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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Quel'dorei-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Geeni WTF who pulledQuel'dorei-US88Not updated
1Cptcaveman  Quel'dorei-US88Not updated
3Starleaf  Quel'dorei-US83Not updated
4Valens Final RequiemQuel'dorei-US79Not updated
4Propell RedefinedQuel'dorei-US79Not updated
6Jepher Honor GuardQuel'dorei-US77Not updated
7Viktarion Blood and GloryQuel'dorei-US76Not updated
8Amalin Dawn of DamnationQuel'dorei-US75Not updated
9Kaminari RedefinedQuel'dorei-US73Not updated
9Branara The Blood ClanQuel'dorei-US73Not updated
9Zade Cobra CommandQuel'dorei-US73Not updated
9Valarix  Quel'dorei-US73Not updated
13Syphron Muffin ButtonQuel'dorei-US72Not updated
13Saxen  Quel'dorei-US72Not updated
15Sprink WreckedQuel'dorei-US70Not updated
15Imperious Final RequiemQuel'dorei-US70Not updated
17Punchdrunk Muffin ButtonQuel'dorei-US69Not updated
17Edarus Muffin ButtonQuel'dorei-US69Not updated
17Emikandi Muffin ButtonQuel'dorei-US69Not updated
20Bellafiamma NocturnalQuel'dorei-US68Not updated
20Nieve JourneyQuel'dorei-US68Not updated
20Jazira Iron AvatarQuel'dorei-US68Not updated
23Cøsto  Quel'dorei-US67Not updated
24Terribbad Blood and GloryQuel'dorei-US66Not updated
25Khif DedicatedQuel'dorei-US64Not updated
25Terkan Legendary BloodQuel'dorei-US64Not updated
27Shehrazad  Quel'dorei-US63Not updated
27Aishu PanaceaQuel'dorei-US63Not updated
27Möñtz Just CuzQuel'dorei-US63Not updated
27Brak Cobra CommandQuel'dorei-US63Not updated
27Phinebucket LMAOQuel'dorei-US63Not updated
27Losa Deadly RainfallsQuel'dorei-US63Not updated
27Rottenbanana RegenesisQuel'dorei-US63Not updated
27Noctyssa  Quel'dorei-US63Not updated
35Toomuchjuice The MartyredQuel'dorei-US62Not updated
35Imatarp Constant MovementQuel'dorei-US62Not updated
35Tyoril GAME OGRE MAN GAME OGREQuel'dorei-US62Not updated
35Phenton Knights of the Red SkyQuel'dorei-US62Not updated
35Nixx  Quel'dorei-US62Not updated
40Aleveena NocturnalQuel'dorei-US61Not updated
40Meleecyrus Final RequiemQuel'dorei-US61Not updated
40Yena Lightbringers KnightsQuel'dorei-US61Not updated
40Malagoth The TrainQuel'dorei-US61Not updated
40Nagzter  Quel'dorei-US61Not updated
40Shadowdreamr The MartyredQuel'dorei-US61Not updated
40Dropdatbass Dawn of DamnationQuel'dorei-US61Not updated
40Krellecx  Quel'dorei-US61Not updated
48Lagann The Genyu forceQuel'dorei-US60Not updated
48Gazix Fire and BloodQuel'dorei-US60Not updated
48Kríeger LMAOQuel'dorei-US60Not updated
51Bulldah TAUREN TEMPLAR KNIGHTSQuel'dorei-US59Not updated
51Milkypilky Arrested DevelopmentQuel'dorei-US59Not updated
51Bittersweet Legendary BloodQuel'dorei-US59Not updated
51Morgromm Peons for HireQuel'dorei-US59Not updated
51Vennamak RivenQuel'dorei-US59Not updated
51Shadknight Honor GuardQuel'dorei-US59Not updated
51Darkpawn AwakenedQuel'dorei-US59Not updated
58Free  Quel'dorei-US58Not updated
58Tyrina Tasslehoffs WanderlustQuel'dorei-US58Not updated
58Browe QuelDorei RaidersQuel'dorei-US58Not updated
58Zhadoo  Quel'dorei-US58Not updated
58Caesars Recreational HazardQuel'dorei-US58Not updated
58Grue  Quel'dorei-US58Not updated
58Butchyz  Quel'dorei-US58Not updated
58Visrohk  Quel'dorei-US58Not updated
66Zerrikan Recreational HazardQuel'dorei-US57Not updated
66Uriel  Quel'dorei-US57Not updated
66Triploblast JourneyQuel'dorei-US57Not updated
66Ghurak  Quel'dorei-US57Not updated
70Doppsy  Quel'dorei-US56Not updated
70Ichonar For Fun and ProfitQuel'dorei-US56Not updated
70Rotsofdots Final RequiemQuel'dorei-US56Not updated
70Zyofu Crimson FuryQuel'dorei-US56Not updated
70Sinsatiate  Quel'dorei-US56Not updated
70Jenlia The Vicious KanidsQuel'dorei-US56Not updated
70Rawrbug  Quel'dorei-US56Not updated
70Otsosi Fire and BloodQuel'dorei-US56Not updated
70Digrat Fire and BloodQuel'dorei-US56Not updated
70Soeppi E Pluribus UnumQuel'dorei-US56Not updated
80Locktargus Knights Who Say NiQuel'dorei-US55Not updated
80Adowen Knights Who Say NiQuel'dorei-US55Not updated
80Dorathaexplr Bristol KnightsQuel'dorei-US55Not updated
80Savwafair The Damaged OnesQuel'dorei-US55Not updated
80Azraela Knights Who Say NiQuel'dorei-US55Not updated
80Oppil Knights Who Say NiQuel'dorei-US55Not updated
86Caronny Arrested DevelopmentQuel'dorei-US54Not updated
86Thokard Silent AddictionQuel'dorei-US54Not updated
86Ragnarök  Quel'dorei-US54Not updated
86Halfton WreckedQuel'dorei-US54Not updated
86Echthelion Children of the StarsQuel'dorei-US54Not updated
86Fredtcrits The Damaged OnesQuel'dorei-US54Not updated
86Grakthar  Quel'dorei-US54Not updated
86Deadsmell Sleepless KnightsQuel'dorei-US54Not updated
86Mylilpwny Muffin ButtonQuel'dorei-US54Not updated
86Zyomented Crimson FuryQuel'dorei-US54Not updated
96Zhana Bristol KnightsQuel'dorei-US53Not updated
96Sealkie Sad PandaQuel'dorei-US53Not updated
96Togame  Quel'dorei-US53Not updated
96Hottlock  Quel'dorei-US53Not updated
96Marelle  Quel'dorei-US53Not updated

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