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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Runetotem-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Medellei JINXRunetotem-US90Not updated
2Banehollow Angel KnightsRunetotem-US88Not updated
3Kirlia Exiled from HellRunetotem-US86Not updated
3Chillitard Order of Misfit ToonsRunetotem-US86Not updated
5Vaelys Exiled from HellRunetotem-US84Not updated
5Onigiri  Runetotem-US84Not updated
7Hazin ExaltedRunetotem-US81Not updated
7Tombstone ExitiumRunetotem-US81Not updated
9Margaery Exiled from HellRunetotem-US80Not updated
10Vazjin ExaltedRunetotem-US79Not updated
10Varn ExitiumRunetotem-US79Not updated
10Ràven Exiled from HellRunetotem-US79Not updated
13Jägermeister Exiled from HellRunetotem-US77Not updated
14Quinlanvos The Succubus slavesRunetotem-US76Not updated
14Langemede Koala KlanRunetotem-US76Not updated
16Ktom Exiled from HellRunetotem-US74Not updated
17Aeleonus Delusions of GrandeurRunetotem-US73Not updated
17Sorenna ThresholdRunetotem-US73Not updated
19Sophette ReforgedRunetotem-US72Not updated
20Horc SentinelRunetotem-US71Not updated
20Calm  Runetotem-US71Not updated
20Mousira LibertyRunetotem-US71Not updated
23Brollis Exiled from HellRunetotem-US70Not updated
23Siggi New DawnRunetotem-US70Not updated
23Krillah Delusions of GrandeurRunetotem-US70Not updated
26Lunar Exiled from HellRunetotem-US69Not updated
26Geas Exiled from HellRunetotem-US69Not updated
26Jarlaith Fields of TrenzaloreRunetotem-US69Not updated
26Lycia The CelestialRunetotem-US69Not updated
26Varaterr  Runetotem-US69Not updated
31Pandacillin JINXRunetotem-US68Not updated
31Kamakazie AttitudeRunetotem-US68Not updated
31Bisley ReforgedRunetotem-US68Not updated
31Sttumpeh  Runetotem-US68Not updated
31Jtecleavelol BetrayedRunetotem-US68Not updated
31Hectaizani GerudoRunetotem-US68Not updated
37Barrel Exiled from HellRunetotem-US67Not updated
37Moyest DissidentRunetotem-US67Not updated
37Florianna New DawnRunetotem-US67Not updated
37Goregrim Exiled from HellRunetotem-US67Not updated
37Ténèbre Infernal LegionRunetotem-US67Not updated
37Nymphinia Whisky DawgsRunetotem-US67Not updated
37Anjou ExitiumRunetotem-US67Not updated
37Grimor  Runetotem-US67Not updated
45Miarose Exiled from HellRunetotem-US66Not updated
45Phoenixi The Divine LegionRunetotem-US66Not updated
45Lylithlavey MythplacedRunetotem-US66Not updated
45Chomb Exiled from HellRunetotem-US66Not updated
45Koldra Torch the MorgueRunetotem-US66Not updated
45Supafreak Exiled from HellRunetotem-US66Not updated
45Ironfist Last BreathRunetotem-US66Not updated
52Cyanhur The Succubus slavesRunetotem-US65Not updated
52Reinette ExaltedRunetotem-US65Not updated
52Devyn Deaths AsylumRunetotem-US65Not updated
52Fishmitten  Runetotem-US65Not updated
52Leximae  Runetotem-US65Not updated
57Raven New DawnRunetotem-US64Not updated
57Clissabris Exiled from HellRunetotem-US64Not updated
57Frostwulfe JINXRunetotem-US64Not updated
57Muataman Infernal LegionRunetotem-US64Not updated
57Aeiran Alliance of AusRunetotem-US64Not updated
57Crithappens Killing SpreesRunetotem-US64Not updated
57Mappey The Chosen FewRunetotem-US64Not updated
57Groze  Runetotem-US64Not updated
65Rhoktar ExaltedRunetotem-US63Not updated
65Wexzial New DawnRunetotem-US63Not updated
65Conjuror DynastyRunetotem-US63Not updated
65Mjöllnír JINXRunetotem-US63Not updated
65Ghazghkull Arcanas SanctumRunetotem-US63Not updated
65Sharres DynastyRunetotem-US63Not updated
65Crimigul Furia FranceseRunetotem-US63Not updated
65Jacci Blood AllegianceRunetotem-US63Not updated
65Shanwee demonic legionRunetotem-US63Not updated
74Watevatrevor Exiled from HellRunetotem-US62Not updated
74Sellindal ExitiumRunetotem-US62Not updated

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