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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Outland-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Nocturnall Weapon XOutland-EU162Not updated
2Sorreja  Outland-EU131Not updated
3Aalfie  Outland-EU130Not updated
4Hibye CursedOutland-EU115Not updated
5Rivière HelionOutland-EU111Not updated
6Saakia Bringing the PainOutland-EU110Not updated
7Eppal  Outland-EU107Not updated
8Xrulol GPCIOutland-EU106Not updated
9Sigex IM A WHALE RUAHUAHUAHUAHOutland-EU105Not updated
9Triendoom IM A DOLPHIN HIRIHIRIHIIOutland-EU105Not updated
11Phantasos HAZELOutland-EU104Not updated
11Zerusi IM A DOLPHIN HIRIHIRIHIIOutland-EU104Not updated
13Adejeong ICELANCEICELANCEICELANCEOutland-EU103Not updated
13Belovato  Outland-EU103Not updated
15Zervantos  Outland-EU102Not updated
16Kozochka  Outland-EU101Not updated
16Pallach  Outland-EU101Not updated
18Buftek Honor CappedOutland-EU100Not updated
19Zipzepzop EnticementOutland-EU99Not updated
20Kyrak SKILL JK ONE SHOTOutland-EU98Not updated
21Spiticia FatalisOutland-EU96Not updated
21Geosgaeno Thick Solid TightOutland-EU96Not updated
21Knucklol Sera NocteOutland-EU96Not updated
21Insömnia  Outland-EU96Not updated
25Smootiedruid Final BossOutland-EU95Not updated
25Noskillatall DIN MOROutland-EU95Not updated
25Sumek Sapped Cows Cant MooOutland-EU95Not updated
28Thereatwo Project SlothOutland-EU94Not updated
28Soraven Dodge Snipe and Fake DCOutland-EU94Not updated
30Dorah GeneticsOutland-EU93Not updated
30Frokenotur Warsong GuardiansOutland-EU93Not updated
30Petialøl  Outland-EU93Not updated
30Exploited IM A WHALE RUAHUAHUAHUAHOutland-EU93Not updated
34Béspredel  Outland-EU92Not updated
34Athrôn Wheelchair HijackersOutland-EU92Not updated
34Bufy Outlandish HordeOutland-EU92Not updated
34Carielle subaruOutland-EU92Not updated
34Sheew ComeHonorFacesOutland-EU92Not updated
39Kaaye woop woopOutland-EU91Not updated
40Skölden FatalisOutland-EU90Not updated
40Gnipeh U N I T E DOutland-EU90Not updated
40Zunè  Outland-EU90Not updated
40Nauree Project SlothOutland-EU90Not updated
40Chiforceone Eat Sleep Own RepeatOutland-EU90Not updated
40Rozora derplingOutland-EU90Not updated
40Mijorc InfamousOutland-EU90Not updated
40Confen YöneläimetOutland-EU90Not updated
48Menazor RavenWoodOutland-EU89Not updated
48Beastrage RerollOutland-EU89Not updated
48Krwâwy  Outland-EU89Not updated
48Geeki  Outland-EU89Not updated
52Beriya Avengers of FaithOutland-EU88Not updated
52Mortalqt FrostmourneOutland-EU88Not updated
52Outofmana CursedOutland-EU88Not updated
52Alienecs AshoreOutland-EU88Not updated
52Pyllerox Has your IPOutland-EU88Not updated
57Reaperz  Outland-EU87Not updated
57Lifthrasil ReignOutland-EU87Not updated
57Øceanic IHOPOutland-EU87Not updated
57Gnoomka Avengers of FaithOutland-EU87Not updated
57Mentirosa Emeis kai EmeisOutland-EU87Not updated
57Kolorix  Outland-EU87Not updated
63Xcrownclown is gegeOutland-EU86Not updated
63Ciletta BrotatosOutland-EU86Not updated
63Mixxedlol Gargamels RevengeOutland-EU86Not updated
63Nykie PerfectíonOutland-EU86Not updated
67Mafakaclonez DISARMING MAGEOutland-EU85Not updated
67Jumplól IM A DOLPHIN HIRIHIRIHIIOutland-EU85Not updated
67Sorrybabe Crypt HuntersOutland-EU85Not updated
67Selenez  Outland-EU85Not updated
67Lushyx EpicfabrikenOutland-EU85Not updated
67Zerya guildfulOutland-EU85Not updated
73Undistallion  Outland-EU84Not updated
73Slutx Selective WarfareOutland-EU84Not updated
73Imcomingsoon L E G I TOutland-EU84Not updated
73Nikatheone LADiatorsOutland-EU84Not updated
77Mäson Fearless PvPOutland-EU83Not updated
77Vyenne Tauren Milk DrinkersOutland-EU83Not updated
77Arazol WinterFallOutland-EU83Not updated
77Bloomshroom  Outland-EU83Not updated
77Kattunge Fantastic TenOutland-EU83Not updated
77Lonertey AsagudarnaOutland-EU83Not updated
77Chamtot  Outland-EU83Not updated
84Áarya  Outland-EU82Not updated
84Sánsêi  Outland-EU82Not updated
84Incessant ReignOutland-EU82Not updated
84Shokki HOLLYWOOD LIFEOutland-EU82Not updated
84Angellion  Outland-EU82Not updated
84Holtzx  Outland-EU82Not updated
84Zealoe  Outland-EU82Not updated
84Laudrana Subscriber Only Mode EUOutland-EU82Not updated
84Raisinlord AllìanceOutland-EU82Not updated
84Panadín Malice in WonderlandOutland-EU82Not updated
94Riverlight DefqonOutland-EU81Not updated
94Swacky  Outland-EU81Not updated
94Cirellef Eat Sleep Own RepeatOutland-EU81Not updated
94Deadnbald TEAM ITALYOutland-EU81Not updated
94Gøthiques Nafig from the BeachOutland-EU81Not updated
94Enum FenimoOutland-EU81Not updated
94Garxz  Outland-EU81Not updated

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