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Perenolde-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Nephris Holy Order of the LambPerenolde-US118
2Seru celebritiesPerenolde-US99
3Nocturnum celebritiesPerenolde-US89
4Bartin Crimson Sun AcolytesPerenolde-US87
4Ligerzero CohesionPerenolde-US87Not updated
6Intolerance celebritiesPerenolde-US85
7Eímear ÇHÁØTîÇ ÐRÁGØÑSPerenolde-US84Not updated
8Lilchaosbolt celebritiesPerenolde-US83
9Zanandre Crisis ManagementPerenolde-US82
10Snackcookies Crisis ManagementPerenolde-US80
11Neiklot Crisis ManagementPerenolde-US79
11Gr Crisis ManagementPerenolde-US79Not updated
11Jaegar SubParPerenolde-US79
14Tâlizorah  Perenolde-US77Not updated
14Graril  Perenolde-US77Not updated
16Darkace Dark HeroesPerenolde-US74Not updated
16Zoxipozzizox Quid Pro QuoPerenolde-US74Not updated
16Ellenn  Perenolde-US74Not updated
19Mavendreas Dragon Gate InnPerenolde-US73
19Sanglant KingdomPerenolde-US73Not updated
19Shinakuma  Perenolde-US73Not updated
19Rarespawn Insane but MedicatedPerenolde-US73Not updated
23Braneour Hand Of PalandinePerenolde-US72
23Speedbag  Perenolde-US72Not updated
25Elthedark Crisis ManagementPerenolde-US71
25Bahamuth B r o t h e r h o o DPerenolde-US71
25Hyster I Play Better NakedPerenolde-US71
25Charyse CollisionPerenolde-US71Not updated
29Sorie Dark HarvestPerenolde-US70
29Irca Hand Of PalandinePerenolde-US70
29Malraven VintagePerenolde-US70Not updated
29Setrus CAKE FTWPerenolde-US70Not updated
29Bladéknight  Perenolde-US70Not updated
29Serua THIRTY SIX CHAMBERSPerenolde-US70Not updated
35Jacl Dark HarvestPerenolde-US69
35Irizimo VicariousPerenolde-US69
35Talies AnxietyPerenolde-US69
35Manmade B r o t h e r h o o DPerenolde-US69
35Elissa Disciples of BeerPerenolde-US69
35Dobberine  Perenolde-US69Not updated
41Arakuth Crisis ManagementPerenolde-US68
41Drunqnmasta The Einstein CrewPerenolde-US68Not updated
41Nazgon AnxietyPerenolde-US68
44Gojee celebritiesPerenolde-US67
44Nature celebritiesPerenolde-US67
44Yazz Crisis ManagementPerenolde-US67Not updated
44Miore SubParPerenolde-US67Not updated
44Skipperdoo Crisis ManagementPerenolde-US67
44Puppylove Semper VigilansPerenolde-US67Not updated
50Sunwúkong Crisis ManagementPerenolde-US66
50Corbin Crisis ManagementPerenolde-US66Not updated
50Ealara Red Ring of DeathPerenolde-US66Not updated
50Cellestial  Perenolde-US66Not updated
50Terentia Red Ring of DeathPerenolde-US66Not updated
50Jadazia All DayPerenolde-US66Not updated
50Queisha Ultimate AlliancePerenolde-US66Not updated
50Plugger EpitaphPerenolde-US66Not updated
58Velousa Dark HarvestPerenolde-US65
58Adramolecule  Perenolde-US65
58Raventear  Perenolde-US65
58Sozilicious Crisis ManagementPerenolde-US65
58Sarj SubParPerenolde-US65
58Upiki Sleeper CartelPerenolde-US65
58Xolos celebritiesPerenolde-US65
58Shìfthappens Dragon Gate InnPerenolde-US65Not updated
58Jedah Discovery ChannelPerenolde-US65Not updated
58Avelia Dark HarvestPerenolde-US65
58Cyrå Kindred LegionPerenolde-US65Not updated
58Sylvie Circle of ElunePerenolde-US65Not updated
58Jaletha Pieces of EightPerenolde-US65Not updated
58Vasquez Divine Order of LightPerenolde-US65Not updated
72Salinor Crisis ManagementPerenolde-US64
72Boblolz celebritiesPerenolde-US64
72Ishamael Know EwePerenolde-US64
72Kyosera Crisis ManagementPerenolde-US64Not updated
72Sinistress Horde On PatrolPerenolde-US64
72Amoondai CohesionPerenolde-US64Not updated

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