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Ravenholdt-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Projecplv KíngdomRavenholdt-US94
2Ailchú Rise of the Night MoonRavenholdt-US93
3Chixnu NephilimRavenholdt-US90
4Dasani  Ravenholdt-US85Not updated
5Tribunal OffensiveRavenholdt-US82Not updated
6Jono Reign of TerrorRavenholdt-US81Not updated
6Failfist  Ravenholdt-US81Not updated
8Adamd S I NRavenholdt-US80
9Tekton Dark DragonsRavenholdt-US79Not updated
9Erána Rise of the Night MoonRavenholdt-US79Not updated
11Eohnavi ReprisalRavenholdt-US78Not updated
12Estreya Universal OrderRavenholdt-US76Not updated
12Arkadiusz  Ravenholdt-US76Not updated
14Aziel Universal OrderRavenholdt-US75
15Hybrys GastropodRavenholdt-US74Not updated
15Shielyn Universal OrderRavenholdt-US74Not updated
15Alcinoe OffensiveRavenholdt-US74Not updated
15Reddrake Bone CollectorsRavenholdt-US74Not updated
15Wylithelyn The Dirty Underwear GangRavenholdt-US74Not updated
20Rogru DreadnaughtRavenholdt-US73
21Dromian Decisively IndecisiveRavenholdt-US71
21Silanna Haute ClubRavenholdt-US71Not updated
21Xaura CerberusRavenholdt-US71
24Tinymittenz NephilimRavenholdt-US70
25Zeldoris Universal OrderRavenholdt-US69
25Dovi Anarchy RisingRavenholdt-US69Not updated
27Blacklung DreadnaughtRavenholdt-US68
27Chestter DreadnaughtRavenholdt-US68
27Lindaria League of the Icy WindRavenholdt-US68Not updated
27Titanfist  Ravenholdt-US68Not updated
27Steeg Decisively IndecisiveRavenholdt-US68Not updated
32Alaurel NephilimRavenholdt-US67
32Halmir Fallen HeroesRavenholdt-US67
32Jiyo  Ravenholdt-US67
32Lazerturky Anarchy RisingRavenholdt-US67Not updated
32Cowrawr Rise of the Night MoonRavenholdt-US67Not updated
32Ivan MilfnCookiezzRavenholdt-US67Not updated
32Lixza Trial and ErrorRavenholdt-US67Not updated
39Squishable DepricatedRavenholdt-US66
39Solaís Decisively IndecisiveRavenholdt-US66
39Endercover Storage AreaRavenholdt-US66Not updated
39Alasyra DeathWyndsRavenholdt-US66
43Oishi DepricatedRavenholdt-US65
43Nèxus Fallen HeroesRavenholdt-US65
43Quejinn NephilimRavenholdt-US65
43Ceolwyn  Ravenholdt-US65Not updated
43Bumtickler Rise of the Night MoonRavenholdt-US65Not updated
43Duel Hellscreams AngelsRavenholdt-US65Not updated
43Aslena Anatomically VogueRavenholdt-US65
50Trunder NephilimRavenholdt-US64
50Tharama Anarchy RisingRavenholdt-US64
50Balthusar SolsticeRavenholdt-US64Not updated
53Nínkasí The SentinelsRavenholdt-US63
53Kiwiboo BlutengelRavenholdt-US63
53Lesten League of the Icy WindRavenholdt-US63
53Tygrey ReprisalRavenholdt-US63Not updated
53Epitek GastropodRavenholdt-US63Not updated
53Walsh Kul Tiras MarinesRavenholdt-US63Not updated
59Iyotanka The Boisterous FewRavenholdt-US62
59Ekleipsis That GuildRavenholdt-US62
59Caricius Disciples of WorthRavenholdt-US62
59Ilyn MyrmidonRavenholdt-US62Not updated
59Cleanze Anarchy RisingRavenholdt-US62
64Saeyothu The MisfitsRavenholdt-US61Not updated
64Ihova Dark DragonsRavenholdt-US61
64Woogling  Ravenholdt-US61Not updated
64Darkskip IridiumRavenholdt-US61Not updated
64Fifteenpens League of the Icy WindRavenholdt-US61Not updated
64Aia  Ravenholdt-US61Not updated
70Zylaen DepricatedRavenholdt-US60
70Wòrk No FearRavenholdt-US60
70Skylah Twilight EmpireRavenholdt-US60
70Jul Hellscreams AngelsRavenholdt-US60
70Ginnhh S I NRavenholdt-US60
70Dazzak Eight BitRavenholdt-US60
70Belimari ToxicRavenholdt-US60Not updated
70Cerulá  Ravenholdt-US60Not updated
70Panos Rise of the Night MoonRavenholdt-US60Not updated
70Silverstarr  Ravenholdt-US60Not updated
70Kátrina  Ravenholdt-US60Not updated
81Zagden NephilimRavenholdt-US59Not updated
81Leighna  Ravenholdt-US59Not updated
81Anshu AudacityRavenholdt-US59Not updated
81Xeeryna The IndeliblesRavenholdt-US59
81Flaiir HostileRavenholdt-US59Not updated
81Genesee ReprisalRavenholdt-US59Not updated
81Skyjade Disorganized CrimeRavenholdt-US59Not updated
81Anatu The UnwantedRavenholdt-US59Not updated
81Brinell AudacityRavenholdt-US59Not updated
81Tiryns SoricomorphaRavenholdt-US59Not updated
81Drunnktisi AxecleaveRavenholdt-US59Not updated
81Ezbattlepets The Crimson PhoenixRavenholdt-US59Not updated
81Boomshackala GastropodRavenholdt-US59Not updated
81Velvetaire  Ravenholdt-US59Not updated
81Schaeden  Ravenholdt-US59Not updated
96Lyre NephilimRavenholdt-US58
96Adorencis Divine RetributionRavenholdt-US58Not updated
96Arthelle  Ravenholdt-US58Not updated
96Shepherd Blood ShedRavenholdt-US58Not updated
96Brennivin  Ravenholdt-US58Not updated

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