
26Leafyerick Fairy TailScarlet Crusade-US67Not updated
26Ríley SatoriScarlet Crusade-US67Not updated
26Sabbat AnathemaScarlet Crusade-US67Not updated
26Kymothia IniquitasScarlet Crusade-US67Not updated
32Ochaleon Obscured by CloudsScarlet Crusade-US66
32Sincline MischiefScarlet Crusade-US66
32Xanrus Mercenaries LLCScarlet Crusade-US66Not updated
32Mÿssa Divine BrillianceScarlet Crusade-US66
32Tarja Ladies of DestinyScarlet Crusade-US66Not updated
37Desenas Sivi and Her MinionsScarlet Crusade-US65
37Moogru The Fel WatchScarlet Crusade-US65
37Ashenis Painful EndScarlet Crusade-US65
37Darkarcher The NevermoreScarlet Crusade-US65
37Potstickers FocusScarlet Crusade-US65Not updated
37Pyrista The NevermoreScarlet Crusade-US65
37Jok KindredScarlet Crusade-US65
37Mythka The Wandering KnightsScarlet Crusade-US65Not updated
37Amylioo IniquitasScarlet Crusade-US65
46Xiongmaö MeleeStormScarlet Crusade-US64
46Mygrane AnathemaScarlet Crusade-US64
46Shigure The Fel WatchScarlet Crusade-US64Not updated
46Grogger Praetorian KnightsScarlet Crusade-US64Not updated
46Medawky Free AgentsScarlet Crusade-US64
46Fêalty SatoriScarlet Crusade-US64Not updated
52Hetzkies i am protagonist pls noScarlet Crusade-US63
52Daeva The Arcadian KnightsScarlet Crusade-US63
52Souchak Painful EndScarlet Crusade-US63
52Msmaho ApatheticScarlet Crusade-US63
56Resi Sivi and Her MinionsScarlet Crusade-US62
56Rathelind i am protagonist pls noScarlet Crusade-US62
56Zhom  Scarlet Crusade-US62
56Beerknight  Scarlet Crusade-US62
56Delinia The Fel WatchScarlet Crusade-US62
56Thnikkaman Gnomestar IncScarlet Crusade-US62
56Voideum Divine BrillianceScarlet Crusade-US62
56Tetheal Lights EdgeScarlet Crusade-US62
56Claden AvatarScarlet Crusade-US62Not updated
56Meteu MischiefScarlet Crusade-US62
56Dagmantis Champions of EreborScarlet Crusade-US62Not updated
56Perceptor TwilightAngelzScarlet Crusade-US62Not updated
56Sumayya Dark Sun RisingScarlet Crusade-US62Not updated
56Fillin ShadowKnightsScarlet Crusade-US62Not updated
70Zulazeel IntegrityScarlet Crusade-US61
70Sildria Lordaeron ExilesScarlet Crusade-US61
70Korilan FreelanceScarlet Crusade-US61
70Ravick The HeartlessScarlet Crusade-US61
70Taurvantian MaliceScarlet Crusade-US61
70Alarax  Scarlet Crusade-US61Not updated
70Dldeath UnisonScarlet Crusade-US61
70Cubanpete  Scarlet Crusade-US61Not updated
78Tallen Scarlet AristocracyScarlet Crusade-US60
78Yutani MaliceScarlet Crusade-US60
78Sinsith Lordaeron ExilesScarlet Crusade-US60
78Willbur KindredScarlet Crusade-US60
78Evíá MischiefScarlet Crusade-US60
78Dhaila MaliceScarlet Crusade-US60
78Dixe Misfit MilitiaScarlet Crusade-US60
78Aewynn Ooker in the DookerScarlet Crusade-US60

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