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Ragnaros-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Exeetor Never EasyRagnaros-EU58Not updated
2Swagshield Never EasyRagnaros-EU57Not updated
3Milekki Never EasyRagnaros-EU52
3Nadrak Never EasyRagnaros-EU52
5Alyn Never EasyRagnaros-EU51
6Storofet Never EasyRagnaros-EU47Not updated
7Sworner Never EasyRagnaros-EU44Not updated
7Shook Never EasyRagnaros-EU44Not updated
7Swagbeast Never EasyRagnaros-EU44
7Dixter Never EasyRagnaros-EU44
11Zofa Never EasyRagnaros-EU43
12Asspaín Never EasyRagnaros-EU40
12Klitomis Never EasyRagnaros-EU40Not updated
12Vallerian Never EasyRagnaros-EU40
15Senla Never EasyRagnaros-EU38
15Snobe Never EasyRagnaros-EU38
15Peenutt Never EasyRagnaros-EU38Not updated
18Luthias Never EasyRagnaros-EU37Not updated
18Olleostbåge Never EasyRagnaros-EU37Not updated
20Svulloot Never EasyRagnaros-EU36Not updated
20Hypercow Never EasyRagnaros-EU36
22Viron Never EasyRagnaros-EU35
23Xiers Never EasyRagnaros-EU34
23Léonar Never EasyRagnaros-EU34
25Yïn Never EasyRagnaros-EU33
26Cúntpuncher Never EasyRagnaros-EU32
26Darthbux Never EasyRagnaros-EU32Not updated
26Hoffen Never EasyRagnaros-EU32
29Blazion Never EasyRagnaros-EU30Not updated
29Kvinnaböske Never EasyRagnaros-EU30Not updated
31Deadbutt Never EasyRagnaros-EU28Not updated
31Snålheals Never EasyRagnaros-EU28
31Swagtotem Never EasyRagnaros-EU28Not updated
34Raggazh Never EasyRagnaros-EU27
34Zedrood Never EasyRagnaros-EU27Not updated
34Hiom Never EasyRagnaros-EU27Not updated
37Arapian Never EasyRagnaros-EU25Not updated
37Pint Never EasyRagnaros-EU25Not updated
39Argtrollkarl Never EasyRagnaros-EU24
39Drømme Never EasyRagnaros-EU24
39Marucho Never EasyRagnaros-EU24
42Giocatrice Never EasyRagnaros-EU23Not updated
43Veeh Never EasyRagnaros-EU21Not updated
43Yxbob Never EasyRagnaros-EU21Not updated
43Icka Never EasyRagnaros-EU21Not updated
46Dvargdrulle Never EasyRagnaros-EU20Not updated
47Primordus Never EasyRagnaros-EU19Not updated
47Aoyama Never EasyRagnaros-EU19Not updated
47Battesaj Never EasyRagnaros-EU19
50Ulfgarr Never EasyRagnaros-EU18Not updated
50Mulvi Never EasyRagnaros-EU18Not updated
50Shadowhide Never EasyRagnaros-EU18Not updated
53Barkie Never EasyRagnaros-EU17
53Alpíne Never EasyRagnaros-EU17
55Scardt Never EasyRagnaros-EU16
55Burakku Never EasyRagnaros-EU16Not updated
55Dvärgjägare Never EasyRagnaros-EU16Not updated
58Batushai Never EasyRagnaros-EU15Not updated
59Badmojoh Never EasyRagnaros-EU14
59Brainsmakka Never EasyRagnaros-EU14
61Stampy Never EasyRagnaros-EU13Not updated
62Ezienz Never EasyRagnaros-EU12
62Shrod Never EasyRagnaros-EU12Not updated
64Limpwen Never EasyRagnaros-EU11Not updated
64Laçex Never EasyRagnaros-EU11Not updated
66Insàne Never EasyRagnaros-EU7
67Elretard Never EasyRagnaros-EU6Not updated
68Ohmygurd Never EasyRagnaros-EU3
69Ovoo Never EasyRagnaros-EU2
69Süffer Never EasyRagnaros-EU2Not updated
69Whallah Never EasyRagnaros-EU2Not updated
72Skyzler Never EasyRagnaros-EU1
72Bonetard Never EasyRagnaros-EU1
72Balaran Never EasyRagnaros-EU1
75Tzy Never EasyRagnaros-EU0

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