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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Proudmoore-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Dreggi Raging RaidleadProudmoore-EU104Not updated
2Cyran KernfusionProudmoore-EU101
3North KernfusionProudmoore-EU98Not updated
4Drunkenhero KernfusionProudmoore-EU94
5Chrisey Die Hohen SchwerterProudmoore-EU92
6Alendia is AnbesenProudmoore-EU89Not updated
6Fini nilProudmoore-EU89Not updated
8Xania Frak the oddsProudmoore-EU87Not updated
8Syreph resolveProudmoore-EU87Not updated
10Xoran Raging RaidleadProudmoore-EU84Not updated
11Shaddowmen Raging RaidleadProudmoore-EU83Not updated
11Elelesti KernfusionProudmoore-EU83
13Chaya Raging RaidleadProudmoore-EU82Not updated
13Elenaya Magnanimous MajestyProudmoore-EU82
15Facerippin KernfusionProudmoore-EU81
16Taimaha Ice ExperienceProudmoore-EU80
17Ollivero Knights of KnetzgauProudmoore-EU79Not updated
17Kiljaden DisturbedProudmoore-EU79
17Ayané AcheronProudmoore-EU79Not updated
17Eddno is AnbesenProudmoore-EU79Not updated
17Barry amícorum gratíaProudmoore-EU79Not updated
17Aszra nilProudmoore-EU79
23Loldarkylol Raging RaidleadProudmoore-EU78Not updated
23Salù Knights of KnetzgauProudmoore-EU78
23Jamie Riders on the StormProudmoore-EU78Not updated
23Gustavi Magnanimous MajestyProudmoore-EU78
23Kitahara CrusaderProudmoore-EU78Not updated
23Vále Joypad MonkeysProudmoore-EU78Not updated
23Chirokee Ice ExperienceProudmoore-EU78Not updated
30Fâfnir Raging RaidleadProudmoore-EU77Not updated
30Fiana Tempus DraconisProudmoore-EU77Not updated
30Thainor Joypad MonkeysProudmoore-EU77Not updated
30Druck Boßelbrüder Booty BayProudmoore-EU77Not updated
34Pandomime Knights of KnetzgauProudmoore-EU76Not updated
34Arogazia CrusaderProudmoore-EU76
34Isildor LipigrallProudmoore-EU76Not updated
34Gieraffe Monkäy IncProudmoore-EU76Not updated
34Cádien who is your daddyProudmoore-EU76Not updated
39Ebila KernfusionProudmoore-EU75
39Bierpatriot HitmanProudmoore-EU75Not updated
41Thefirebird Tränen des PhönixProudmoore-EU74Not updated
41Volibear Dps is my ReligionProudmoore-EU74Not updated
43Keena Raging RaidleadProudmoore-EU73Not updated
43Makakah AcheronProudmoore-EU73Not updated
43Graue  Proudmoore-EU73Not updated
43Sardessa Skill on DemandProudmoore-EU73Not updated
43Genjatara ForFunProudmoore-EU73Not updated
43Antoninus Crusaders of StormwindProudmoore-EU73
43Chryss Die Hohen SchwerterProudmoore-EU73Not updated
50Dumboo Raging RaidleadProudmoore-EU72Not updated
50Complexo Hüter der GezeitenProudmoore-EU72Not updated
50Verso LipigrallProudmoore-EU72Not updated
50Serren amícorum gratíaProudmoore-EU72
54Eomer KernfusionProudmoore-EU71
54Luxpadinus NightstalkerProudmoore-EU71
54Nataliah InsomniaProudmoore-EU71
54Sangan Knights of KnetzgauProudmoore-EU71Not updated
54Zuled sickProudmoore-EU71Not updated
54Kijimea sickProudmoore-EU71Not updated
54Sanae Gods of WarProudmoore-EU71Not updated
54Lailana Bloodhoof RuffnecksProudmoore-EU71Not updated
54Lokilein  Proudmoore-EU71Not updated
63Mulân AscensionProudmoore-EU70Not updated
63Yysara LipigrallProudmoore-EU70
63Parinora InsomniaProudmoore-EU70
63Mamphisto Tränen des PhönixProudmoore-EU70
63Shaggoth sickProudmoore-EU70Not updated
63Maiklnait Boßelbrüder Booty BayProudmoore-EU70Not updated
63Soulrender  Proudmoore-EU70Not updated
70Zyur Dunkler Phönix OrdenProudmoore-EU69Not updated
70Xerxes Burning SoulsProudmoore-EU69
70Vanquish  Proudmoore-EU69Not updated
70Tzulang NightstalkerProudmoore-EU69Not updated
70Gesira Magnanimous MajestyProudmoore-EU69Not updated
70Almisael  Proudmoore-EU69Not updated
76Mêrlé Omnes Pro UnoProudmoore-EU68Not updated
76Dakha Ice ExperienceProudmoore-EU68Not updated
76Krondike ZENSIERTProudmoore-EU68
76Grimson Bloodhoof RuffnecksProudmoore-EU68Not updated
76Littlelights MonsterProudmoore-EU68Not updated
76Shinrah Ice ExperienceProudmoore-EU68
76Blubl RetroRaidersProudmoore-EU68Not updated
76Spaßlesti  Proudmoore-EU68Not updated
76Beniko  Proudmoore-EU68Not updated
76Corruption KernfusionProudmoore-EU68Not updated
86Sentaurio Raging RaidleadProudmoore-EU67Not updated
86Elaera AscensionProudmoore-EU67
86Cappadonna NightstalkerProudmoore-EU67Not updated
86Shii Riders on the StormProudmoore-EU67Not updated
86Arymis Ice ExperienceProudmoore-EU67
86Shíná Die SchnapsdrosselnProudmoore-EU67Not updated
86Larice NightstalkerProudmoore-EU67Not updated
86Magurty  Proudmoore-EU67Not updated
86Idola Die DrückerkolonneProudmoore-EU67Not updated
86Bfd  Proudmoore-EU67Not updated

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