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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Onyxia-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Emefa connectedOnyxia-EU112Not updated
2Taure ImpactOnyxia-EU106Not updated
3Ithilethiel  Onyxia-EU103Not updated
4Finality  Onyxia-EU101Not updated
5Rsh ImpactOnyxia-EU97Not updated
5Ohmschick CorvusOnyxia-EU97Not updated
7Shameonus ImpactOnyxia-EU96Not updated
7Shenanigans ImpactOnyxia-EU96Not updated
7Fearkanta InnocentiaOnyxia-EU96Not updated
10Bara ImpactOnyxia-EU95Not updated
11Infiiqt  Onyxia-EU94Not updated
12Xonth Knìfe PartyOnyxia-EU93Not updated
13Megafrau ImpactOnyxia-EU92Not updated
13Boraso BoraBoraOnyxia-EU92Not updated
15Invio ImpactOnyxia-EU90Not updated
15Nirii CorvusOnyxia-EU90Not updated
17Azurae Last HopeOnyxia-EU89Not updated
18Traìlblazer CorvusOnyxia-EU88Not updated
18Sutra CorvusOnyxia-EU88Not updated
20Seraphus Never RegretOnyxia-EU87Not updated
21Elyani ImpactOnyxia-EU86Not updated
21Schniezy  Onyxia-EU86Not updated
21Marisou InnocentiaOnyxia-EU86Not updated
21Blakelively  Onyxia-EU86Not updated
25Lucìlle ImpactOnyxia-EU85Not updated
25Elu ImpactOnyxia-EU85Not updated
25Tonraq ImpactOnyxia-EU85Not updated
28Misaayu ExcidiumOnyxia-EU84Not updated
28Xethis  Onyxia-EU84Not updated
30Xhall ImpactOnyxia-EU83Not updated
30Kiyona  Onyxia-EU83Not updated
30Knomdrib RatedOnyxia-EU83Not updated
33Eny Nocturnis SanguinisOnyxia-EU82Not updated
34Scryia InnervisionOnyxia-EU81Not updated
35Nyøka connectedOnyxia-EU80Not updated
35Noai Twinks IncOnyxia-EU80Not updated
35Plagueheart twelveOnyxia-EU80Not updated
38Morodeth Shadar LogothOnyxia-EU79Not updated
38Beryla CorvusOnyxia-EU79Not updated
38Blòóddrunk Rhapsody Raid ClubOnyxia-EU79Not updated
41Akuna  Onyxia-EU78Not updated
41Sephiníantri Das Dunkle BündnisOnyxia-EU78Not updated
41Nivora  Onyxia-EU78Not updated
41Nÿa  Onyxia-EU78Not updated
45Sítu SturmklingeOnyxia-EU77Not updated
45Gudoran  Onyxia-EU77Not updated
45Lumor connectedOnyxia-EU77Not updated
45Sommers FourSeasonsOnyxia-EU77Not updated
45Binorath DragonforcéOnyxia-EU77Not updated
45Lemoyne  Onyxia-EU77Not updated
45Hammerinc Die aufhaltbare MachtOnyxia-EU77Not updated
45Nahikosan  Onyxia-EU77Not updated
53Surfinbird RatedOnyxia-EU76Not updated
53Epotum Endstation HoffnungOnyxia-EU76Not updated
53Nykqt  Onyxia-EU76Not updated
53Skøl slashOnyxia-EU76Not updated
53Clia  Onyxia-EU76Not updated
58Infernya DarksidersOnyxia-EU75Not updated
58Croníx INFINITY gamingOnyxia-EU75Not updated
58Abudidi ProudsideOnyxia-EU75Not updated
58Zélic KILLZONEOnyxia-EU75Not updated
58Morebacon  Onyxia-EU75Not updated
63Emeraldâ InnocentiaOnyxia-EU74Not updated
63Clickz dream bigOnyxia-EU74Not updated
63Yolomancer ImpactOnyxia-EU74Not updated
63Crapmann Chaos LegionOnyxia-EU74Not updated
63Unîî InnocentiaOnyxia-EU74Not updated
63Agarsama ENFORCEOnyxia-EU74Not updated
63Unî InnocentiaOnyxia-EU74Not updated
63Zephyda NQQB SQUADOnyxia-EU74Not updated
63Suavis All InOnyxia-EU74Not updated
63Zyniq  Onyxia-EU74Not updated
63Satharius  Onyxia-EU74Not updated
74Senketsu Bad MojoOnyxia-EU73Not updated
74Rashvoo All InOnyxia-EU73Not updated
74Nurfed ZzodiacOnyxia-EU73Not updated
74Mintybrowder RatedOnyxia-EU73Not updated
78Antenos dream bigOnyxia-EU72Not updated
78Tortalls The Order of AllianzOnyxia-EU72Not updated
78Scorchiô FlawlessOnyxia-EU72Not updated
78Yukisha Irgendeine GildeOnyxia-EU72Not updated
78Impossibrew NurfedOnyxia-EU72Not updated
78Pu  Onyxia-EU72Not updated
78Popelfresse  Onyxia-EU72Not updated
85Istarin  Onyxia-EU71Not updated
85Vevalja InnocentiaOnyxia-EU71Not updated
85Surakha The Last AgeOnyxia-EU71Not updated
85Zuckerstueck  Onyxia-EU71Not updated
85Feenâ connectedOnyxia-EU71Not updated
85Miyoki Das Dunkle BündnisOnyxia-EU71Not updated
91Dragoni Bad MojoOnyxia-EU70Not updated
91Cadogan InnocentiaOnyxia-EU70Not updated
91Sinthalia Last HopeOnyxia-EU70Not updated
91Redworm Liquid DeathOnyxia-EU70Not updated
91Eurakel  Onyxia-EU70Not updated

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