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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Sargeras-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Bloodsowrd Divine VigilanceSargeras-US78Not updated
2Crouchy Divine VigilanceSargeras-US77Not updated
3Ehmjay Divine VigilanceSargeras-US72Not updated
4Loct Divine VigilanceSargeras-US69Not updated
5Alliene Divine VigilanceSargeras-US67Not updated
6Fenris Divine VigilanceSargeras-US65Not updated
6Mawrr Divine VigilanceSargeras-US65Not updated
6Frakattack Divine VigilanceSargeras-US65Not updated
9Hyetei Divine VigilanceSargeras-US64Not updated
10Gilthridge Divine VigilanceSargeras-US61Not updated
10Danilo Divine VigilanceSargeras-US61Not updated
12Raziael Divine VigilanceSargeras-US60Not updated
13Ezekiel Divine VigilanceSargeras-US58Not updated
13Hótpócket Divine VigilanceSargeras-US58Not updated
15Diànmu Divine VigilanceSargeras-US55Not updated
15Couch Divine VigilanceSargeras-US55Not updated
15Cujax Divine VigilanceSargeras-US55Not updated
18Nithix Divine VigilanceSargeras-US53Not updated
18Yoshinator Divine VigilanceSargeras-US53Not updated
18Caustík Divine VigilanceSargeras-US53Not updated
21Shennin Divine VigilanceSargeras-US52Not updated
21Miguel Divine VigilanceSargeras-US52Not updated
23Elchupacabre Divine VigilanceSargeras-US51Not updated
23Kraknos Divine VigilanceSargeras-US51Not updated
23Drakehorn Divine VigilanceSargeras-US51Not updated
23Jdrake Divine VigilanceSargeras-US51Not updated
27Jesterrace Divine VigilanceSargeras-US50Not updated
28Lilcandi Divine VigilanceSargeras-US49Not updated
28Nirox Divine VigilanceSargeras-US49Not updated
30Tapia Divine VigilanceSargeras-US48Not updated
31Mchottie Divine VigilanceSargeras-US47Not updated
31Mad Divine VigilanceSargeras-US47Not updated
33Dirtyone Divine VigilanceSargeras-US46Not updated
34Cynosure Divine VigilanceSargeras-US45Not updated
34Fuman Divine VigilanceSargeras-US45Not updated
34Andypandy Divine VigilanceSargeras-US45Not updated
34Shanaynay Divine VigilanceSargeras-US45Not updated
38Givemegoldss Divine VigilanceSargeras-US44Not updated
38Nautilator Divine VigilanceSargeras-US44Not updated
38Stahlhammer Divine VigilanceSargeras-US44Not updated
38Snugglles Divine VigilanceSargeras-US44Not updated
38Teulu Divine VigilanceSargeras-US44Not updated
43Hyeapero Divine VigilanceSargeras-US43Not updated
43Sleepyshot Divine VigilanceSargeras-US43Not updated
43Ravad Divine VigilanceSargeras-US43Not updated
46Arcdefender Divine VigilanceSargeras-US42Not updated
46Beanish Divine VigilanceSargeras-US42Not updated
48Wolfyo Divine VigilanceSargeras-US41Not updated
48Vercy Divine VigilanceSargeras-US41Not updated
48Tovia Divine VigilanceSargeras-US41Not updated
48Tokkrah Divine VigilanceSargeras-US41Not updated
52Tryst Divine VigilanceSargeras-US40Not updated
52Taoloneya Divine VigilanceSargeras-US40Not updated
52Astarii Divine VigilanceSargeras-US40Not updated
52Loganhawk Divine VigilanceSargeras-US40Not updated
56Naturalistic Divine VigilanceSargeras-US39Not updated
56Kailah Divine VigilanceSargeras-US39Not updated
58Blackjackz Divine VigilanceSargeras-US38Not updated
58Gemshot Divine VigilanceSargeras-US38Not updated
58Ryaa Divine VigilanceSargeras-US38Not updated
61Skiddoosh Divine VigilanceSargeras-US37Not updated
61Moonÿ Divine VigilanceSargeras-US37Not updated
61Replacinrob Divine VigilanceSargeras-US37Not updated
61Channintotem Divine VigilanceSargeras-US37Not updated
61Faiding Divine VigilanceSargeras-US37Not updated
61Termin Divine VigilanceSargeras-US37Not updated
67Marcith Divine VigilanceSargeras-US36Not updated
67Besterk Divine VigilanceSargeras-US36Not updated
67Jayhavik Divine VigilanceSargeras-US36Not updated
67Dagamit Divine VigilanceSargeras-US36Not updated
71Olgun Divine VigilanceSargeras-US35Not updated
71Reichen Divine VigilanceSargeras-US35Not updated
73Averagehëro Divine VigilanceSargeras-US34Not updated
73Kalawaka Divine VigilanceSargeras-US34Not updated
73Furyhowl Divine VigilanceSargeras-US34Not updated
73Turg Divine VigilanceSargeras-US34Not updated
73Phantasos Divine VigilanceSargeras-US34Not updated
78Yuuko Divine VigilanceSargeras-US33Not updated
78Krixxy Divine VigilanceSargeras-US33Not updated
80Shadowplay Divine VigilanceSargeras-US31Not updated
80Hidra Divine VigilanceSargeras-US31Not updated
82Kamikaeo Divine VigilanceSargeras-US30Not updated
82Joox Divine VigilanceSargeras-US30Not updated
82Krobe Divine VigilanceSargeras-US30Not updated
82Osovega Divine VigilanceSargeras-US30Not updated
82Lockesha Divine VigilanceSargeras-US30Not updated
82Shakazoola Divine VigilanceSargeras-US30Not updated
82Sakabatou Divine VigilanceSargeras-US30Not updated
89Killerdudë Divine VigilanceSargeras-US29Not updated
89Adila Divine VigilanceSargeras-US29Not updated
89Blûe Divine VigilanceSargeras-US29Not updated
92Crsp Divine VigilanceSargeras-US28Not updated
92Rawberrie Divine VigilanceSargeras-US28Not updated
92Snyn Divine VigilanceSargeras-US28Not updated
92Weegiewu Divine VigilanceSargeras-US28Not updated
92Shadowhax Divine VigilanceSargeras-US28Not updated
97Qoou Divine VigilanceSargeras-US27Not updated
97Aseerian Divine VigilanceSargeras-US27Not updated
99Woudini Divine VigilanceSargeras-US26Not updated
99Katelii Divine VigilanceSargeras-US26Not updated

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