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Rivendare-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Demowolf  Rivendare-US85
2Graveheartt Southsea StrongarmsRivendare-US83
3Phusionm UnitedRivendare-US82Not updated
4Lewt WHARRGARBLRivendare-US78Not updated
5Yamagata UnitedRivendare-US71Not updated
6Jarraiya Final Fantasy LegacyRivendare-US70Not updated
6Dkingit The Lollipop GuildRivendare-US70Not updated
8Folrig Southsea StrongarmsRivendare-US69
9Manaeldar Southsea StrongarmsRivendare-US66
9Routerslayer From Korea With LoveRivendare-US66
9Requeue  Rivendare-US66Not updated
12Lucid UnitedRivendare-US65Not updated
13Forxx  Rivendare-US64Not updated
13Arimanious  Rivendare-US64Not updated
15Boxxy The Dark ResistanceRivendare-US63
15Dóóm AbsolutionRivendare-US63
17Aeleya  Rivendare-US61Not updated
17Xkarma stay thirsty my friendsRivendare-US61Not updated
19Qulk  Rivendare-US60Not updated
20Tomes  Rivendare-US58
20Saenko Southsea StrongarmsRivendare-US58
20Steadfaster Southsea StrongarmsRivendare-US58Not updated
20Parts Phoenix LegionRivendare-US58
20Greenfiêld FusionRivendare-US58Not updated
20Matsuflex Amateur HourRivendare-US58Not updated
20Raeven Southsea StrongarmsRivendare-US58Not updated
27Acoot Southsea StrongarmsRivendare-US57
27Bodyhigh stay thirsty my friendsRivendare-US57Not updated
27Arilas Ashes to AshesRivendare-US57Not updated
30Dewberries OverRaidedRivendare-US56
30Ashha MisfitsRivendare-US56Not updated
30Nib Yakuza LordsRivendare-US56Not updated
33Zingi Good GRivendare-US55Not updated
33Seeder  Rivendare-US55Not updated
35Soulsnatcher The Lollipop GuildRivendare-US54Not updated
35Airoboodiga  Rivendare-US54Not updated
37Zemus  Rivendare-US53Not updated
37Suixide Contemporary HeroesRivendare-US53
37Egthas Shroom LordsRivendare-US53Not updated
37Staladento  Rivendare-US53Not updated
37Felsen My GuildRivendare-US53Not updated
42Fozi  Rivendare-US52Not updated
42Flute Amateur HourRivendare-US52Not updated
42Descent Southsea StrongarmsRivendare-US52Not updated
42Retfarve Damage For DummiesRivendare-US52Not updated
46Nailclaw The Dark ResistanceRivendare-US51
46Maldeth Cult of DiscordRivendare-US51Not updated
46Peonhero MisfitsRivendare-US51Not updated
46Bloodworm Southsea StrongarmsRivendare-US51Not updated
50Lethalrage Wub One OutRivendare-US50
50Llevian The Lollipop GuildRivendare-US50Not updated
50Prototypev EternalRivendare-US50Not updated
50Yraine Moving TargetRivendare-US50Not updated
50Nouvelle The Lollipop GuildRivendare-US50Not updated
50Voodoojester WHARRGARBLRivendare-US50Not updated
50Smashedvan Ashes to AshesRivendare-US50Not updated
50Newaulio Azeroth Special ForcesRivendare-US50Not updated
50Deathmetal BloodRivendare-US50Not updated
50Fathercow AbsolutionRivendare-US50Not updated
60Firestaryvfd Contemporary HeroesRivendare-US49
60Lindrada UnitedRivendare-US49
60Ownsanightes BG HeroesRivendare-US49
60Porterdk Ninjas Vs PiratesRivendare-US49Not updated
60Mildart  Rivendare-US49Not updated
60Cytherea UnitedRivendare-US49Not updated
60Alaea in the MountainsRivendare-US49Not updated
60Desslok  Rivendare-US49Not updated
60Kheya BloodRivendare-US49Not updated
69Devarona LightofAllianceRivendare-US48
69Evicbonespur  Rivendare-US48
69Domeki Contemporary HeroesRivendare-US48
69Eilonwy The Lollipop GuildRivendare-US48Not updated
69Normanosborn Fellowship Of The BlingRivendare-US48Not updated
69Paketsnifing Midnight AssassinsRivendare-US48Not updated
69Wwhy Silverdragon ClanRivendare-US48Not updated
69Felldew League of LegendsRivendare-US48Not updated
69Pri UnitedRivendare-US48Not updated
78Unlücky Southsea StrongarmsRivendare-US47
78Crichton Contemporary HeroesRivendare-US47
78Kroel It burns when I PvPRivendare-US47
78Aguacero The CrusâdersRivendare-US47Not updated
78Sylandria Wub One OutRivendare-US47Not updated
78Yamagotti UnitedRivendare-US47Not updated
78Ownsthewar The CrusâdersRivendare-US47Not updated
78Handled  Rivendare-US47Not updated
78Cheetoz Silverdragon ClanRivendare-US47Not updated
78Rumdward in the MountainsRivendare-US47Not updated
88Abyssaldemon The Dark ResistanceRivendare-US46Not updated
88Patsycline Good GRivendare-US46
88Disi IniquityRivendare-US46Not updated
88Devette LightofAllianceRivendare-US46Not updated
88Gorenaire AARPRivendare-US46Not updated
88Ibdotty in the MountainsRivendare-US46Not updated
88Stomptiem Southsea StrongarmsRivendare-US46Not updated
95Okro OverRaidedRivendare-US45
95Flamesexia DISTANCERivendare-US45Not updated
95Codytwo Cult of DiscordRivendare-US45Not updated
95Grikar  Rivendare-US45Not updated
95Feralstryke  Rivendare-US45Not updated
95Jabberwock The Dying BreedRivendare-US45Not updated

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