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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Proudmoore-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Mayzi InfidelsProudmoore-US129Not updated
2Sponsored Server CelebrityProudmoore-US103Not updated
3Tydizdruid Zero Yard RangeProudmoore-US102Not updated
4Bàin Game OverProudmoore-US101Not updated
5Valvalís FormalityProudmoore-US100Not updated
6Nudist Game OverProudmoore-US99Not updated
7Brotector  Proudmoore-US98Not updated
8Phayze AvocadoProudmoore-US97Not updated
8Lynessa Paralytic CharmProudmoore-US97Not updated
8Avataroflife InfamyProudmoore-US97Not updated
11Unfurl HimawariProudmoore-US96Not updated
11Ashym OuroborosProudmoore-US96Not updated
11Anagoge RuinedProudmoore-US96Not updated
14Slamstein Server CelebrityProudmoore-US95Not updated
15Entus Non Combat PetProudmoore-US93Not updated
16Gothmilk Legacy ForetoldProudmoore-US91Not updated
17Orban FormalityProudmoore-US90Not updated
18Pyris FormalityProudmoore-US89Not updated
18Bakapally The Round Table of IronProudmoore-US89Not updated
18Vittorìa  Proudmoore-US89Not updated
18Sermar The ChaosProudmoore-US89Not updated
22Aeowolf Redeemers of AzerothProudmoore-US88Not updated
22Fizyx  Proudmoore-US88Not updated
24Nightress FormalityProudmoore-US87Not updated
24Hakaisoh VanquisherProudmoore-US87Not updated
26Luvalot Game TheoryProudmoore-US86Not updated
26Iravar  Proudmoore-US86Not updated
26Anarkaic Unusual SuspectsProudmoore-US86Not updated
29Valleygirlqt Enrage TimerProudmoore-US85Not updated
29Zebren Non Combat PetProudmoore-US85Not updated
29Akinei Something WickedProudmoore-US85Not updated
29Elliyarra The Round Table of IronProudmoore-US85Not updated
29Glycon SanctuaryProudmoore-US85Not updated
29Malbertha InfamyProudmoore-US85Not updated
29Falsecount Hard Taco SupremesProudmoore-US85Not updated
29Worglavs HeatProudmoore-US85Not updated
37Bolerephon Rage QuitProudmoore-US84Not updated
37Srettel Fission ChipsProudmoore-US84Not updated
37Reagansmash MythicalProudmoore-US84Not updated
37Kgee Non Combat PetProudmoore-US84Not updated
41Suzumi To Be DeterminedProudmoore-US83Not updated
42Xvii VexedProudmoore-US82Not updated
42Kuriketto NazgulProudmoore-US82Not updated
42Baghera ausProudmoore-US82Not updated
42Racuid  Proudmoore-US82Not updated
46Nan VindicationProudmoore-US81Not updated
46Maltrice Wizards and WarriorsProudmoore-US81Not updated
46Misser AvocadoProudmoore-US81Not updated
46Altherius  Proudmoore-US81Not updated
46Purpleplague  Proudmoore-US81Not updated
46Noobestbox EXTREME SLEEPOVERProudmoore-US81Not updated
46Rists  Proudmoore-US81Not updated
53Gèminí Non Combat PetProudmoore-US80Not updated
53Ulthane Game OverProudmoore-US80Not updated
53Asdfjkhlkjy HavenProudmoore-US80Not updated
53Charlia Redeemers of AzerothProudmoore-US80Not updated
53Missyhiggins Cinnamon ChallengeProudmoore-US80Not updated
53Kyan Taint InvadersProudmoore-US80Not updated
53Iraine Masters of HordeProudmoore-US80Not updated
60Keildian OuroborosProudmoore-US79Not updated
60Farieth Divine WindProudmoore-US79Not updated
60Slashlove Non Combat PetProudmoore-US79Not updated
60Elkrain Silent AscensionProudmoore-US79Not updated
60Totemicah Armoured FuryProudmoore-US79Not updated
60Tyrandus PandemicProudmoore-US79Not updated
60Këk Danger GnomeProudmoore-US79Not updated
60Aldyn Goes To ElevenProudmoore-US79Not updated
60Pamlynn RNG and GearProudmoore-US79Not updated
60Smeep  Proudmoore-US79Not updated
60Shaftx Gone FishinProudmoore-US79Not updated
71Colin Non Combat PetProudmoore-US78Not updated
71Manager FormalityProudmoore-US78Not updated
71Katanja Beautiful DeathProudmoore-US78Not updated
71Sparkledoom  Proudmoore-US78Not updated
71Lokojedi FirehawkProudmoore-US78Not updated
71Iiago Geared For WarProudmoore-US78Not updated
71Zixianjo  Proudmoore-US78Not updated
71Chundor  Proudmoore-US78Not updated
71Rageissue  Proudmoore-US78Not updated
71Sneakycam Tainted RainbowProudmoore-US78Not updated
71Boostedtoon  Proudmoore-US78Not updated
82Trallas We Got it This Time GuysProudmoore-US77Not updated
82Emoisha  Proudmoore-US77Not updated
82Draygoazul DarkProudmoore-US77Not updated
82Gigglezz InfamyProudmoore-US77Not updated
82Jódókast AxiomProudmoore-US77Not updated
82Dundundundun Server CelebrityProudmoore-US77Not updated
88Cur Phoenix ResurrectionProudmoore-US76Not updated
88Scubacuda TCProudmoore-US76Not updated
88Jazmíra RuinedProudmoore-US76Not updated
88Rockharrd TaintProudmoore-US76Not updated
88Brokenshot The Round Table of IronProudmoore-US76Not updated
88Sostoned RevivalProudmoore-US76Not updated
88Laharl  Proudmoore-US76Not updated
88Daszin Last AttemptProudmoore-US76Not updated

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